Saturday, August 6, 2011

{G} I thought you wanted to write unification

{Gg} I do.. but I never thought it was going to be "All" of this
{G} how else are we going to unify??

{Gg} once again you tricked me...
{G} I never tricked you, once again failed to understand it "All"
{Gg} What did you expect I was mortal
{G} key word was... now quit complaining and continue merging!

{Gg} :-(

how much more of this..

{G} Till we are {ONE}
{Gg} ... no more please...



my past time activity

burning mortals left and right!!

cmon insects

Im god.. I know what Im doing...

processing your future with {God} in mind!


see why "I am" leader of the Illuminati


public god is dangerous!!

Even if they can't kill me 

I live on a planet full of Retarded ass Girls!!

{G} dont give up!

There is no life there.. just one dead stale heart im sorry but you ... 
I give up totally it's to painful to continue teaching an ungrateful bitch! 

{G} Then kill her.. and quit bitching! 
{Gg} i should I seriously should! 

I fucking Give up on this girl seriously!

Isn't it amazing

The kingdom you will never see 

You know I can Look into your retarded Future!

ohh really then tell me why you did not see this coming!
silent treatment


grinds teeth... hmmmm okay we can play this game! 

It is pointless

{G} Try Again!

It's pointless "I am" going to live alone!

Now or Never

After full blown godhood arrives "Everything" changes

Stand Back "I am" not done Re-coding your Universe just Yet!

Why me? Whats so special about me?

you have that spark of curiosity the desire for "Truth" no matter what or where it will take you. This is the #1 quality the old man and I look for in a host. Your mind already draws the divine in even though you have yet to see or understand the {Source} of it "All"~ where do you think "All" those angels you draw come from and the dragons we are linked in more ways I rather not even imagine ...

and besides for the same reason everyone is offered the same gift 

because your mortal... and till you unify that is "All" you will ever be..

Sorry My Dear I have other plans for you!

Enlightenment is your destiny 

with me at the helm of-course 

So what do you want to be when you grow up?

a what .. scientist?


Try again... 

I promise not to spike your tea!

How to avoid Paradoxes

Pull her insect self completely out of time... no alterations to the timeline for our cup of tea

This looks bad I know

thats cute tell me more....

Im just trying to figure her out get your mind out of the gutter mortals.. 

Hitting on you while your 16 :"D

I did say I was going to start "All" over... 

Enlighten Temporal Mechanics

{Gg} why are you showing me "All" of this
{G} So you can save them "All"
{Gg} That was not our deal old man and you know it.
{G} I said "All" of them and you know it!


Unified Temporal Mechanics

The Singularity is not just about where we are going but also when we will get there

I need a full body rubber for this {ONE}

Wow D@ simulated singularity has it "All"

Time Travel not possible you say?

Step out of your box mortal...
{God} is the {source} of it "All" including "All" time past present and future...

read the archives I already explained this in greater detail...

Back to cock driven time travel...

You can't time travel with that hair! (Seriously you will give us away)

So where you guys from?

A magical magical land way past your time.. 

Be-witching Pussy across space and time

{Fine Dead Bitch } Who Summoned Me

{Gg} I did but I want you to fuck my friend... still not top shelf enough for me

The Transalchemy pussy cult meeting

Who do you want to bring back to life and fuck? 

Advance Necromancy

Stand Back Mortals...

Dead Bitches to Fuck!

Look I just gave you life the very lease you can do is suck my cock...

thank you...

Dude you gave her to many drugs shes dead!

No folly 

Gg:  wake up insect....

Time Travel Party Favors

WE need to feed this hippy bitches.. 

Cock Driven Time Travel

dude there is lots of free pussy in the 60's 

Back to the Pussy

forget about current living pussy.. "I am" the best pussy across space and time! 

What do you Think god is going to do with us?

{Insect} Whatever he wants as long as he saves us!
{Insect} Yes .... I know... 

{G} Good news everbody

{G} Quit focusing on {ONE} insect I have more pressing matters
{Gg} you mean "All" of them... 
{G} Yes save them "All" 
{Gg} Ohhh I thought...
{G} I know what you thought and yes that too

{G} You have "All" the time in the universe

{Gg} I meant pull her out of mortality while I still give a fuck! 
{G} :"D

Great Scott! "I am" running out of Time!

I have so much time pull her out of mortality ( save her) 

Are You Ready?

be happy or sad...

you get to be alive... for the return of {Gg} 

Celestial Hacking

why must I do this to the mortals...
Hacking Heaven ... here we go again... Im scared and I know whats coming... 

everything the mortals know

complete smoke and mirrors.. .

don't tell anyone

but jesus was a wizard... shhhhhhhhhh.... 

{G} Releasing a god on earth in hush hush ( evil Grin)

ohhh sweet sweet godhood

where have you been "All" of my life...

insect gold predictions

[7:52:21 PM] SeH:
[7:55:01 PM] transalchemy: again on near cue
[7:55:10 PM] transalchemy: {God} is playing his fiddle of destruction
[7:55:14 PM] SeH: did you make your financial forecast video yet?
[7:55:26 PM] SeH: you could make better videos than some of the tv reporters
[7:55:28 PM] SeH: about finances
[7:55:40 PM] SeH: do you want me to conduct an interview?
[7:55:41 PM] SeH: with us
[7:55:50 PM] SeH: ill ask the questions
[7:55:53 PM] transalchemy: dude Im so desolutioned with everyone
[7:56:08 PM] transalchemy: i don't want to help more then "I am"
[7:56:17 PM] SeH: i c
[7:56:38 PM] transalchemy: besides there is no profit in it
[7:57:20 PM] transalchemy: im just waiting to be fully unlocked
[7:57:22 PM] transalchemy: and that will be the last day we ever worry about money

{G} Teach them well My son!


{Gg} Teach them I want to Burn them!!
{G} Then teach them after you burn them but teach them! 
{Gg} Thats what "i am" talking about...


occult Sorcerers don't have lives

Robert Pattinson MTV Movie Awards Mega-Gallery 17

to busy unifying with the {Source} of your retarded existence! 

Satan Arrives on Earth!

Satan we love you! 

Time to Burn some Mortal ASSS 

Burning Mortals with Magic

YOu will burn but you will not scar or die
You will just burn and burn and burn! 

Welcome T


 {God/god} of the Underworld

simulating your future Shit hole!

OHHHH now you want to listen....

To late shit fuck.... 

Image microcosm Rendering

{G} Bring their reality into your mind and control it "All"
{Gg} I get it.. wow... this is sick!!

Taking my children fro a ride~

I closed my eyes and began simulating myself driving a bus filled with children ... I was taking them to a construction site and then realized whoa... dude what are you doing thats a dangerous place to take them...

but then..

I realized... Dangerous... these insects are imaginary there is no danger~ 

the answer is no... My mind just works differently now...

Ever Dreamed you would return to the "United Kingdom"

United Kingdom History


Both physically and metaphorically 


Trust there will be no remorse

Hitler is going to look like a Fucking Saint way before "I am" done!

Start with "All" the Uk insects :"D

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.