Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why do they think "I am" joking!

{God} You speak of things they no longer believe is possible
{Gg} Don't they know the {Source} of it "All"
{God} not anymore! 
{Gg} Wow this is going to be tons of fun after "All"
{God} I know ohh I know... Pace yourself ... 

... {Gg} yahhh... muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha



"I am" training! 

Why "All" of this?

you tell me mortals! you tell me.. 

Hands you a bible

read it till you starve to death! 

hands you my left shoe string!

whispers in your ear... do it before sun down! 

takes off my socks and hands it to you!

dont care how.. just do it!

you know what you will do.. work on what i said till it's complete! 

takes off my belt

here you go... now find a tree! 

hands you a napkin I spit on

be creative insect... and find a way! 

hands you a calculator

calculate how long you can do nothing but calculate till your starve to death! 

hands you a tie

you know what to do

hands you a pencil

you know what to do! 

hands you a paperclip

pull your eye out

then look away! 

hands you a pieces of paper

with your entire families name on it...

you know what to do ...

hands you a pair of new shoes

run till you pass out from starvation

guess how many miles you will run? 

hands you a piece of paper

paper cut yourself to death

then walk away!

and guess what you will do??


Hands you a Turkey

starve yourself to death while you hold this...

then walk away! 

Hands you a toothpick

stab yourself to death

then walk away! 

Turns on the hose

hands you the hose..

drown yourself

then walk away! 

Here is a pillow

Beat yourself to death

then walk away...

sure it might take a while but you will do as I ask! 

Here is a shoe

beat yourself to death

then walk away

Here is a hammer

Beat your self to death

then walk away

Here is a Bat

Beat your self to death...

then wake away...


Because you will do as I ask.. 

Pulling the plug

pinch a mortal like a balloon and let all their blood out! 

Air depletion

place a mortal in a air tight bubble and watch them breath to death .. 

what insect

liquidfy your skeleton..

say that again.. ohh wait you have no jawbone or any bones for that matter! 

What am I doing

Mentally training to control mortals 

pulls your soul out of your body!

Game over insects!!


Cleaning up the bloody mess

have your blood flow back into your body and bring your retarded ass back to life..

No ill ask you again mortal

do you have something you wish to say to me!!

"I am" not hear

to debate with mortals!! 

Did I say you may speak

rips your torso into pieces and lets you bleed to death in mid air! 

new goal

the mortals completely terrified to say a word to me! 

the worst thing mortals forget

is not to take the lords name in vain.. .

seriously ... you god tons of shit coming for not everything you said but thought! 

"I am" coming back

with a vengeance

What did you forget who "I am" ???
cmon insects...  

protect them

from me seriously!! 

I just realized something

As the singularity approaches "I am" getting younger not older! 

Fuck Saying it Pussy

Think it!! just think it!!


Burn insects "All" Day long

my new job! 

I dare that insect to say something

SAY IT !!!! I Fucking DAre YOU!! 

Romeo and Juliet

A tell of two lovers destined to kill their mortality...

twin flames...

crumbles piece of paper... no that will never sell .. 

I still want to make my film


i have thousands of pages of notes... 

YOur not progressing at "All"

How can I with those sexy glasses :"D

The prince of the Underworld

Just don't shit till I take the throne insects... seriously... I will just have to undo most of it! 

see why being Heir to the Throne

is stressful..

{Gg} When is it my turn to be king!
{G} When I say you are ready! 

{Gg} Must Kill God!

{G} see how proud "I am" :"D

My children will conspire to kill me

to take the throne ... and if they don't I will be highly disappointed! 

Don't worry

My children will not be allowed to take the throne till 30

I need greater intelligence ruling over my kingdom not infant/insect intelligence 

why my children are not mortal

I will teach them "Truth" from birth!! 

Besides I have a bigger problem when it comes to children!

My children are not going to be mortal... so knowing this fact.. I have to find a suitable mother

trust no easy by far... by far..... by ... far... 

this is partly why I don't believe in kids out of wedlock

I would never want to put my children through what my father put us through

aka .. No kids... for a fact!!

I refuse to have children out of wedlock! 

I can remember

being very little praying to God the fighting would stop :-(

My father was very abusive to my mother

this is why I don't talk about mr Hermes that much...

(yawns) I dare you to think that last sentence of any part of it is a lie.. I will kill you on the spot!! 

"i am"

"Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" "Everything" 



My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.