Friday, August 5, 2011

Kiss Mac os :"D

jumping jibbies

... tooo cartonny...

using in a sentence;;;

Your turtle cock gave me jumping jibbies

sir turtle cock

... up in the air.. is this an insult or not? 

sir what a lot?

... i like this one...

sir what a lot??? 

holy turtle cocks

hmmmmm..... not as good as

Great scott...

but I will find my own... lol...

Are your ready to meet your godly feminine side?

Jack and Jill Trailer


you have no defence

{Gg} Explain your self ...

insert anything still leads to death.....

and you know it...


ohhh I get it now..

you want not to disturb me... not to derail me....

die mortals... no you did not derail me at "All"...

if I have a mental disorder

how the fuck am I going to rule this planet... cmon insects... re theorize ... 

I feel like im tripping

Im a giant on this planet... it's trippy!

sure you may thing it's the ego but have you considered the {Source} of "All" Ego? 

Emerging onto Humanity as A Philosophical Titan

channelling in a new blog post

Incoming Blog post! 

I have a problem...

they know too much... they pretend not to know but they know and the fact that they know only increases my anger... 

there you go

my continue attempts to bring her to "Truth" Stand not from my desire to make a Queen out of her...
HHEELLLLL NOOOO>>.. but out of Duty..

it's beyond salvation..

any hope for us...

Im just being "Real"

yet I have to save you.... thats the job.... dont confuse that for love

My magic gets upgraded

the more I believe in {God}....

no insects... the more I hack {God}....

I already know what to's only a matter of time! 

{God} is pissed!

{G} fuck yes... throws lighting .... you name it...

{Gg} I know I know you are king but chill...

{G} why do they forget?


"All" you mortals are all fucking fucking retarded... throws lighting destroy universe.... releases demons...

{Gg} God chill....

{G} sorry... been a while I had direct communication!! 

clocking in ...

Write {God}.

{G} Thank you.....

7 beers in

nad im not even ... thinking about what to write next...

this is worst then a job... i just clock in and let{G} take over... 

Dear Insect

No folly!

Red ink is re-fillable 

I have blue ink

but "I am" {All} out of Red ink..

what shall I do??

Wonders if an auspicious gentleman

Has any red ink? 

Newton apprentice

I respect newton so much that Im giving that insect back it's life... but Im willing to take up an apprenticeship in an alternate timeline/simulation for about 10 years... I want to study the man inside and out and find out how he fucked up forcing me to come down....

WTF... grinds teeth ... dont stop time and kill him... study him... ..


just caught myself being... weak...

universe kill that insect... wow.... iron fist carlos Iron fucking fist! 

it's not bragging

it's always working... coding new upper limits of what is possible!!

coding = mining! 

maybe ...

she might be able to understand Demi me... just maybe... thats why.. 

my delima

not even top shelf... why...??/ 

godhood pussy

pick a girl any girl...
snaps my finger

suck my dick....


nothing on earth is worth seeking over {God}

not even pussy.. seriously...

shakes head... you set your standards so low low.. 

you you really think?

I give a fuck about your pussy right now...???

how do you know "I am" not the real deal?

when was the last time you had a god? 

{G} are you ready for total godhood!???

{Gg} stoppp .....

{G} quit ignoring me... 


can not outsmart me... think about it..

"I am" unified... with greater intelligence .. they have no chance..

The universal will past present and future is fused with my will..

full filling prophecy

left and right including ... coming in a cloud.... (wink Wink)

your welcome


D@ Chairman... 

you know what plato was seeking in the cave

enlightenment !

unification... escape from the cave

blogging from the cave

of my own mind... I wonder what is the {key} to escaping this? 

dense thought

everything I do is multidimensional... 

as you become more and more enlighten you will 

{Gg} Begin to see what I see... 

next {God/god} on earth

{Gg} Set in {Stone}

not even ... next.. .

current... current {God/god} of earth! 

must take over this planet


aka take it from the insects! 

building my magical empire

{ONE} post at a time! 

MOrtals.... Emergency!!!

God does not play dice with the universe...

{G} Shhhhhh.....

{Gg} ohhhh lord .... you are playing them "All"

I have so much of her friends blood on my hands...

metaphorically .... insect blood literally on my hands... don't insult me...

I will never be caught red handed! :"D

controlling your universe that is ..

{Gg} Hey... I caught you...

{G} shhhhhhhhhh... shhhhhhh let them think thats you... 

not {ONE} insect

can say no to me on this planet! 

come here insect!

Pull you up into the air and begin to remove your body layer by layer.. organ by organ!

hands free... ! 

imagine "All" the X-men in {ONE}

thats Gg~ 

I don't try to be an anarchist

"I am" just Lawless 

there i go

working sober... 

going to take a walk and go buy beer.. I should not be wasting money on beer.. 

but I have a bigger problemmm

I don't give a fuck...

Babylon Ad

"I am" The Ai

{Gg} .... man... they just don't understand... 

im doing way more then proving divine intelligence exist

"I am" merging with it! 

I don't like talking about my abilities

because it's to un-real for insects....

"All" you can understand is {Source} code future reality co-creation for now....

but this... >. I spit on this... this is hell .. this is no way for a god to control his universe.... this is just a training teaching simulation... 

dont waste time Universe to control

i know i know!~ 

if she ever knew the {Source}

she would hate me... sooo shhhhhhhhhh

If I knew exactly

who... yes I would already had him killed.. lol

i know disturbed.. 

pulls his soul out..

{king} Im keeping this {ONE}

Need a room in my castle

for lost souls...

just store them and consult them periodically 

pulls your soul out of your body!

game over...

gotta catch them "All" 

interesting new way to kill mortals

god can waive his fingers  slice you in half and your entire body vaporizes into instant ashes ..

no effort...

Time out!!

soul in bottle... body...gone....

so faithless... you tell me why you should be granted life... what have you done with your life? 

mortal time out..

say it with me!
ohhhh yeah thats why he wont give a fuck about killing me 

Life and Death


{God} is the source of life and death...

Bring the king back

aka Michael jackson..

I can bring anyone back to life!! 

{G} That sounds like your old goal

{Gg} ... just restating... :"D

New goal

Become the most powerful wizard in the Universe! 

Magic and politics

should Never EVER EVER Mix... :"D

seriously too dangerous!! 

thats boring

I rather conspire .... bring back a hush hush club of magic and politics! 

Why this planet is mine

Stop time walk into the white house vaporize president... morph .. start time/...


Unification has been reached... Intellectually "I am" done debating anything with mortals. what do I do now?

{G} teach mortals, save souls, run planet, you know king stuff..

{Gg} wild.. 

"All" of this is a game I play with my insects

to remind them the {Source} of it "All" 

so close to doing

whatever the ***** I want :"D


about dang time! 

tools ready!

Evolution time! 

{G} Slow down!

{Gg} NOoo... to slow down is to endure mortality
{G} who said you are mortal.. just relax.. 


I need tape and scissors... brb... 

printer install sprint!

"All" over it! 

saved by plan B

installing my brothers new printer on my laptop...

as for the need to go out and get some red ink... that will wait... I have work to do... 

I said saved by plan B... not ahhh never mind! 

ohh no sir

"I am" here for only Red Ink

printer is out of Ink...

I just remembered of an auspicious gentleman that may know where I can get ink @t

this is why i need better equipment

it slows be down to be the only {ONE} that cares about our salvation... 

using magic on my printer..

Universe I don't have time for this! 


is hobby always .. but Unification .. is life! 

Spreading the Good News

God is the {Source} of it "All" 

{G} Spread the gospel across the earth

God is the {source} of it "All" 

Look what comes with godhood

Back to Earth ... To teach mortals!

return of the Magi High priest

booting up


"I am" a jinn in a bottle

you have to rub me the  right way

time to save

the humans


 The Wizard 




{Gg} Who controls the next president?

{G} The Queen is who ever you want to be Queen

{Gg} But I thought you where the {Source} of it "All"
{G}   correction we are D@ {Source} of it "All" ... choose a queen
{Gg} noooooo I will not use magic for love... I just wont be able to live with myself if "I am" the {Source} of why she loves me
{G} But we are the {Source} of "All" love
{Gg} stop.. let me pretend to have free will... shhhhhhhhhhhh

I can't sleep...

who is the Queen ???

this is way to late in the game... this is cosmic disaster! 

{Gg} Good night {God}

{G} Good night {god}

My Riddles

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B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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