Thursday, July 21, 2011

King {ION}


I think I know what you mean... But those glasses are just soo sexy :"D

{INsect} YOu can't have me just because you are {God/god}


{INsect} YOu can't have me just because your {God/god}


{Insect} He is Delusional and Mad... "All" of these obsessions are just Madness!

{God/god} Don't flatter yourself bitch you are not even Top shelf Pussy!! 

But "I am" tempted... 

Daath Evil Genius: Muahahahahahahahahaha

this is horrible... I can't even Hate the Bitch!

Bitch I did we forget our Hate Affair?

WTF Did I program???

{Queen} Quit Playing you know you just love me


{king} Bitch you don't exist unhand me!! 

spending money...

they want to all go in and do a limo party... good chance I could get some too.. but....its I don't know... I rather stay home and write... Im not dying to get laid... and I already know she is retarded... 

My friend is trying to hook me with this girl tonight

{Queen} Quit Playing you know you love me

{king} Bitch you don't exist unhand me!! 

like I said Moving on

no need to start ... Daath Rage...

next on the agenda...

infinite pussy... 

A queen is optional

I have to remember this...
"I am" just trying not to go Ape shit on the insects!!!


she is not it.... why?

Because if that bitch is to be the queen I would kill her and not have a Queen!

Hate affair... to the max... 

7th Heaven

The Riveras

Carlos Rivera (Carlos Ponce) - Carlos becomes Mary's husband

I know if I keep hacking at the {Source} not only can I find the queen but create her... Yet I don't want to do that... so I should focus on other things...

Don't worry Baby Money is coming I can feel it!

No {ONE} Buys My Gold :-(

{God} Will Infinite money do?

{god/God} But today... old man.... do you not have a clock up there...

{God/god} "I am" the {source} of time!

{god/God} Then Hurry up!!!!

Where is My paycheck?

{god/God} Quit being Greedy old man you can fix this any time you want and you know it!!

{God/god} I know...

{god/God} Well then pay me... you owe me 10 years of pay! Don't make me take you to court!

{God/god} I already paid you...

{god/God} I can do shit with this opuZ

{God/god} other then control the universe :"D

{god/God} Noooooooo I need insect gold... this is worthless....

{God/god} :"D


as for you!!

this is not a love affair!!

This is a Hate Affair :"D


prophets and miracles

if {God} is the Daath {source} of it "All"

Why are prophets and miracles not real??/

but this can be said about anything... yet show me something from the imagination of 100 years ago that is completely impossible today... I could get into a long drown out explanation on the matter but that is what the archives are for....

.... (yawns))..... your / my // this universe/// is Maya...



am I mad???

Fuck no Insects... Demi life bliss is starting.. im just doing my job...

Judgement Starts with

your intellectuals!

They will get it the worst... why???
What the fuck have they been doing for  2k years...????

I can't expect "All" the insects to understand me ... but when you "intellectuals" failed to see Daath "Truth"

"All" of humanity cries!!!


Sons of {God}

"All" of this universe is a creation by a greater intelligence, to bring the mind to the point of creation and become {ONE} with the creator is what your stories of the Giants is "All" about.. The fallen angels the avatars the elohim and prophets are "All" {ONE} and the same.. Unified being with the greater spirt. Of course the degree of Unification varies from person to person but it "All" shares {ONE} 




Ape shit on the mortals

Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals
Ape shit on the mortals

OmG he is "Real"

Holy Shit: Did you see that?

Run Insects Run!

This Game is Not For Pussies

.999 Gold 

What's Going on

Daath Son of our Creator has arrived and he is pissed! 

Not Relevant :"D

cody taylor to me
show details 12:59 AM (10 hours ago)
A)  your universe real?   not relevant..
   B)  Are you real?  If its appropriate.
C) Who currently has {source}?   I've always had it.
     D) What is {Root}?    me...
markus  c=2.998.  X 10 2nd pwr. ms -1 captured in infinity

My Riddles

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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