Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wizardry is a dying art!

this is horrible... 

garden variety of Stage Wizards!

in their eyes "I am" still nothing to their other wizards .. even though their insects to me... 
it's not even ego... crowley never reached unification... 

I don't get it.. WTF did crowley do... 

"I am" control this planet (live) from my computer and im still a nobody.. WTF??? 


sigh of relief ... 

random fact about me

I don't know any magic tricks...
"I am" a wizard not a magician ...

I know how odd that is... but well talk more later on this! 

wow... ok ok lets ok

after the magician vanished so did the tree....

get it... the tree of knowledge from which the magician gained his powers from...

rolls eyes.. back to movie... 

30 seconds in a king holding a key..


Nice one universe
{G} Watch the whole thing ...

{g} why every second of it is you!
{G} wow I've taught too well... 

watching the illusionist for the first time now!!

I like to blog with a movie before I watch it... seed my will into it and then see what comes out..

so here we go...

don't have her name please I can not bare is all i ask...

sure for you it meaningless but I know the {Source} so it too intense.. 

Good question

  • 8 minutes ago
    Majik Panda
    • hey dude
    • what are ur thoughts on what is happening to the mortals in the western world?
  • a few seconds ago
    Particleion A Magus
    • collapse of "All" they cling to monetary gold vs spiritual gold.. The grand cosmic plan is not to increase suffering but to reduce it and this can not be done till "All" the lost souls are brought to light

The Queen

Wont officially be Queen for years... I have to teach her "Everything" I know

This is why "I am" writing unification

for once the "Truth" is known there is a detailed record of the process to help mortals..

again jesus could only teach so many back then

I have an opportunity to teach the world.. 

New theory..

I think total salvation was impossible back then..

Even now with what appears to be greater intellect by the common man ... they can still not understand what "I am" teaching them.. So how was jesus going to turn those savages into gods?  

What I have to avoid...

At some point the insects will also attempt to place me on top of the throne, theologians will even rewrite bibles for me but this is not what I want... that will just leave salvation to the next god...

{G} And you said you did not want the responsibility .. im sorry Great stuff keep going...

{g} But it's true..

{G} Don't tell me tell them. 

The church has to know this..

Somewhere deeep in the vaults they must know... I refuse this entire planet has become ... blind... 

this is my theory...

The church and others hid this from common man knowing full well that they would not be able to control the people if they knew that jesus was once mortal... By placing jesus as gods only son... they stopped any rebels from toppling the church of christ... but it's too late.. that on my to do list... Nothing against christ but it's time the people knew "Truth" 

{G} Besides thats exactly what I want you to do..
{g} I know I know... 

the only difference between what Im doing and what jesus did

is that my name is not jesus...

Jesus had to unify as well.. 


Why mortals don't unify anymore is not something I truly understand...

"All" of this for me is normal spiritual growth...

This is why "I am" your wizard...

Designed from {Source} to return to {Source} ... no bs! 


the fire within is the enlightenment of the soul 
Unification with {God} 

what do you have to unify?

Your soul basically ... your mind will become {ONE} once your soul re-links hence the flood gate of information for the past year! 

We are "All" Immortal from birth

we just die if we don't unify... 

My children

Daughter of the Fallen {ONE}
Son of the Fallen {ONE}

...Immortal from birth but not {God/god}s ...

cmon .. give me some props for future parenting :"D

I have 2 children with the Queen

you know how akward this is.. I not saying shes it.. but with the True Queen .. 

heres my biggest problem

I dont want to control her heart  but at the same time im deep into {source} and the queen continues to manifest and my only "Real" candidate has been her which rattles and fucks my mind up! 

is this just so she would like me?

Nooo I think she would be a responsible queen..
and sure we have our difference but I restrain from killing her every time :"D

"i am" offering Her the kingdom

No mortal girl has ever been this lucky!

I don't get it! 

The {Key} Master

you can't reach godhood without my blessing...

{Gg} We are {ONE} ... how are you going to reach the father without going through me now? 

at lease im not a female

godhood from a female is harder to swallow ....

which is why it's important to create a Queen...

Create true gender equality and remind the insect the kingdom of god is for Everyone! 

Im just fucked!

in my present form I will never be accepted as god which is okay if only I wasnt actually god! 

I don't want to be god or mortal

I just want to chill ... and do as I please but with none of the responsibility!

lets make a new deal old man
{G} NO>>> Kingship comes with king stuff ... just stop it!

I almost wished to be mortal

godhood is scary ... no one can even offer any advice.. nor does anyone try

I hear there thoughts constantly

I can see through there eyes... 

total godhood and love

it's going to be horrible...
A they can't lie to me and
 B they can't lie to me and
 C they cant lie to me! 

if she ever had a crush

I ruined it.. by being myself.. 

why I have to move

I can't tell nor even attempt to convince my mother that working on her salvation is more important then spending "All" day in a factory... WTF... I know Im poor but jesus christ work with me here! 

don't think i forgot about you

accelerating my nuts to nowhere! 

Mr "I am" borg

my other little bitch on a stick!

I should get matching collars to drag you like puppies! 

but you sentient retarded shit!

is going to be my personal little bitch on a stick... WTF do you know how to read? 

will I forgive them?

Maybe 7 years from now... 

Thats the spirit

[9:04:05 PM] transalchemy: thank you sir
[9:04:12 PM] transalchemy: to look forward to plotting world domination with you once more
[9:28:03 PM] SeH: not plotting. doing it
[9:28:48 PM] transalchemy: it's already in motion!

picking up every last dime I find on my bedroom floor

I need it "All" 

Let the record show

I did "Everything" I could to teach these insects! 

cleaning my room

and packing...

universe prepare for my arrival
{key} Gg

Here is your blank check from {ION} corp

write a billion dollars and immortality on it.. :"D

the apostle my personal savior

[9:03:01 PM] SeH: ((bow))
[9:04:05 PM] transalchemy: thank you sir
[9:04:12 PM] transalchemy: and look forward to plotting world domination with you once more

Please lord let this be my final resting place.. I can't go on


Carlos Mejia $112.50 Adult


Seth Horne
229 Whipple St
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
(305) 735-9490

Pick up tickets at the following station no later than one hour prior to boarding:

Charlotte, NC 28202


Subtotal: $112.50
Gift Ticket Fee: $18.00
Booking Fee: $0.99
Federal: $0.00
State: $0.00
Total: $131.49

Your Purchase Information:
Billed to Visa XXXXXXXXXXXX9549.
Restrictions: NR, RX


Here is your arrival and departure information, include any connecting bus tranfers:

-------------Trip to PITTSBURGH, PA-------------
08/13/11 02:55AM GLI-1090 * Depart CHARLOTTE, NC
08/13/11 08:55AM -0 * Arrive CHARLESTON, WV
08/13/11 09:35AM LFL-30 * Depart CHARLESTON, WV
08/13/11 12:20PM -0 * Arrive CAMBRIDGE, OH
08/13/11 05:30PM GLI-1682 * Depart CAMBRIDGE, OH
08/13/11 07:30PM -0 * Arrive PITTSBURGH, PA

Note: * denotes Carrier and Bus Schedule Number.

No {ONE} insect

will help {God/god}

"I am" not pissed at "All"

im just documenting...

so don't say shit to me...

Fucking Insects

your salvat{ION} is a highly complicated program... you trying writing this beast! 

Fuck... man... but I need more time...

[8:31:08 PM] SeH: err
[8:31:20 PM] SeH: Departure: Charlotte, NC
Arrival: Pittsburgh, PA
Departing  Arriving  Travel Time  Transfers  ADVANCED
02:55 AM
Fri, 08/12 07:30 PM
Fri, 08/12 16H, 35M 2 N/A $112.501 $125.00 $140.00
1 Online Discount Applied

forced to move again..

fucking insects... just wait! 

{G} YOu don't have to obey the mortals nor there laws of physics

{G} Just me
{g} I know... I know... 


If you are not the {one}

I will delete "All" memories of me... I have too always this into consideration! 

Awakened Mage On the Ground!

godhood Here "I am"

No more need to have london burn 2


Daath "Truth" will set you free

Rewriting "All" of physics

for epic lolz! 

Booting Inter dimensional Communication system

My Riddles

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I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to

and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

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