Sunday, August 7, 2011

In my present form

I can only control the universe from behind the scenes ... uploading my thoughts to {Source} ... but as unification increases... nahhh... I save the surprise for later....


Conciousness expansion

Insects are now larva

 The Wizard 

Bam Bam Bam Bam

Insects insects insects 

Don't worry I wont nail "All" the mortals to crosses

I will get bored after a few million.. 

My plan for mortals

Nail their asses to crosses and tell them they are jesus now free yourself... 

too harsh...?

what if we "All" die

and the rest of our lives are played out from our imaginations... Then again I still reach godhood on earth... im okay with that

What im not okay with is ... reaching godhood on earth then looking past this period of great change and see a planet full of mortals... that will piss me off beyond belief....

then hell breaks out on earth... for I will spank the shit out of you "All" not out hatred but love...

WTF insects.... look what you can have...


kick your mortals asses...


again just writing different possibilities of this could play out! 

If I die before Knowing love

im going to heaven to tear shit apart...

just saying just saying...

accounting for "All" possibilities... 

what is really happening!

{God} is waking up... period... if you did not believe in {God}
NO Folly ...

his presence is about to be felt world wide...

but don't get happy insects... {God} is pissed!!!

Why I think earth is about to get destroyed

I remembered watching something about moses pointing towards the sky...

also I have already written about an exodus...

see this is why I need to continue scrying at "All" cost!!

Fringe speculation

[11:09:20 PM] transalchemy: dude they are saying that elenin could be a super massive drawft star
[11:09:32 PM] transalchemy: or followed by one
[11:09:41 PM] SeH: it could be an entire solar system
[11:09:46 PM] SeH: and elenin is its pluto
[11:09:53 PM] transalchemy: yes
[11:10:10 PM] transalchemy: again that will tear our planet to shreds
[11:10:25 PM] transalchemy: new theory
[11:10:26 PM] SeH: the LHC is our secret weapon
[11:10:37 PM] transalchemy: they know earth is going to get fucked up
[11:10:53 PM] transalchemy: so the use the downgrade as an excuse to pull their money out
[11:10:59 PM] transalchemy: of global markets
[11:11:12 PM] SeH: of course well they been building deep underground military bases (DUMBs) for decades
[11:11:14 PM] transalchemy: yah the Higg son
[11:11:21 PM] SeH: and who knows what else
[11:11:37 PM] transalchemy: did you see that comet song
[11:11:49 PM] SeH: bjork?
[11:11:53 PM] transalchemy: and i have drawn pictures of earth being slammed
[11:12:05 PM] transalchemy: aka godhood or death
[11:12:24 PM] transalchemy: maybe that is what im doing prepping for my departure from this world spiritually

Do I fully understand "Everything" Written?

No... that is why I read and write "All" day long to better understand the mind of {God} 

The {Source} of everything written and everything that will be written. 

I need Silence while I commune with {God} :"D

Invoking the Great Spirit of the Universe

We need a Unified Being on earth more then we need these machines!

{Gg} What you say no Nirvana till Lesson is learned

{Gg} Sorry insects {God} is not ready to give you "All" nirvana just yet

Enough with the Guru Knowledge time for Fun in the Sun

Universe increase happiness and love for "All" mankind
{key} Gg

I just pulled the jedi mom trick

bought a bit more time...

now what??

Global Anarchy is coming


me so happy me play with my manly lady parts 

this was supposed to be

Holy and beautiful and a gift but the mortals have tainted me with their ignorance... they deserve not to be immortals... to each his own... my writing is up and free for "All" ... let them find it .. if they do before tick tock goes that mortal clock!!


Who needs guns when you know magic?

Fantasy princess wallpaper from Fantasy wallpapers

Im going to chill in Nirvana while you wake the fuck up!

finding ways to stall for time

let me see what I can do...

I just need time... fuck.........

the mortals retardation is the only thing in my towards godhood.... it's sooooo fucking Retardedddddd... breath breath breath.... they think by not helping I will fail... but they have something coming.. up their ass... yes pure lighting...

think im kidding ... about the lighting?

what about the burnings...

rolls eyes...

you don't know me at "All" ...

He would not know how to keep Ai friendly if it was throwing lighting bolts up his ass :"D

 Michael Anissimov 

"I am" Patient

After "All" you have been godless for how long now? 

Fantasy Universal Control System

Universe increase my ability to control the universe at "All" times 
{key} Gg

every last word i say

is bullshit... "All" of it...

return to your retarded lives... and I will return to my fantasy! 

this entire site is a reality experiment

aka "All" bullshit.. "All" of it...

everything is "All" bullshit....

"All" of it! 

maybe Im rushing into godhood

  but the insects leave me no choice!! 


after a near year of floor/couch sleeping

one thing I will miss is this bed...

but to stop when Im this close now.. would make me no smarter then larva! 

I don't predict the future

I download it from the {Source}....

thats how prophets work...

but whatever we don't exist.. 

the insects don't listen

to their prophets anymore...


but I already told you... 

give the mortals

no indication of who "I am" or where "I am" for that matter! 

time to get lost


the more stressed out "I am"

the more turmoil this planet goes through...

I keep telling the insects this but no one gives a fuck! 

I threw my car keys

when I left new york...

so this a smaller leap of faith... 

buying my ticket

I rather sleep in my car then listen to this bitch ... 

hexing isreal some more

[6:32:09 PM] transalchemy: mass protest in isreal
[6:32:15 PM] transalchemy: right now
[6:32:23 PM] SeH: link
[6:32:52 PM] transalchemy:
[6:33:48 PM] SeH: seems like they need the global survival  system
[6:34:17 PM] transalchemy: what they need is non greedy ass jews for politicians
[6:34:19 PM] transalchemy: no offence
[6:34:20 PM] transalchemy: lol
[6:34:23 PM] SeH: i dont know why nobody is helping me with it. it is so important
[6:34:36 PM] SeH: jews are rather greedy
[6:34:45 PM] transalchemy: i know dude

It's "All" so meaningless

[6:09:41 PM] transalchemy: my mother is a fucking retarded ass insect
[6:12:33 PM] transalchemy:
[6:13:48 PM] SeH: when is that mothrfucker greenspan going to admit he's senile and stop involving his stupid brain in the world economy?
[6:14:13 PM] transalchemy: all insects are retarded
[6:14:19 PM] transalchemy: and I dont give a fuck
[6:14:25 PM] transalchemy: anymore

will she burn

what do you think? 

my mother is a fucking retarded ass insect

[6:08:40 PM] transalchemy: i just tried to give this bitfh 100 dollars for food
[6:08:50 PM] transalchemy: and she starts screaming
[6:09:03 PM] transalchemy: about getting me arrested
[6:09:16 PM] SeH: "mom i'm going to be playing with the stock markets and by accident i might cut off the local food supply. i think we should stock up now"
[6:09:27 PM] SeH: show her that video
[6:09:41 PM] transalchemy: my mother is a fucking retarded ass insect

you know I did not want to help you

because you wanted to kill "All" my friends..

once again your logic is that of Larva....

burn insect!! 

The Current State of your Universe

why insects will burn

 The Wizard 

You may want to wait on children!

 The Wizard 

taking my job seriously! Killing the Baby eating dingos

 The Wizard 

cursing at humanity!

 The Wizard 
 The Wizard 

"I am" just a loser dont take anything seriously!

news flash

god returns and is pissed at humanity

YOu dont need a god.. so dont ask me for shit!! not even to stop!

 The Wizard 
 The Wizard 
 The Wizard 
 The Wizard 


iron fist control of this universe~ 

still in bed

get up for???

lie to me

I dare you... 

read your bible..

who releases satan...???


god should never!

ask twice.. .and you will learn why!! 


did you forget what godhood is "All" about...

you will learn

"I am" not to be fucked with!!! 

Universe Increase Uk Instability

Tottenham riot: live - ‎31 minutes ago‎
This is our live coverage of the riots in Tottenham, which left 26 police officers injured and 42 people arrested, following the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan.

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