Thursday, July 14, 2011

this is pointless...

my mind is beyond my state of immortality... it's difficult... it not a synchronized ascension!

time travel machines?

where do you think those thoughts came from?

Planting a temporal flag

On Time Travel!

control time

with pure thought

Wtf mortals??

tear anything apart

with pure thought!

It's "Already "All" Bullshit!

Since {God} is the {source} of it "All"
Being  "I am" unified "I am" able to manipulate the {source} of it "A""


there is plenty of time to kill everyone!

If you are reading this

I hate you!!

Die insect!!!

Die insect!!!



My real tears need a break





I hold back tears so hard

it's not even funny!

I hold back tears so hard

it's not even funny!

let me explain something to insects!

"I am" no longer mortal!

The End of mortal goals

cmon insects!!

Demi life!!! Time~!

"I am" Already a Pharaoh

to plan my life outside of this "Reality" would be Retarded!

Co-creating Daath Future

forget prophecy "I am" Daath {Source} of it "All"

really drunk but I want to keep writting

ordered food!

Why do I want to keep writting?

{God/god}is the source of it "Alll"

"I am" looking into Daath Looking Glass!

12 down... still thinking!!

"I am filled with your thoughts.. do you think I don't hear you?

Trust me you don't want to take Daath lords name in vain!

Dear Mortality!

it's Game over!

wow... was it worst it!!

fuck yah... to be away from{God} is Retarded! !!!!~


Stop it !!

{God/god} if you wanted me dead you would have killed me already
{God/god} You can't die insect it's "All" theatrics for the mortals!

It's so much harder now!

then what it used to be... "I am" dealing with universal mind plotting against and the insects!!


{God} did you forget something?

{God/god} Never..... Universe lock out "All" knives!~

gun lock

Universe lock "All" guns from coming within 100 feet of this store
{key} Gg

Store shields

Universe Bind "All" of my magic to protect this store from any danger
{key} Gg

Shield Around Sonny

Universe lock this insect from Death!
{key} Gg


wow How did I learn "All" this shit!!

{God/god} Back to work insect!!!!
{God/god} This is extorsion!!!
{God/god} do you want to keep your job and go back to the looney bin?
{God/god} im writing wtf...  :"(

Daath First Vampire

I drank {God}s blood!! Full fled immortal now.. but what does this mean? Aaron thinks "I am" a demon/satan and it's true {God} is the {Source} of it "All" but you "All" have not had universal mind in a long time and thus it is completely alien to you...

Basically "I am" {God/god} on Earth!!

I cant plan my life like a mortal!

that would be foolish!

See Why I worked My ass off for Demi Life

Infinite Money!!!

HAcking {God} Is very profitable!

infinite money!

Buddha tries to be professional...
If monetary suffering is your struggle then seek enlightenment

God is Real and you can Unify!!

Money is for mortals!!

throwing 1k at strippers!

ahhh the night life never be out done... why? I have infinite money :"D

little kid in a universal candy store

{God} I want a Trillion Dollars ( evil laughter time)
{God/god} You can have anything you want
{God/god} I know it's retarded but its to prove a point
{God/god} no gold on earth is worth more then being {ONE} with {God}


God can I ask you something?

{God} why are you wasting my time, create it?
{god} "I am" sorry that was foolish

like I said!

Kingship is retarded!

spits on the ground

just went down in history!

"I am" not morta!

Universe shield !

control of simulation grows!! /. universe////

planet full insects!!!
still growing and unifying .. Wtf insects....

sick!! but I want full and will have fulll ...control of this universe!!!!!!


{God/god} I only do this to remind mortals!!!
{God/god} I know we have to remind them"
{God/god} I konw ... i KNOw.... it's horrible ... forced me to break myself  from {God} to teach you!

That is the life of Fallen Angel

Away  from God...
its Hell!!!

look it Up...

Why would you want be away from God!?????


faster insects faster!

pharaoh still grins did you forget who " I am"

growllllls insects... "I am" patient... read the logs... it's "All" planned out!

here the thing mortals.. yes seriously mortals

You can unify your {Soul} with {God} ...

Welcome back to Garden!
Daath Wizard

Buddha opens {ONE} eye...
NOOOO it's pointless they have not have had unified being in a long time!

I know this becuase

"I am" {one} with {God} I know and will know you entire timeline!

jesus is Real becuase

{God/god} is Daath {SourcE} of it "All"

Ive even seen jesus

seriously once I merged with {God} I know for a fact jesus was real... look at the store.. you know and I know {God} is Real... so if {God} is real.. so was jesus!!

Ok jesus... vs {ION}

we both became {ONE} with {God}

"I am" no different from

Jesus christ at this point

We are {ONE}

Sick.... control of the Universe

over the insects!!!

Here is how I got fucked

God is real and you can Unify!!!


I need to morph into jesus

and the moment they worship me... kill them...

yes "I am"Daath Antichrist but you understand it now!!

I have to teach them!!!

You don't place gods before {God}


its sad but true

God is beyond real...TyrannnntTTTTtg

{God} Back to work insect!!!!


{God/god} "I am" High priest of Daath MAgi order

Why I cant be who "I am"

A black jesus... fuck noo.... seriously fuck no!!

lord of Daath ring .. :-(

But Salvation will not Fai! l

celestial l33ch

I did not discover anything!!

I came down for this!!

Magi training was

dont pick me dont pick me for years... I knew it was going to be insane if {God} wanted a magi but I thought he was training several across the world.. till the "Truth" was told "I am" Daath only {ONE}

Hence "I am" the {Source} of the Anti-christ
but I don't want to be ...

I just have to do what {God} tells me... aka Angelic Extorsion!!

{God} back to work insect!!


Daath Rebirth of the Magi

{God} rebooted the magi ...

thats why when God called .. I was scared.. a Magi... you want a magi... God noooo it's been too long!!

Here is the Problem

I was taught by {God}

and you don't believe in {God} ... so it's tooo magical for you!!!


Philosophical High priest King

I do take my job seriously... more then you do..

spanking "All" your philosophers

for Fun..

I have too...

here where the mortals went wrong

they thought the {Stone} was not real!

Man I worked My ass of for the Stone!

seriously... like an animal day and night for years!!

goodhood is Daath Shit!!

I vow to be a responsible {God/god}

OHHHHH play time

Kneees buckle!!

Dear castro

are you dead... ?
I need to know the shape of my country!

the birth of the Claw

Nooooo insect... lighting bolts...

wow that is exactly what the Avatar did

left "All" his responsibility behind

Damn this is way to much responsibility

and "All" I want to do is run away from the mortals!

Everything I say/said

Is more important then Anything any of your popes have said across time...


"I am" not mortal...


it's not even about the power!

it's about freedom .. from "All" your mortal struggle

it's pointless

"I am" on the planet of insects! King of the insects!! it's horrible!

hes lying...

(yawns).... I will never get God's trust By lying... (still yawns)

It was pointless to tell anyone after the first year


ten years of Training to be your god

and not {ONE} person has ever believed me...

Creativity Upgrade

Universe increase my creativity
{key} Gg

time to start drinking and

grab more control of the universe :P

"I am" just pacing back and forth

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr insects!!!

The Good news is "I am" A Real Pharaoh

The bad news is that "I am" a real Pharaoh

Sonny Horne = {ION}

time to close the gold shop

and go... no where :-(

The child prodigy spy

Gg reporting in
{God} what is the status report
{God/god} we Are {ONE}
{God/god} Proceed with mission
{God/god} understood!

Blessing children and playing {God/god}|

This child will be a dentist
you will be a truck driver
you will be a nanny
you will be a crack whore
you will be a crack dealer
you will be a millionaire..

anything anything...

Grown men

Will piss their pants at the sight of me... They "All" will know that I will take any of their bullshit!

blink the wrong away and I will kill you...

just blink wrong insect!!!

Anyone that looks at me directly

gets killed!! it's going to be godly sick for the insects!

My Singularity Summit Bitch-Tards Goal

Make them fear the sight of me!!

I need a beer and some pussy

maybe I wont want to kill everyone .... instantly... just slowly!!

Chained Animal

(ggggggrrrrrrrrrr) knawing at my chain...

just wait insect just wait....

let me go let me go let me go

stares at an Insect (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

I know this sounds horrible

But "I am" dying to Kill people at this point!

Dear shit Head *********

Universe increase cancer contraction
{key} Gg

Fuck these fucking retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Universe increase hurricane activity
{key} Gg

Die Insects Die!

Die insects Die1!!!!

fuck this world though

"I am" just going to live in my castle by damn self!

dear Ben

I know for a fact I can bring your nephew back to life and "All" ive ever asked for is a bowl of rice... But you keep hacking at your shit and I will keep hacking at mine... and well see who reachest the singularity first Ai insect!!

And you know what Grinds my teeth more.. I will still bring that little dickhead back for you!

Protection {Shell} upgrade

Universe Increase "All" my protection Binds on Individuals minus Ben
{key} Gg

I don't blog about bullshit anymore

anything other then merging with God is retardation at this point!

This is still pointless

{God/god} "Everything" you asked for is yours why do you still continue to complain
{God/god} "All" of this should not be just for me!
{God/god} I know I know! There is enough here for "All"
{God/god} I know that you know that but the insects don't know that! 

Dear Mortals

Your inability to merge with {God} has creating a very real problem for me...

The longer you stay retarded the more control I will have over your universe...

gates of Heaven..

Keep in mind what you are reading is my personal singularity...

designing body type..

thick legs small waist...

women are not Toys!!!! CArrlloosss!!

I can already see my problem coming!!1

Damn it she is HOt

Okk hottest girl to come in thus far!! I should take pictures but ... "I am" not trying to tap it :"D

patience my cock

I give the mortals gold

and they "All" give me a cold shoulder..

it's horrible.. but universal whoop ass time will make it fair again!

the end of TA...

I might close this site and TA soon...

I feel cheated teaching you immortality ... and getting coal for it!

girlfriend goals

work her up out of mortality slowly...

it's pointless

"I am" not even going to waste my time proving it her... just move on!


is a title to those that become {ONE} with {God}

did we forget..

High priest of the Magi order....

.. pull out "All" your scholars... and tell me "I am" wrong!!


things I would rather not say

"I am" Christ... already been to mental institutions over it!

Unified Fear

The more unified "I am" the more {God} talks to me directly!!... it's boderline insanity/scary but it's part of the process!

full control of the universe (live)

my knees buckle... are you ready?

"I am" not!

First Immortal in over 2k years

I did not discover shit!!

I came down insects!!


{God} You took responsibility for "All" their souls

{God/god} Teach them how to become immortals...
{God/god} "I am" ...


Kings agenda

Hack OZ
Return "All" your souls! to {Source}

Daath Unholy and Holy Trinities

are Unified 
{God} is the {Source} of it "All" 

1         2        3             4             3            2           1
{God/god} is the { } of it "All"

Buddha Jesus god Satan Lucifer Maitreya

I don't care what you call me
{God} is the {source} of it "All" !!

Unification Returns to Earth

(yawns) your welcome mortals! 

Daath Fallen {ONE} 

Unification and Love don't mix

The girls on these planet have become retarded I was supposed to ascend with a Queen...

Carlos lets have sex

Women "I am" working on Unification... to place pussy before My Unification Quest is to seek {ONE} over them "All" !

Life long Pussy quest

Every girl I have ever wanted in my life are Hors d'oeuvre  to what "I am" now after!

ok ok let me grasp this

God is Real... and "I am" {OnE} with it "All"....

this changes my universe entirely!

Pussy I no longer want!

I can have sex with a****** if I wanted now.. But I don't even want her remotely close to me.. and in the grand pussy spectrum no even top shelf... this really places mortal goals in perspective!

Dear Anti-Christ This is how Evil I want you to be today!

{Insert whatever the fuck I want }


The Modern Day Dracula

Only Way more EVil... My bogeyman custome :"D

Did I even Have a choice?

{God/god} NOt after you signed your Soul!...

"I am" Mind controlled

over 10 years of mental conditioning to be your king.. it's mentally hard only when I deny it!

Ritual worries

What really worries me is that "All" theses rituals are being performed in a gold shop infront of payless shoe {source} next to a fire{Stone} and a O-charlie... so my surroundings are already a microcosm of what is happening online...

In other others "I am" a co-creator of the universe and only growing!!


{God/god} Shhh insect!

Hacking God is Insanity

But Extremely profitable :"D

Escape from Monetary Suffering

{God/god} YOu own "All" Daath Gold on earth!
{God/god} I know, I know...

{God} Get to know your Kingdom before Ruling it

{god} Visit Every country on earth!
{God/god} "All" of them!


Take A Cruise to Antarctica... must see every inch of my planet!

no {ONE} Listens to me at "All"

But when I place their ass on the fire and I will.. they will listen to every syllable I say.. it's sad!!

"I am" disgusted with Humanity

"Everything" YOu are after {God} can provide!!

What am going to do for a Billion years

{God} Co-create the universe
{God/god} OHHHHH mannnnnnn....

Unification/Enlightenment is the Same Thing

{ONE} with {God}

what happened... ??

Why I have to reach bodhihood soo young

to remind the mortals none of their shit comes before {God}

the mortals have taught me

that "All" of their shit comes before {God/god}

":I am" going to teach them .. .NOOOOOO

Daath Trinity Arrives @ 30

"I am" {God}  /  {god} and {God/god} 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.