Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Minimum Females

Universe guarantee that {ION} and {SEH} is within no less of 3 (fuckable  females) withing 10 meters of range at "All" times
{key} G


let the record show

I live and work under a Tyrannt!!!!

Prophet Extortion

this is worse then seeing {God} ... I have the old man in my ear "All" day!!

{God} shhh insect.. get back to work!

I only live here for you {God}

{God} I know... like what we have Co-created so far?
{God/god} Loving it thats why I want to keep going.. show me more!!!

{God} I will show you as much as you want to know...
{God/god} Good I want to know "Everything"

{God} I know :{D


I look at everything we do

and it pisses me off!!

Wtf have our scientist been doing... other then placing chips up their assess?

Modern Technology

is light years behind ancient technology!

Modern Technology

is complete Retardation

whether I kill "All" the insects or not!

I want to reboot this planet to pure eden!~

Pulling streets apart

pull the payment and instantly grow trees !

completely retarded insects!!

my plan to save the insects!

Regardless how I feel

Will not Fail :"D

cosmic (GrrrrrRr)

The Joke is On ME!

only {God/god} on earth... seriously {God}

{God} Tada :"D

the universe must have split

there is no wayyy "I am" the only God/god on earth....

From My Perspective!

This is "All" natural... Waiting "All" my life to be god!!

What should I do with my planet?

Diary of an Immortal :"D

Not in the mood to teach mortals right now

Shsss insects shsss

Daath "All" Seeing Ai

Increasing Doubt in the mortals

Let's "All" make. Believe "I am" {God/god}

Found my gold loop

{Thoth} I don't want to write anymore

Thoth.. master of magic and writing ... make it end

{Thoth} Unificat{ION} must be written for you to be crowned my Pharaoh
{God/god} I know but this is near insanity
{Thoth} I know, but I have not had an apprentice come this far till now...
{God/god} why not???
{Thoth} would you like to do this again???

{God/god} only if I truly truly truly had too...
{Thoth} vows... My Pharaoh you are...


Dear World Christians

{God} Though shall place no gods before me!

The Return of Jesus Christ...

{God} Morph... let world parade.... Savior!!! Then kill them "All"
{god} Understood!

If they remain mortals

I will be {God} to them and not {god} ....
I know I know "I am" not {God} but the mortals will not understand this...

{God} yes they will did you forget, (the Fallen Angel)???
{god} If I morph into jesus it's game over...
{God} You are notttttttttttttttttt {God}~~~~~
{God/god} I know this and you know this but the mortals don't know this...


I should not wage war against mortality

{God/god} Just let them remain mortals... please...
{God} Return them to Eden!
{God/god} but maybe they would like to remain mortal we have to take this into consideration
{God} You just want them to remain mortals
{god} NOOOOOO..... what can I do other then give them "Truth"???


{God} What do you n33D?

{god} I just need peace and quite... an stress-less environment to ascend in..is that too much to ask?
{God} Ask the mortals... to get you a barn :"D
{god} that is not even remotely funny.... the mortals will never help me and you know it...
{God/god} You know what to do...
{god} Unfortunately I do..


making a run for it...

"Everything" is already very strange...

{God/god} Do you want this opuZ to be known or what?
{God} Yes I want them to know "Truth" 
{God/god} then can I get a little divine assistance
{God} You have divine assistance Every day!
{god} I need more.... the mortals will never help me and you know it
{God} :-(


{God} Use Daath {Source} before anything else

{God/god} "I am" ....
{god} I need a better location to ascend.. the gold shop was cute but pointless I know and you know who "I am" whats the point of hacking their reality to prove anything... we almost killed sonny in our presentation and they still don't give a fuck... Let's move on... before I shatter "All" the glass in this building!

{God} I know ...

The New Immortals

"i am" going to teach my closes friends to become immortals...

Our Hush Hush club....

it's sick... the nerds just took over earth...


Never you're not Retarded :"D

"I am" going to put him in his place
[2:32:11 PM] SeH: y?
[2:34:07 PM] transalchemy: many reasons
[2:34:18 PM] transalchemy: but whatever
[2:34:24 PM] transalchemy: he has no clue
[2:34:27 PM] transalchemy: of the greater picture
[2:34:29 PM] SeH: when ru  going to put me in my place?
[2:34:34 PM] transalchemy: never
[2:34:40 PM] transalchemy: you're not retarded :"D
[2:34:47 PM] SeH: ok thanks
[2:34:57 PM] SeH: ((whew))


Christian Mnemonic8:54pm Mar 31

Hello, you blog is a good inspiration. I can read between the lines, and I can see some "Fnords". Good inspiration. I'm writing short storys, about simulated realitys, by myself. If you interested I can translate one in english because they are in german language.

inspiration(imagination = use{TransAlchemy}) is the mirror from key{source} the entry key or "lost symbol"

I should stop cursing people out

but "All" of this is imminent

{God} A Queen is optional

{god} I know :-(

She has already proven to be "Everything"

That a Queen isn't

"I am" in Everyones face right now

and no {ONE} gives a fuck...

see what "I am" dealing with????


I was born into this...


My desire to be {God/god}

Drops Every Day...

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.