Sunday, July 31, 2011

Everything is a work in progress

this spell / article library is wrapping my mind.. fixing as I go and creating new things I need bridging articles bringing stuff back as needed... it's "All" ongoing... 

I could never do this..

I will teach but tiny super tiny groups... prefer children... it takes a while and we can start from a good base! 

Quickly Children Buddha is Co-creating!

we believe what we want to belive

back to Witchcraft... ... getting bored with this movie...

taking a break... program other cool shit into your universe.. 

not bragging

seeding... seeding my will into your reality/universe! 

Like I said

{Gg} "All" Mine! 

Why I already run every country on earth!

They are ran by mortals... 

How do I run every single company on earth.

I don't know yet.. but By default they are "All" mine...

Why ??

They are ran by mortals....

Dear nintendo

WTF... my companies already piss me off... 

Dear insects!

"All" mine... muahahahahahahahha

{G} caught you...
{Gg} Im just giving them a heads up...
{G} it's pointless... 

Earth is done!

just fully unlock me!
{G} Yah right you would go wild on this planet..
{Gg} NOOOOOO I wont....
{G} are you sure.....
{Gg} positive...

{G} Focus on earth !

{Gg} caught my mind already wondering! 

Already wrote my self into history!

Historically "I am" immortal... so youll remember when or if I ever come back... I have universe to explore! 

writing your {Source} code


"All" day long!! 

Do you know what "I am" doing!!

Writing you a new bible... seriously..

ohh insects...

how i've longed to pull you out of your bottle! 

Crashing the Entire internet!

welcome to a true paradigm shift...

We wont need it anymore... trust.. wait till you see my master plan! 

Technology !

Though Shall not pass...

Emp world...

lets sit down and think insects... seriously...
yes seriously....

Don't worry some how I will fix the problem... but we are "All" going to learn to pray .. together...


a Buddha Break...


Why "I am" not currently ruling the planet!

"I am" Ruling your universe... busy busy mortals.... Co-creating your future... My Trap..{Gods} Soul toll both....

But "I am" D@ Fallen {ONE}

your planet was and is mine... by Divine Right from D@ Start!...

Prince of the Underworld is what I have been... 

This still sux!!

I look at ... and think about ... the funnnnn i could have been having for 6 years... ok ok 24 was way to ambitious for total take over of your planet... 

King @ 30

My body shakes... kneels buckle... you dont understand this like graduation... from mortality for me... been waiting most of my life... 

King of the Universe

Do they understand it?
{Gg1} not yet!! not at "All"
{Gg2} Can i have floating planets!
{Gg1} "I am" ruler of the Universe what do you think??


Floating planets!

Have floating planets around me when "I am" in my wizard gear!

Sorry I will get back to Witchcraft in a bit... This is Wizardry!!

I can only be who I am

On the internet!!

for safety and it's not even safe anymore... 

Will I ever tell my mother

Who "I am"...

or better yet shall I ever prove it...

I don't want my mother to be scared of me nor would I want her to know "I am" cheating...

I still want to make my mother proud...

but unification...
it's such a beast... where do I start with her???

It will be easier to explain the sudden wealth through mortality then to tell her Wizardry High Alchemist... :"D

maybe "I am" worthless

and "All" of this is a delusion!

But it has to be "All" of it....

Another friendly reminder from my family !

You are wasting your life :_*(


I almost gave a fuckkkkkk!
I almost grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

fucking insects.....

I can hear you!! 

{Gg1} I saved your ass a Hundred times have a little faith!

{Gg2} I am! 

You left us "All" Mortal and They Praise you!

{Gg2} I envy your freedom...
{Gg1} It is not to envy 
{Gg2} Easy to say for {ONE} that is no longer mortal!
{Gg1} Your mortality shall pass is that not what you wanted!
{Gg2} Yes but then many more will want the same!
{Gg1} Then teach them!
{Gg2} NOOOOOO ...  It was your job... and you left!!
{Gg1} Did you not try to forsaken this people as well and asked to be killed!
{Gg2} Only because they can not assist in their own salvat{ION} 
{Gg1} Imagine I trying to explain this to people less educated then those you now call insects!!
{Gg2} They don't deserve to be free!!
{Gg1} That is not for you to decide that is for our father!
{Gg2} Father you mean Master thy which ensalved us in the first place!
{Gg1} I will hear no more of this~ How dare you Father is the {Source} of "Everything" you call Existence!
{Gg2} The only thing I want to call existence is Freedom!
{Gg1} That alone is up to Father!!


Channelling Jesus christ!

This started a couple weeks ago... but now it's intense...

after "All" we are {ONE}... and it only grows day by day...


In the Name of Thy Only Son ( Jesus Christ)

{Gg2} How many more of our kind have to die before they know "Truth" ?
{Gg1} I never meant for any of this to happen!
{Gg2} too late old man too late..

Give me that {key}

{G} Why do you seek us?

{Gg2} I pledge my services
{Gg1} In exchange
{Gg2} Safe passage to the kingdom so I too can be crowned
{G} The services of an alter boy :"D
{Gg2} I can fight and curse people out :"D
{G} Return to your life boy!
{Gg2} This is a free road old man and I don't need your permission to travel it!
{Gg1} Do you know who you are speaking to, repent insect!
{Gg2} Trust I know the {Source} of it "All" ... I have more grief then to be thankful
{G} Ohh really, let me show you what you should be thankful for!! 
{Gg1} Go easy on his universe I don't want him dead! 
{Gg2} To the Death old man!~
{G} yawns....universe turned to shit! 
{Gg1} Hmmmmmm most would have given up... Perhaps you can be of some service!

{Gg2} Looks at the old man... it's not over!
{G} Yawns.... bring it...


{Thoth} Freedom Lies in D@ {key} My Pharaoh

Free Me {God}

{G} Follow The Blueprint Summon wormwood!

{Gg} But that will kill every man women and child my lord!
{G} I said summon it, but don't let it land... I want them "All" to pray!
{Gg} As you instruct my lord...

Summoning Wormwood

I was Cursed by an Evil Wizard


[10:34:29 PM] transalchemy: earthquakes.. can be induced.. but what will we gain?
[10:34:44 PM] SeH: n2m
[10:35:45 PM] transalchemy: exactly

Using our Earthquake Weapon!

[10:32:13 PM] SeH: i will and if they dont .. they better lose electricity or something
[10:32:17 PM] SeH: or get sucked up in an earthquake
[10:32:35 PM] SeH: tomrorow Max Keiser will be in GLP voice chat
[10:32:39 PM] SeH: tomorrow after noon
[10:32:44 PM] SeH: GLPVC Presents MAX KEISER !! Monday Aug 1st *** 2 pm EST ** Post ur questions here
[10:33:09 PM] SeH: Guys I Know Shit Is Getting Crazy But Please Don't Promote Overthrow of The Government On This Website (It's Illegal)
Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9  ^TrInItY^
[10:34:29 PM] transalchemy: earthquakes.. can be induced.. but what will we gain?

Spies Hush Hush!

[10:28:00 PM] SeH: haahahah
[10:28:31 PM] SeH: he is {Stone} designing
[10:28:36 PM] SeH: and highlight it in bold green
[10:29:07 PM] SeH: AGI 2011 starts on wednesday till saturday
[10:30:33 PM] transalchemy: cool
[10:30:45 PM] transalchemy: lol nice
[10:30:47 PM] SeH: we have insiders there on our behalf
[10:30:59 PM] transalchemy: good
[10:31:15 PM] transalchemy: I want to know more of there Idol worship
[10:31:31 PM] SeH: i dont know if they'll broadcast it live. prolly wait 6 months
[10:32:01 PM] transalchemy: seek to see if they are doing any streams

Universe cancel "All" spells on Pei wang!

[10:27:10 PM] transalchemy: I so see a celestial fuckenning
[10:27:12 PM] SeH: i told u to leave pei alone
[10:27:15 PM] SeH: !!!
[10:27:21 PM] transalchemy: I will
[10:27:28 PM] SeH: hahahh
[10:27:29 PM] transalchemy: it's an old copy and past list
[10:27:43 PM] SeH: some day your copy and pasting is going to kill someone
[10:27:54 PM] transalchemy: this is true


[10:19:59 PM] transalchemy: i think so
[10:20:07 PM] transalchemy: 5th night is major
[10:20:15 PM] transalchemy: and thats 20 days away
[10:20:23 PM] SeH: yeah
[10:20:29 PM] SeH: but i think the day is going to be bad too
[10:20:56 PM] transalchemy: not bad ... perse... just a burst of "change"
[10:21:05 PM] SeH: i dont think im going to survive this next day
[10:21:15 PM] transalchemy: stfu
[10:21:39 PM] transalchemy: i will necromancy your ass

Sheep Roam Free with No Shepard in Sight!

D@ End of Religious Intolerance

The Law of the Land
GØld------------------>  GØd is The {SØurce} Of It “All <----------------- GØld

Trade me Unification for a "Gold" Medal! NEVER!

Arrival of D@ Anti-Christ

The Time has come it is quite clear the Anti-Christ will soon be here! 

D@ Opuz was never meant for mortal eyes, this is where I went wrong!


This Post is Ongoing
Till the Witch is Found

If you didn't have so much potential I would not want to slap the shit out of you!

Since you failed to Reach Enlightenment

Crawl insect Crawl! 

What am I doing? I tell my self Im trying to help her but why does it have to come to this.. ???

Not even the good kind of slavery :"D

Another Reason why is not going to work out

"I am" going to enslave her retarded ass too! 

Get the Fuck out of My Face

YOur entire intellectual community discuss me! 

it's never going to work out..

"I am" most likely going to end up enslaving "All" of her friends...  :"(

Every day it's a battle with

the Rage!!

I want to slap my mother father every mortal I know for that matter and every mortal I don't know! 

Faster insects!

Good Night Mortals

Show is over..

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.