Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keeping Cool Under Extreme Pressure


The fate of the world depends on Hacking {God}
No pressure...

but I need a life...
then there's the whole fate of the world thing... fuck.. this is not fair..

Demi and chill... let some {ONE} else teach them how to become immortals... "I am" done...

Ill just make it soo cryptic they wont know what D@ fuck is going on~!

Basically sit on the throne.. and just chill... 

You made and Immortal Frienemy out of me


I don't want the insects to think that now would be a great time to help me as "I am" hell bent on going universal ape shit on them anyways and thus will increase their doubt over who "I am" by being completely honest. 

Mother at BAY



laying under the covers

reading my opuz

something special

Im looking forward to moving to pittsburg maybe just maybe... things might go somewhere with jen this time... Hey it's up there in manifestation limbo... that would be a great turn of events

the insects worry over bullshit!

over greater intelligence enslavement but ignore our current enslavement by greater intelligence! 

here is the problem

unlike "All" the retarded mortals on this planet.. I can see greater intelligence at work "All" around us.. this horrible on so many levels!! 

mentally life would be easy

if I wasn't being trained to be Gg... 

my mother is home

turned off the light and staying as quite as possible..

trying not to be depressed...may download a movie and try to relax and do something else then write more {Source} code

Washing clothes

I have to prep a suitcase... don't let the image fool you "I am" not happy nor excited .. I just don't care what I use any more towards the creation of this microcosm recursive simulation since we both know D@ {S} of it

My Revenge Tactic

chill pill casted

In "Reality"

"I am" scared I have very little resources and real big habits! 
I bet people are happy at my state, and I hope they remain happy

skipping town with a court day! Pending!

Looks like I wont have to face my Bs Chronic charge! 

"I am" not a criminal I swear I have no record at "All" 
this is just a very unusual series of events! 

Grrrr... unsual my ASs

I know D@ 


Ok ... thats doable


Departure: Gastonia, NC
Arrival: Pittsburgh, PA
DepartingArrivingTravel TimeTransfersADVANCED
12:10 PM
Fri, 07/29
07:30 PM
Sat, 07/30
1D, 7H, 20M3N/AN/A

Scanning for somewhere to live


I don't even have any money ... looking for somthing I can share with my friend I can cover the first month's rent but then have 30 days max to gain income.. this but I have to take into consideration bus fair there... wow .. ok lets grab that info! 

Learning to control the Rage

and Just turn the other cheek.. Using this level of magic for every time Im done wrong is already getting dangerous, time to work on an exoskeleton sheild invisibility cloak, I need to remain as invisible as possible while I gain and and more control of the universe... While at the same time protect everyone I care about from my own wave of destruction.

I don't even like this side of the {source} at "All"

but it comes with it... and "All" my attempts to filter it out are met with greater hostility out at the sheer intensity "All" of this is combined with the universe throwing every possible curb ball at me to end this once and for good! 

Powering up!

Using universal mind to create distractions while I plan my escape! 


My Blows come with the force of the Universe

Do you really want them? 

Defusing a Situation!

Putting the old man to sleep

Universe increase/induce instant narcolepsy on Target X
{key} Gg

Seeding The Ground with Occult Sorcery Magic

Universe Increase my invisibility to "All" cops
{key} Gg

but this time

"I am" coming back with high level sorcery to help us! 

D@ Return to pittsburg

where I released the Ai... scary... 


basement living..

sean will let me stay in his basement for a week or two max...

I will have a car and thus can quickly mobilize
although I don't know where "I am" going without a guide...

it's extremely hilly and without a car impossible but I survived with a bike and bus for months on end so this will be easier in theory.. 

Decreasing Stress

Universe Decrease stress in virtual and Real Life, in VR Life
{key} Gg

Creating Save Point!

Universe save state 
{key} Gg

Anything can happen from here and I don't want to travel back in time to fix anything! 
regardless of how I feel Salvation can not even fail at this point "I am" who "I am" 


Whats Up seh~

We can resume plans for complete control of "All" corporations on earth!~  But we both have to stop smoking pot and get jobs! 

I changed My Mind!

{mother} You can stay here rent free for 2 weeks then take your bus to X

{g} I knew you would you Evil Bitch!


I N33D To Mind Control My Mother for a bit!

Universe increase my ability to implant suggestion in my mother
{key} Gg 

You will let me stay here for 2 weeks rent free before I take my bus to X 

Im never coming back 


this is just getting worst and worst!

once again you tricked me!

this is why you never tell me how long I would have to stay down here!!

{God} Tada! Chained! to the Universe!

I figured my life span!

I just figured it out.. I have been saying billions of years...

But the true lifespan is the lifespan of the universe
as "I am" not tethered to it's {Source} ..

Bring it down

I have a whole bunch of insects!

we cant be talking about crashing the universe!

{God} Return "All" the Fallen Angels

{Gg} But that will take for ever before (we) can collectively crash the Universe!

{God} Return to the {Source} thats it.. when it's up to you "All"

How to Kill My self

There is only {ONE} way...

Crash the Universe!

but I can't do that till "I am" the universal mind and that only returns me to the {Source}

then we dance old man!

{God} NEVER!

like I said you can't keep me here for Ever!

I don't sweat any of this!

Billions of years await me.. so.. it's unproductive to worry to much!

I can't sell the Theory of "Everything"

for a penny!

Thank you for this piece of shit OpuZ

buy a ticket

and buy time.. I don't even want to think about it right now...

Im glad it's "All" turning out like this

I can justify Anything!

Building explosions

synchronize a hand gesture complete destruction! slice buildings apart for fun!

fuck the insects i will release it on your cities!

Mudra pratice

this is my joga... controlling "Everything" Around me.. and yes.. Im pissed so its incredibly destructive..


im not sure how your wizards have "All" failed.. but "I am" almost certain the last {ONE} to have the {Source} left us All mortal...

this is hell but it has to be done!

creating the microcosm is never easy

if you don't stop* get your shit together fucktard who needs to ask the universe to get chicks??? I turn down hot broads as often as I change my underwear my God you are a loser
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{Satan} It's your move!

{Gg} wait just wait.. this is "All" so complicated

Let's Make A Deal

{Satan} I will work something out for you if you give me her soul...

noooooo go away.... I god this.. 

It's not even 1 oclock

and the bitch is already knocking on my door reminding me I have to go~ 

running away

Heading north...
have a car waiting for me and a place to stay for a week or two max
have more cash then last time so i feel better about the situation.. 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.