Saturday, July 23, 2011

Don't you understand

As long as "I am" mortal the longer I endure Hell

But these are comments of old men

That failed to find the {stone}

Get out of my face insects!!


If I'm hacking why would I not hack godlyness ...

The insects think I'm boasting but in reality "I am" co-creating my desired universe and yes I want total control of this planet lol

Byte my tongue and keep working

Steven Ernest commented on your photo.
Steven wrote: "When I see more enlightened information from you, and less mindless empty boasting, then I will give your work some attention. But I'm afraid you've gone off the deep end. Pity, you showed promise."

Damn it uni fucation

She just asked me for my facebook account!!

To lie is not to seek a queen

Wow this rocks

I'm taking to a girl I just met!

Why haven't I wow

Ok time to meet a future queen

Warning this a virtual reality Game

Saw the Norway shooting

How horrible!!

Damn it insects...

No it's not hard

Teaching mortals while achieving unification is what I'm tired of

I'm just tired

Very very tired

Why is this soooo damn hard!!

I should not cloud my mind with dating

It's so counter productive to my goal timeframe

I just want total release from mortality before pursuing anything

Time To Be {God/god}

Doesn't it Kill you that I get to toy with your Universe now?


Don't worry mortals "I am" a professional meglomaniac I will treat this universe with "All" the respect that it deserves...

rubs my hands together...

why being a young Buddha is horrible

People think that wisdom comes with Age but from my perspective...

Your lack of wisdom has led to your Aging!!

... sucker punch to "All" your Sages!!!

I know "I am" not {God/god} I show no signs of Aging :"D


wow this app rocks

you can send pictures and text directly from your phone... ommm man.. what have I been doing???


Phone Upgrade

this is going to get interesting...
why kid myself

Pussy Hacking here I come... 

wow this is useful...

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Hey chill insects

it's only been an hour or so... fuck... chilll.... out!!!


Hacking My pathetic Inbox

My Inbox
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wow lots of potential


I need a bad girl...
I need to be the good guy for once!

wait a minute "I am" the good guy :"D

//// insects are retarded... stop it carlos.. damn it I can't help it!!

Universe increase her desire to email me back
{key} Gg

Nooooooo "I am" not hacking Love.... just tweaks...


I should work on my profile

I hate this... really I do... But when saving the world requires a godly amount of time.. pussy hunting takes a back burner... :"D

Whats up with white girls and big glasses... :"D


I bet you they are not even High :"D


Universe increase my respond rate to "All" my emails...
{key} Gg

Even The occultist are in Lala land!

  • Steven Ernest ‎"Im controlling your universe (live)..." ftw. Riiiight.
    18 minutes ago · 
  • Particleion A Magus whatever... go back to your nonsense.. it's "All" documented I don't have to prove shit!
    a few seconds ago · 

Now that the Truth is known

I fear for the mortals....
God is the {Source} of it "All...

do you have a single brain cell of what this means...

Like I said... keep me out of your shit mortals...

This is between you and {God}

{God} NOOOO..... you will carry my will

{god/God} I told I have no desire to bring about total destruction on this planet..
{God/god} You don't have a choice .... we don't have a choice :-(


keep me out of it!

I learned my life lesson.. .just ascend me and do what you wish with them...

I don't want any part of it!! Seriously....

they have my writing ...

let them march into your trap...

catch 22

I can teach you Unification

But {God} has to want to Unite with you...

here is where your karma comes in...

what have you shown {God} "All" of your lives...

that is why many mortals will perish not from my hand but from their own fall from our creators approval...

do you really think {God} is not paying attention to every aspect of your lives...

cmon mortals....

don't fool yourselves...

Once full blown godhood arrives

How could I ever take her as a Queen???

Celestially I wont be allowed too...

I would be presenting dirt to {God} ....

Why I have to find love before I totally ascend!

It gets way more complicated then!!!

{God} forget about the insects

{God} just find a Queen for now... deal with the insects later!!


Insectss!!!!!!! Breath Breath Breath!!!!

  • Steven Ernest There you go again, lol. So enlighten us with results -- and less empty boasting! Most people who really are themselves enlightened show a more reasoned and balanced ego. It's a barometer.
    I sense you are merely in an interesting room of Chapel Perilous. When you step out onto a balcony, you'll learn. :-)
    6 minutes ago · 
  • Particleion A Magus you are not paying attention to what "I am" doing... read "All" of it... dang... Im controlling your universe (live) and this is not boasting read the back logs... wow... this is beyond wild
    2 seconds ago · 

Buddha Raises sword up!

NOOOOOO buddha chill let the wizard teach these ( don't call them "All" fucking  Retarded)

Hurry up Wizard... "I am" going to come down hard on the mortals...

I know I know.. .chilll...

Mind Staggering!

  • Steven Ernest Knock yourself out. Just don't fall into the trap of thinking "you" ARE the Creator.
    4 minutes ago · 
  • Particleion A Magus this is why I need to do what I need to do ... Even with "Everything" I have shown you "All" you still remain so un-enlighten it's mind staggering!!

The Naked Mortals

Even if you find your true love without unity with {God} you will remain Empty/naked... Your soul will continue to urge for something that your mate could never give you... Makes you wonder if this is the {Source} of high divorce rates??? 

cant say... but I have a plan for a healthy truly long lasting loving relationship... Im just being patient, timing is {key} to perfect{ION} 

The same desire for male/female Unity

is the same desire you should have when it comes towards your unity with our creator.
My problem is that I focused on my unity with {God} before finding someone worth wild...

I know it's sounds lame... but you don't understand... what "I am" after!!



My online profile dating experiment...

shhhhhhhhhhhh don't tell them "I am" {God/god}....

lol.... ohhhh man this is going to be hilarious... "I am" going to document "All" emails that come in...

Universe increase the amount of girls that view my profile
{key} Gg

I could not resist... :"D

omg ... WTF... bite your tongue at the insects!!

  • Steven Ernest Doubtful.
    11 hours ago · 
  • Particleion A Magus you have no faith in my alchemical studies ... It's "All" there man
    3 hours ago · 
  • Steven Ernest I was also considering your comment re Crowley.
    I used to appreciate your work, but you started assuming this mega-ego persona, of being the godlike creator of the world, or something. If you are being humorous, fine, but I'm afraid you are going down the path of inflated ego -- and madness -- which happens to some heavily into Magick. No offense intended, just an observation. Great boasts require great results...
    30 minutes ago · 
  • Particleion A Magus dude.. open your eyes.. "I am" merging with the Creator...

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