Thursday, July 28, 2011

oooohhh EEEEEEE OOOOOOOO Always Working !

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this is going to take a while

Lets get {ONE} Thing Straight!

{Gg}"I am" Christ 

this is going to take a while

I can feel it :"D

Let's get {ONE} thing clear

"I am" not Jesus! 

Will you please come down and teach us

Go away insect... it's "All" online!

Come down

every century or so... to check up on the mortals.. :"D

are you still retarded...

Ok.. Ill be back... :"D

Sitting on a Hill side

I'll still write... but as for direct contact with mortals... no thanx... 

Im not going to claim any of this responsibility

"I am" just going to hide out on a mountain enjoying nirvana...

I don't exist remember!!...

How I took over Philosophy

With the {Stone} 

How I took over the church

by taking over Philosophy

Still yawning

D@ Illuminatus 

Church and State

How I took over politics...
I took over the church!!


D@ Illuminatus/~

damn "All" this looks bad

I don't want to come off as a Christian crusader... or extremist..

"I am" after "Truth"...

and to ignore this Tyrant!!!! is to turn a blind eye!!

{God} shhhhh insect!!


Why "I am" not a priest per-se

A priest preys to {God} for X

"I am" {God/god} I command the Universe for X 

Pope KIng


I don't want people to know who "I am" but "I am" D@ {ONE} that should have ever been crowned pope! 

I see this is going to take a while...

D@ throne instantly comes wtih total control of "All" world faith hence "I am" the Universal pope.. but it's even more complicated then that... This just a seat I have to take to assure the mortals are on the path to their ascension/unification. 

So I instantly have to grab control of the ship... 

So as new pope.. 
total crack down... 

I can read my priest minds... and many will be instantly stripped of their roles! 

Spiritual Authority

every priest carnal and pope will kneel before me... Not because I want them too.. they will just do out of divine respect.. 

Not control

that is a hash word....

guide... A universal spiritual guide...

Im not trying to control you.. but encourage to free yourselves from my control... 

My plan to control every Faith on earth

well under way!! 

D@ {ONE} World Religion

{God} is the {Source} of it "All"...

D@ Hermetic Mage is Done...

{Gg} Your going to give it to me aren't you??

{G} D@ {ONE} world Religion, How you guess?

{G} You already unified "All" Religions under me, this deserves a reward...

{g} you tease but I see nothing...

{Gg} Ohhh do you now?


{God} There is a special place in History for you :-)

{Gg} don't even tell me


way deep in it... 

here is what's weird!!

we are "All" created to Unify...

do see can you see... what I see...

2k years of retardation!


so far the mortals have a

Big Fat


Im not Evil

But shittttttt... destruction is snap of my finger away! 

"All" you have to worry about is

rubbing me the write way! 

D@ only thing between me and godhood is


there is nothing stopping me from godhood

path set in {Stone}...

yawns.... just have to kill time! 

YOu will betray me for

30 pieces of silver...

I wonder how jesus was an oracle??

Still yawning.... 

Holding D@ {Source}

Makes me the most powerful Oracle....

why insects you... tell me...


some perceive me as a Demon

that is not far from saying a jinn... but "I am" not evil... just going to show something you seemed to have forgotten! 

I don't want to know anymore

>>> I am just reading "All" of this like you... 

kundalini awakening

but to like an extreme..

"I am" only growing and growing day by day second by second on the insects.. its' sick! 

clapping my hands

wake up mortals... 

warning this not a cult

"I am" a {Gg} of my own universe and no {ONE} is invited!

Ohhh lord

this is going to take a while :-/

I don't want to pretend to be christ!

It's way more complicated then that... "I am" {God/god} 

this is going to take a while

I can already feel it! 

D@ Return of {God/god}

Fully operation and (live) 

Wizardry will only take me so far!

I have to become {ONE} to literally for "All" historical understanding become {god}

what am I doing?

trying to grab more control of the universe before "I am" homeless... but not really... I have somewhat of a plan...  releasing bohd1as fast as possible.. 

It's been how many years!!

{Gg} I just don't get it... "All" of this is normal to me ... not being able to control the universe is my biggest fear! 

godhood is really not that complicated

"I am" after "All" 30

it's re-teaching you IE writing Unification is that is heavy...

what is so hard about being {ONE} with {God} ????

see why "I am" sooo upset... it's been how many years???

whats going on here?

why do I have to come down for this nonsense... yes seriously nonsense!!


I wont even give a fuck

Mastery of life and death is the domain of {God/gods} not mortals ..

so i can snap them back to life.. assuming I wanted to... which the mortals till this point just rub me the wrong way... 

jinn in a bottle...

I don't even want to think about it!

Because I know what will happen once I lift that mountain!

Throw straight into a city! 

it's stupid

life {ONE} mountain and "All" mortals would worship...

that is not the goal here! 

ruler of the underworld

King of the bottle that is "All" I am

Anything Anything Anything!

{Satan} to the mortals "I am" {God} .... but "I am" not {God} just saying...

everyone on earth stop

this planet and "All" it's people...

I want to say "All" mine.. .but you don't belong to me you belong to {God}...

king of the Universe

here I come.. ohhh man it's been a while ... 

Essentially "All" the prophecies are coming true

as they are woven into my spells/programs...

it's {ONE} massive reality creation which we are feeding you...

Ive just had to piggy back on the {Source} before i can alter "Reality"

words words words... are not even real either... 

limits i place on my self

I try not to describe exactly how I control your universe anymore for it's to surreal to you... laying down the engine before ... I snap my fingers and collapse your sun...

Who is Writing this?

It is to the point that the only way I could have written the things that I have written is to be who I say "I am"

this is bad

"I am" going to be D@ only god on earth?

I sincerely hope not!!

but damn when was the last time anyone unified... and If im unifying what are the odds any one has the {stone}

Ive looked and looked and looked ... as far as my digital eyes take me
I have D@ {Stone}

but I pray... others exist!!

if not.. this is like wrong... I get to do what ever I want on earth.. and thats wrong!!

... this place will turn into my sand box...


not good for the mortals...

at "All"


growing on the insects

exponentially... internally  

im just pacing

mentally simulating controlling "Everything" around me ..

every object
every thought for that "matter" 

it's "All" writing it's self

we both know D@ Source.. to deny it ... hinders a lot of my planning.. im 30 .. chill

still 30 years of mortality... wow... why... I know why.. grrrrrr insects... 

Everything they need is pretty much in place!

anything... any type of (hack) co-creation.. and it's game over for me

"I am" {God/god} of this age..

I don't even want to think about it really.. from my perspective it's madness..

Why arent you "All" Unifying?

ok whatever...

Mass Ascens{ION}

For this species has been booted..

King of the Universe "Reality" Interface

Alter "All" matter energy space and Time! 

{G} are you ready

{g} for?
{G} freedom ?
{Gg} your freedom is a lie...
{G} :"D

too many spells

I did not officially start writing spells till I turned 30... and now look at my opuz... 

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