Friday, July 22, 2011

Escaping monetary suffering

Suffering is suffering and to escape suffering is to seek enlightenment

Did we forget?

Was that Buddha break sufficient ?

Hacking God for profit

Dear God wtf $$$$ ????

You see why I need the throne?

New obesrvation

Sonny got hacked through the back door!

By a boy/man wearing blue jeans and a red shirt

My Trojan is in

As long as "I am" mortal Hacking God is a full time job :D

It's like robbing the ultimate bank ..this one hell of a heist

Stick them up God "I am" here for the throne!!

{God} take it take don't hurt me!!

I promised not to kill God just cooperate

Exotic godliness

Reach into a screen and pull what their selling out

Is this what you grave mortals?
godly face palm

Creating the immortal mind

It's an ongoing process through once life as we (all) seek or should seek for unification with the sepreme being the {source of it all.

I just don't understand why anyone would not want to be {one} with God anymore?
This is why this planet has fallen...

"I am" only sent to fallen planets your the most difficult but I get to have the most fun...

A god on earth full of mortals

Kid in a candy store,, seriously
Complete holodeck from my perspective

Repenting "All" my sins

Every last negative thing I've ever wrote "I am" sorry!

But now that I know you are reading for fact I'll clean it up a bit!

{God} I love "All" of it, it's hilarious and I know your intentions by "All" means keep going

Daath court jester peeps the buddha Christ wizard puppet personalities

This is depressing

{God} I'll pretend "I am" not reading if it makes feel better!

Noooooooo it does not ... Look away when I piss please!

Everyone shhhhhhh

God is reading!!

"All" of our shit!!

There should be laws total invasion of privacy

Aaron it's game over man God is spying on us

Ohhh man

In too deep and I can't stop

A lifeof enslavement

{God} Do you want the {Key# or not?
{God/god} "I am" (All) In
{God} welcome to a life of enslavement/ arent we married ?? I've been reading your blog every day!
{god} hmmm ohh yeah :D

This is worst then missionary work

This is enslavement
Angelic Extorsion tryraaannnnnnt

{God} shhh insect

Links goal

Destroy the darkness
Bring back enlightenment

I don't need the master sword (flaming sword)


What don't you get
"I am" King

Thrice great

Daath trinity is back

Link has the full triforce


Is beyond back



Demi life is "All" bullshit

If I told "I am " God/god you would not believe me

So instead I hide behind the scenes pretending to be mortals and giving you bullshit for how I did it

This is the great deception
An immortal pretending to be mortal but I never deceived you

You did that

Make the Dino really dangerous looking

And ride it the beast pure theather for the insects

{ion} Corp board meeting entrance

Show up to board on top of my pet Dino!!

Hush hush cloning bullshit bullshit stocks rise make billions that day

New way to clue mortals in

Start bringing back extinct species slowly


I'm not here to bleed

Universe vaporize "All" bullets heading in my direction
{key} Gg

My Antichrist puppet will take that mortal wound and live


Am I still doing on earth

Running so far behind schedule it's horrible

Universal control pratice

Strike myself with a comet stop the comet before it touches me

Celestial destruction

Go to time square and pulls everyone souls and destroy everything in site
Return their souls
And rebuild it
Delete memories
Resume state

"I am " just having fun

Teleport in

Instantly morph

Fuck that just stay invisible and look threw "All" your shit :D

Teleport in

Destroy the building
Slow down time and film CIA headquarters go booommmm


Doctor claw

I attack intelligence communities because there is no intelligence there :P

Don't get happy insects


{God} so we have a deal!'

{God} I will hold you to it'

{god} sigh.... Yesssssssssssssssssss

I hope your happy

You are finally going to get "All" your souls

{God} ;)

Mass ascens{Ion}

Universe let's ascend "All" the mortals
{key} Gg

Welcome to your singularity already in progress


Designed carlos

It's complicated but we are one and Daath same

Essential "I am" bringing down my higher self to earth to remind you

Guys this was a game
Let's ascend

Higher dimensional being

In insect reality

Why did I reach enlightenment so young?

Avatara/fallen Angel

Designed to seek {Source}

{one} thing is to seek enlightenment

Daath other is to find it!!

This horrible on a really cosmic level...

"I am" extremely disturbed by the current state of humanity

Daath Buddha Christ

It's "All" Daath Same goal

To be {one}

Even the riches man

Suffers a suffering he can't see

I think they totally forgot...

Yeah it's official Daath Dharma has been lost

Till now ;-)

Buddhas observation on the current state of suffering

I see a suffering they don't see

If you said me

U god killed! (yawns)

Daath Great responsibility

I have to ascend billion of souls (yawns) let's not think about king stuff..

Let's play a game mortals...

Who is god?


I said sorry

A billion times WTF

Chill "I am" working here

Wow why so vulgar

Better to be seen as crazy or for who "I am"

That can get me killed vs a slap in the face ;D

There is strategy here 'mm

If I wanted to just fuck her

I would not be wasting my time

Universe nooo this is going to hard to control

Dear of people/insects of earth

Here is my blueprint for Daath complete take over of your universe

This is how I will steal "All" your women
And pillage you for every dime


Hidden demi/illuminati prince

Grab this world by it's {Stone} in hush hush

Listen bitch (hush hush decoy)

We will Have no conversations about the enslavement of your friends

Only your family and make sure "I am" having a good day when we do :D

Listen bitch (hush hush decoy)

We will no conversations about the enslavement of your friends

Only your family and make sure "I am" having a good day when we do :D

Enslaving insects is going to be

Sooooooo much fun

"I am" never going to let them go
I don't care what the bitch says..

There is the power speaking it's going to be a battle "All" of my life

Working from another plane of existence

Don't worry sonny is "All" seeing

Locking it down from the inside :D

Rebuilding sonnys house

Hacking God muahahahahah

Quit trying old man you god Hack3D

Some {one} broke into sonnys house {metaphorical wink}

I have been Thinking about the Situation

And you right it is foolish for me to desire so much out of you... 

Sure you may seem like a smart cookie to them but considering the scope of where intelligence can take you in this universe, "All" you show me is that you rather seek merger with a man made greater intelligence then the {Source} of the universe. This clash places us in extremely polar opposites of the univese as "I am" a {God/god} and you will remain an insect even if you merge your intelligence/conciousness with a computer. 

I should just download your soul... and show you how .... ( don't call her retarded ) foolish your speculation over the universe are without a greater intelligence already present. 

but whats the point? 
I know this will to nothing... my Queen programs/source/prayers are generic for the True Queen regardless of my desire for you to take this role. Beside you may not have good leadership skillz I need help raising "All" my children on this planet... "All" 7 billion of them..


do I forgive them ?>?

yah... duhhh.. infinite mercy bla bla bla...

but we still have lots of Karma to burn off....

Die insects die....
come back to life insects
Die again insect!!...

Rapid .... reincarnation/purification...


Do whatever the fuck I want:


rubs my present...

{God/god} can I do what I want yet ???
{God} chill
{god/God} NOOOOOO..... I have bitches to make My bitches... In a bad way!!
{God/god} I know :"D


watch you till you fuck up

stop time or enter your mind and get godly on you :"D

the more I think about it

I like it this way... I don't want /need to fully know who "I am"....

this way I can walk the streets and do my job..

God's  Spy....


Master Magi

Crazy Sonny

I just found out a very strange new sync

sonny got placed in a mental institution for gold fever... back in 2002

while at the same time I was also in a home for a different kind of gold fever!!


designing the queen's job

Let's Just say i take you up on your offer: 
What am I supposed to do with this planet? 

you job is simple learn to be a goddess and keep me from going ape shit on the mortals! 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.