Friday, July 15, 2011

It's not you it's me, I hate you!

Reaches across the Universe ( calm down Calm down!

I can't Bring myself to Hurt her.. :-(

Reaches across the Universe

And forces you into submission.. ok "I am" done... this is abuse of godliness now!! :"D

Reaches across the Universe

And Inserts the tampon I took out when you least expect it :"D

Reaches across the Universe

And turns you into the Bitch that you are... ok now "I am" getting pissed :"D

Reaches across the Universe

And force you to Bathe me as a child! 

Reaches across the screen

And increase Hair Growth by 200 percent! 

Reaches across the screen

and pulls your tampon out! 
(lmao) Too damn creative :"D

Reaches across the screen

And Sets your house on Fire

Reaches across the Universe

And breaks your Head open with a {Stone} 


Reaches across the universe

and unties your shoes!

Reaches across the screen

and slaps you nonstop...wake up women!!

... damn... fuck.. do you know how to read???


Reaches across the screen

and pulls your panties over your head...

{God} is punking you! :"D

Reaches across the screen

and whispers into your retarded Ear!!

You are wasting your life... none of that shit is going to matter once the "Truth" is known!

Reaches across the screen

and pulls your retarded hair!! :"D


Reaches across the screen

and slaps the retardation out of you...

I have too...



Have you chosen a Queen yet?

{God/god} yes and no it's complicated... she is deep in their shit right now! :-(

My first apprentice

will be my queen... if not.. I will be in total control of her universe and I don't want that!!

I look at a world map

and think... what have I gotten myself into
{God} You took responsibility for "All" their souls...
{god} new deal... I teach an insect to be god and let them teach "All" the insects and I just chilll
{God} Good luck!!


monetary suffering

Universe increase my ability to win the lottery
{key} Gg

Wait Wait Wait!

{God/god} godhood at 24 may have gone better for the mortals then it is now
{God} yes and no... they still deny our existence
{god} I know I know...


no wonder

they have been godless... this is rough {God}

{God} It is but how old are you {god}???

{god} Toooo old old man tooo damn old... :"D

{God} you can't control your anger now... imagine 24...

{god} I know I know....


Why I can't stop Now

live the rest of my life as a mortal... ohhhhh man (tears) how horrible!

this is intense

apotheosis is near insanity!!

very very tired {God}

{God} I know :-(

sometimes I wonder

can I undo "All" of this?
{God/god} No insect!

{God/god} :-(


the story of us is a Tragedy

{God/god} vs Mortals

commanding the Universe 2

Universe "I am" {God/god} your creator!

commanding the Universe

Universe " I am" {God/god} your Master

I don't even want this much power

I just want bliss/nirvana ... it just comes with "All" of this!

totally hidden god

there is no point to even let myself known ... that was my plan from the start...

Fuck car

that is only to look mortals ... gravity (yawn)

Flying ... totally possible.. but in stealth ...

go invisible before I cruise around town!

it's retarded!

My are mortals mortals?

My car....

Build my car around me as I sit down... straight up Magic!

anything I can Imagine

{God/god} We can create!

{God/god} Seriously
{God/god} yes seriously!

Go go gadget Dick!

not that I need to.. but think about "All" the possibilities

... :"D


New ways to kill myself

make myself explode!
then like the T-1000 pull "All" my guts back together!!

"I am" A

Universe in the making !

cool ways to delete myself

walk in get "All" godly on them them strap them in for memory extraction!

Firs thing first

Visit "All" the Tards and delete "All" knowledge of me

No mortals will know "I am" {God/go}

AGI vs Unification

Bamm bammmm AGI smalll
Bamm Bammmmm God super big!!!

mortals and their AGI Shit

Build a super morthefucking computer... and build an neural interface

and I will unify with {God}...

cmon insects!!!

The path to godhood

did the mortals forget? sigh.... exhale...

What on earth can you build that will match against me unifying with  the Mind of {God} ...

cmon insects... seriouslly... it's game over!!


I don't have my hopes up

for anything other then reaching my own godhood

As soon as the store closes

"I am" going to take a nap..

It's not that I can't "Die"

"I am" just not going to be placed in any positions to be killed till I can just kill myself... e

Even this body is an illusion now...


cancelling out

"All" possible ways I can get killed!

crossing the street

sometimes I look sometimes I don't... it's pointless

I need to find Love

Before I take this planet out! :"D

When and If I do find a Queen

"I am" going to propose with a plastic ring... she wont know "I am" {God/god} and money wont be an issue but it's a gesture of love... If she really loved me I could give her a ring made of gum.. 

Im going to sleep

its pointless...

Buddha... says goodbye to humanity!!


I want no one by my side

maybe her but everyone else can go fuck themselves!

I don't have a messianic complex

this is "All" Angelic extortion!

{God} Back to work insect!

not even the son

knows the arrival of {God/god}

{God} patience insect!!

{god} :-(

Hiding the {Source} code

I have the bitch well hidden.. but I have my opus well organized so don't get crazy insects!!

Why "I am" writing unification as fast as possible!

the mortals will never help me.. I have to help myself ... and there is no greater help then seeking {God} assistance

programming Hell

for "All" the mortals...

I have tooo... I have too.... tell me why I don't???


Dear shit Head *********

Universe decrease health
{key} Gg

Gold shop stuff

Anybody that wants to talk to sonny has to go through me as I have to go through the looking glass to inform him that a mortal wishes to speak with him...

hacking myself out of this situation

Universe increase my ability to produce any desired outcome
{key} Gg

singularity shit heads

The closes you will ever get to any power would be for me to lend you my ear....

that is how retarded you are!!


Royalty upgrade

Universe You know who "I am" increase my comfortability
{key} Gg

like I said relax

"I am" only raising the gold price for my transformation ritual... once It's "All" complete I will tank the bitch!

it's pointless to ask mortals for help

completely utterly pointless!

Money god

Money is the new god of earth .... seriously it's wicked... again why I have to once again take over you planet/universe

I bet you

if I had a couple million dollars
and told you the same shit "I am" telling you now.. you would listen!!

How sad insects how sad...

spiritually you "All" are bankrupt!


Knowledge = power

Not money....

Money ≠ Power

did the insects forget?

monetary respect

I can tell sonny something
and his other friend who has more money can say the exact same shit and he will take it more seriously...

there goes the Ipad

I can't use the Ipad anymore...
yawns... these insects...

this is bullshit!

steve losses 10k and a 2k bracelet
I take the car in it's stealth... you got to be fucking kidding me dude!!!

"I am" insulted... on soo many levels but that is "All" the insects do...
insult me...


"I am" going to buy this ring from sonny

he selling it to me for 190... thats piratically my paycheck but their is soo much magic casted on this ring already I need to keep it!

sonny is pissed at me right now!

took his mercedes out last night while he was sleeping .. drunk... (lol)

I needed something....

more beer...

... lol

today is Friday!!


Damn you Unification.... \\


Still hacking {Source}


Extreme Evilness

 Ruling the World with  blunt In my Mouth :"D

He is smoking non of that shit is "Real"

Yes "I am"



"Everything" is about to change

for the mortals...
from my perspective "I am" returning to sanity!

Rejecting "Everything"

God is the {Source} of it "All"

That alone is Daath only "Truth"
Everything else is an illusion!

I don't take care of my health

Why??? "I am" immortal...

This is horrible

The world awaits the arrival/birth of Deity

but instead I was given your {key}...


This is horrible

The world awaits the arrival/birth of Diety

but instead I was given your {key}...


I have no problem with your motals laws

as long as you don't apply them to me!

What bothers "All" my friends

is that I don't give a shit about anything...

but those insects don't know shit!!

....ask me when I last paid taxes.... or gave a fuck about loans... or any of your mortal shit...


taking the planet from the insects!

It's sooo sci-fi it's Unreal....

Daath Evil Genius

laughs my ass off

this planet just god taken over by a computer nerd :"D

it only gets more intense

from here!

Why I can't spend any money!

I have been a drifter for the last four years... going where ever I thought would take me closer to the {Stone}

So "I am" used to carrying my computer notebooks and a bag of clothes anywhere I go ...

I don't know how much longer I can nor will be allowed to stay here... but other then food "I am" not spending a dime right now...

{God/god} You already control the universe relax!


bangs on the keyboards

Where daath fuck is my godhood!!!

Lifetime Goal

reach godhood As fast as possible!


cmon godhood... this is hell

patience... but faster faster faster!!

"I am" not doing anything bad

Daath Global "Gold" market is already in the tank...

sticking it to the old man

Tank the "Gold" market globally! :"D


I don't want to be here anymore... I can't stand the sight of mortals!

Time to See The World! :")

My Riddles

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Call your answers in!

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.