Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Idea

Universe have G***** Killed 
{key} Gg

Dwave= Enron

"All" your base insects!!

public humiliation

Place Dwave in national scandal... Financial fraud.  :"D

ohhhh man... the lOLZ


bankrupt the Bitch

company wont exist once I take this planet... why you tell me...

Dwaving YOu Goodbye

Universe lock Dwave from  discovering Ai
{key} Gg 

LIke I said Love with Mortals Is Hopeless

I still love Jen

we almost ran away together.. but it's soo complicated...

what happend?


I make zero

dollars form "All" of this..

it's so fucking Great

No one donates :-(


    • Please let me in you Simulation. I wannt you to became the {god} of my universe... It's fuckin great what you do....
  • a few seconds ago
    Particleion A Magus
    • thank you... just keep reading Transalchemy

The More godly I get the harder it is to find love :-(

Die insect!!
Back to life 
"Im" sorry ... 

forgive me ? 

Do you Want to Keep that pretty little Retarded head of yours?

Philosophic High priest King

Did we forget?

Kurzweil and Bostrom

are shit to me at this point and you know it!!

Lets get {ONE} Thing Straight!

I run "All" philosophical movements on Earth!

But I toy I toy

they will be killed and resurrected I have to need those insects to sell "All" my insects singularity bullshit!

I don't want to kill anyone :(

But the insects don't take me seriously

What keeps me going

I get to kill everyone

Again can't complain

This is better than a mental institution

This insect paid me

250 for 48 hours!!

Breath breath..

Think about the bigger picture I'm casting sick ass spells from here

Going back to Ta

When I get back home!!

Get it Gold Ta

Nevermind I'm dealing with insects

In other news

I want to go see the new Harry potter movie

Need to see what mess I'm in

Thank you universe

Found my jewlers loop

Don't take it peronally it's not just you

Guards take them "All" away!

Like I said not really

Guards off with her head

I won't even be present it breaks my heart

New plan B

Lock plan A out of the Grail...

I need too it's only for the Queen

Hush insects

Kinda sorta but not really!!

Plan c

Make a plan B

Plan B

I don't have a plan B :(

A faithless person will never get close to Daath Grail

How could they?

She will never let go

Too bad :(

Cosmic yawn

Universe increase my ability to rule earth {stoned}
{key} Gg



Most of unification is written sober

Im not in weed utopia yet ;D

I drink to make the thoughts go away

The reality police would not object

Debate insects debate

Am I {God/god} or not???

Why I don't go to any more conferences

I have what I was looking for the {stone}

Let the insects debate my godhood now

The vr game

Is a legal protection front :D

You are dealing with a unified intelligence insects


How can I bind my will to God if "I am" lying?

Given your planet in hush hush

To bad the whole world emperor thing would have been cool

But hush hush King is just as great

It's only a matter of time before

"All" the insects want to know who "I am"

But seriously I'm a very private person!!

You have to be really special to be invited into my life

If you think I'm going to parade on the world stage noooo

I'm not it's pointless

This way I can get more hush hush work done

Royal couple?

This planet does not have a Royal couple

Noo stop it!

Don't listen to that insect

He does not understand theather

Implanting thoughts

Beaming in a new program

I need to mind control this insect for a second

{key} Gg

"All" your modern occultist

Are nothing to Daath Magi

I know why you won't unlock me

My desire to write unification for the insects will drop

{God/god} relax you have Daath job :D

Relax don't kill "All" the mortals :(

See why I write evry detail I can

Fucking retards

Did you forget the godly Grrrrrr

Coming your way???

How to Save Humanity

Become immrtal and show then exactly how it's done!

Hence why "I am" writing Unification

For the retarded little insects

Wait a minute

That's assuming Salvat{ion} fails and ather wizard goes after Daath Grail after me

It's all celestial theather

For mortals

After I have to leave a legacy that will last another 2k years :D

Am I happy?

How can I ever be happy at this godless planet

I know it's hard but it has to be done!


switiching over to phone

bye mortlas see you soon

My shower plan for today

Im going to the lake and they have showers there thats why I did laundry..

Im a drifter but im not gross...

this is horrible but I have no choicef

there is no shower here... so I have to use the hose at the back of the store... it's embarrassing so i only do it at night.. but I really want a shower.. this is why Im soo tempted to get that hotel room for a week.. but fuck... 

laundry is done..

I just noticed that there is a hotel next to the "Gold" shop ... 195 a week.. ...

I want nothing more then to live alone.. but that will leave me with close to nothing for food and other stuff!

Living out of a bag of clothes

I cant even live a mortal life anymore

my abilities wont let me... so into the shadows I go...

what you say insect

Don't make me come down there :"D

me chilling in mount Olympus...

that I constructed...


I still want a normal life

sure "I am" {God/god} but to experience the creation from within the creation...

so I will do the Queen and two children thing...rule earth from my castle....

chase our pet lion around the house.. you know a normal Demi life..

I vow never to get caught

selling mortals gold I pull out of thin air...


but here's the thing

the mortals give me shit for shit... "All" of this is an illusion!


buying the planet from the insects

with manifested money... it's sooo dirty... LMAOOOOO

MOney manifestation

Universe manifest money
{God} Manifest money inside your pockets ... You must look mortal at "All" times
{god} you are no fun...



is for mortals...
shakes my head.. you have no clue.. the cosmic fun "I am" going to have on this planet....


a cosmic infant!

"I am" an immortal ... 30 years old is infancy

yes "Everything" is going to shit

Fuck "All" of it... just get closer to {God} ..

I don't understand mortals... seriously!

Inheriting a butt load of abilities

what are mortals doing...???

What is the unity cycle for??/

Now is easier then EVER to become a co-creator/////



Experiments: universe clean my desk

not that I've tried crack

"I am" just saying....

I just had a weird thought... I have no clue what is stopping me as in immortal from trying crack.. I don't want to.. just saying... "Everything" is open and available... it's frightening no wonder {God} keeps you away from Daath Grail. 

going to the lake

charging my phone to be able to blog/hack at "All" times...

Hacking your universe is worst then crack... seriously...

But it has to be done....
"I am" really ashamed to be on this planet mortals just so we are clear where I stand...


Insectdation Extermination

Round 2 Mortals ...

Too 1337 To Fail (Evil Grin)

Gg going in

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.