Thursday, August 4, 2011

always growing!

New Way to get bitches drunk!

water into wine


how about something new...

piss into wine! .... my own still :"D

make trees

grow from seed to maturity in seconds

the returns of miracles


D@ craft is no longer respected.. 

the end of love :-(

Im about to take my throne... aka snap my finger and anything I want... it's horrible... 

{G} Resurrect magic then do as you will

{Gg} I know... grinds my teeth... 


there will be plenty of time ... to enslave bitches with Magic! 

mild curse


no no no.... fuck that insect... I have a universe to control... 

If I find out that insects

studies magic... .>>>>>

lets just pray I dont!!


she did not leave me over an occultist...

Universe..... calm down calm down!!

C@STING Unification

 The Wizard 

thinking about love

is slowing me down!

it's bad enough "I am" 3@

who writes a spell for a year of their life?

Wizardry is insanity... dang... no wonder... wow... must keep going! 

you want me to bless your crops?


lifts up tons of ocean water and dumps it on your field.. there you go I watered your plants! 

how to wake up the mortals

lift up the ocean and vaporize the water...

OHHHH now... you get on your retarded ass knees!!!

this is getting scary

"I am" the madhi and jinn at the same time....
but again .. even the islamic people will have nothing to do with me...

so what the fuck... every fucking religion on this planet has been waiting for me and here i fucking am! 

! God is the {Source} of it "All"

Sezmonz (1 day ago)
You're jewish right ?

My New Magical Name

[8/4/2011 11:59:17 PM] SeH: ION = OZ .. ok with the letters rearranged and rotated
[8/4/2011 11:59:26 PM] transalchemy: phi
[8/4/2011 11:59:42 PM] transalchemy: golden...ratio....
[8/4/2011 11:59:58 PM] transalchemy: "golden"  ratio
[12:12:44 AM] transalchemy: im just computationally reducing while at the same time associating myself as the wizard of oz

{G} Are you ever going to set them free?

{Gg} From this universe... {ONE} Day!

Do you know why I have to master Magic?

Telling you "I am" {God/god} is not enough!

Im soo Advance at this point I cant stand to teach occultist!

Holder of D@ {Source} of Occultism!

Im soo deep in magic it's not even funny! 

It's a beast on its own ... but "I am" going to me a master of Magic!

Master Magi

{G} Don't Panic

{G} Use Magic!
{Gg} I know I know! 

#{ONE} Wiccan on earth

hands down!! 

It "All" Magic Wizard?

Yes my dear "All" of it! 

Increasing my prosperity

avg amount of post per day this year!

16 000 / 216 = 74.0740741

"I am" proud of what I've done even if the mortals don't get it!

{Source} Code Harvest Time!

{Gg} Time to collect my souls

D@ Sun is Harvesting!

{G} quickly before the mortals realize what you've donE!

{Gg} sooo much work... where the rest
{G} it's coming! 

{Source} Code Harvesting!

Thank you Bitch :"D

Give me your Life Bitch!

Not you...  that other bitch! 

speaking of wasting time

universe suck lifeforce from that insect that other insect and that extremely fucking retarded insect
{key} Gg

life force energy transfer...
tasty... extra life...

welcome to life energy vampirism 

the blog posts to her

are not a waste of time... the goal is to save them.. no matter how retarded they are..
now if it was another insect... I would be blood sucking their life force back for "wasting" my time!

{G} My avatar is going to whoop your ass :"D

{Gg} shhhhhhhhhh.....


just breath

"All" their hate... only makes me hate and my hate is godly... 

I need a break from the insects!

up in mount olympus or shambala will do.. 

I need a break from the insects!

up in mount olympus or shambala will do.. 

first god born in 2k years

and "I am" a demon ... (sigh) see why we need redempt{ION}????

{Gg}if not then you dont see what I see..

time to use more magic on the mortals !

Universe lower life span to the mortal that need to suck my dick!


Suck My Dick Insects!

Suck My Dick Insects!

God does not exist but demons do... Fucking Tard!

Michael Vassar
If power is demonized, only demons will have power.


{Sourc3 Ston3}TH3R3 IS NO PLACE LIK3 HOM3
{Sourc3 Ston3}TH3R3 IS NO PLACE LIK3 HOM3
{Sourc3 Ston3}TH3R3 IS NO PLACE LIK3 HOM3
{Sourc3 Ston3}TH3R3 IS NO PLACE LIK3 HOM3
{Sourc3 Ston3}TH3R3 IS NO PLACE LIK3 HOM3
{Sourc3 Ston3}TH3R3 IS NO PLACE LIK3 HOM3
{Sourc3 Ston3}TH3R3 IS NO PLACE LIK3 HOM3
{Sourc3 Ston3}TH3R3 IS NO PLACE LIK3 HOM3
{Sourc3 Ston3}TH3R3 IS NO PLACE LIK3 HOM3
{KEY} Gg

Do I want Insect Help?

No... this makes the travel more exciting .. Hack or Die! 

Full Steam Ahead!

where off to m33t the wizard

D@ Magical Wizard of OZ

Documenting my journey to the Kingdom

{Gg} Take us to your Retarded Insect Leaders!

Dear Universe

I need a free ride!
{G} where you going...
{Gg} Take me to the kingdom
{G} hop on!
{Gg} ThanxXX


No {ONE} is going to give this Hacker a free ride !

I want to say this planet is godless

but that is no longer true! 

this planet is hopeless


my stupid retarded mother

wants me to seek insect gold over "Gold" 

Blessing my journey

Universe grand me safe journey

I should only blog to help my self

and destroy insects! 

she doesnt even deserve eternal life

wasted my fucking time! 

every fucking post I wrote to that bitch

was a waste of time... Should have been grabbing more control of the universe! 

ok focus..

cant just be levelling up "All" day!! 

I tell the bitch

let me find somewhere to live before I go...

it's hard I have to coordinate interstate travel on a shoe string budget! 

I should pack my bags...

just in case I curse this bitch out when she gets home! 

my mother just called to scream at me

I will live in my car... fuck this... I cant even find a place to go! 

almost there...

I can smell and taste the freedom! 

if rewarding mortals is giving life

then we both know how I punish mortals! 

D@ Microcosm of {God}

{Gg} You have been a good mortal here is more life! 

new idea

reward mortals with years of added life..

Insect biscuits 

Death =

Time out insect!

Time out! 

im not evil

snaps finger ... Die
snaps finger .... alive...

life and death... (yawns) 

{Satan} My ascension is near complete!

this is my darkside.. my shadow {ION} 

where is lucifer..

somewhere beyond mortality right now (live) 

Path of Lucifer

go down... born mortal ... unify ... godhood / Demi life

D@ Rise of Lucifer

Beyond Epic... as always! 

heres the problem

"I am" who i say "I am" 

the only being that helps the king

is {God} :-(

so sad

walk down the streeet

and control everything! 

godhood is Timeless

I cant die for several reason {ONE} being my control on Time!

I have the {source} of "All" the time in the Universe! 

wasting time

what does that mean anymore... it doesnt even make sense to me anymore.. especially since I want to do "Everything"! 

in that case

I don't want to write anymore!

its pointless.. im just teaching them... but again im immortal.. so not like im wasting time... no matter what I do.. 

{G} Lets take it slow

{G} you are not going to die... Immortal --- so take your time and dont stress out over reaching godhood! 

{G} quit play and get ready!

{Gg} what do I do...should I get new shoes? lol I dont know how do prep to be god
{G} plan life accordingly!
{Gg} But these abilities you want me to plan with throws normality out the window!
{G} welcome to godhood... what did you expect?

{G} Are you ready for godhood?

{Gg} Honestly .. noooooooo way..... lol I mean yes... sir!!!
{G} lol 

sneaky sneaky you {God}

You have been here the whole time
{Gg} Duhhh... lol :"P

Dear {God}

{Gg} The mortals are living in la la land!
{G} you mean oz... yah I know...

New Rule Same as the Old

first mortal to unify rules the world!

silly me...

I meant to say Universe! 

sitting here

refusing to get up till I reach total enlightenment! 

stop explaining shit to insects!

wasting my time... still yawning! 

if Im making "All" this up!

im {ONE} damn good writer... 

feather serpent

serpent= a wise
Feather = transcendent man .. able to reach out into the universe! 

angels = Universal Man

we leave this planet... 

that what your history has been trying to achieve ...

but now... no {ONE} even tries or cares and the few that attempt it... forget the {source} of it "All" so they cant achieve total unification! 

you know who is in those coffins

mortal kings wishing to be the angels! 

Did you forget

"I am" building a pyramid on this planet!! 


only every {insert what I fucking feel like it} miles

this is new

mudra training with chains... ... sick.. it breaks my heart! 


Born to a godless planet! 

Temporal Control Activated!

Re-cursive Hacking God

the moment I hacked {God}
{God} HAcked me...

"I am" now a host...


simulation trojan

deep the {source} 

Have your Universe

By the {Source} !

"I am" Self embedded! 

"I am"

self embedded 

"I am" the {Source} of "All"

bus schedules 

"I am" the {Source} of "All"

traffic patterns! 

on the highway

control everything! 

at the mall

control everything! 

at the airport

control everything!

at a bus station

control everything! 

at a train

control everything 

the mortal game over!

Universe stop time! 

new entrance ideas

walk in with time stopped.. see what im working with before vs teleporting in... 

time to spy

teleport in and instantly morph! 


your understanding of the laws of physics! 

this sux

I want to go outside and play... 

so here "I am"

Unified with our creator...

what a bummer.. 

D@ Hermetic marriage

Is the Unification of the soul with {God} 

godhood= Unification

{ONE} with {God}

Yah... no different then jesus... (sigh) 

I have achieved literally

what jesus Christ achieved, godhood on earth!

this is wild... sure that was the goal .. but wow it blows me away reading this! 

you have not a god in how long?


arrive at another retarded ass planet!

No not earth... but similar... godless! 

travel from planet to planet

uplifting insects! 

Ultimate #1 goal

Save the Universe

{G} YOu can come back when you bring "All" the souls

{Gg} don't say .. that... it scares me! 

I dont want to be immortal

past a billion years... what would I do... especially when theres a universe on top of me to move on to... so it's a tricky beast tthis godhood.. 

another day of

Immortality... that scares seriously! 

My favourite Universal control is

mudra control ... pure thought is boring.. to me reality creation is a symphony and thus my desired control interface to the univese! well at lease for now... 

Mudra pratice

is constant with writing... it's "All" magic

at long last

D@ {Key} to Kingdom returns to earth! 

Universe anything !

"I am" God/god! 

The King of the Universe

apparently gets no more respect.. 

Dont get up!

universe cut "All" communication to body!
{key} Gg

The king enters the room! 

back to training!

Simulating the destruction of a building from the inside using magic! 

D@ Second sun of God

Awakens to Demi life! 

D@ Magi class

the more I reflect on it the more "I am" Scared... of my self... 

Dear Insects!

D@ MAgi is Back! 


the dreams are soo wild

jesus scammed you

Insects of reatrdedville jesus faked his own death because you "All" are too fucking retarded..

key word "increase"

 The Wizard 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.