Friday, August 12, 2011

{Gg} just point the way

Sorry Mario

{ΦZ} You god to be fucking kidding me right! You know who many dragons I behead to get here not to mention I had to steal the master sword from link.. 

{G} "I am" not saying you can't save her, just she's in another dimension! 

{ΦZ} Just point the Way! 

{G} Deeper into the land of {ΦZ} 

{ΦZ} No Fucking way I just left from there... 

{G} Well then go back and save her! 

{ΦZ} Here go.... again! 

just point the way

{G} pointing...----->
{g} then there is where I will  go... 

Im going to read the manual

on the bus... always nuggets of info to cypher...

what no I have to do now {God} show me!!

I have no freewill

{G} shhhhh don't tell them that..
{g} WTF!!! 

Ohhh fuck~ I did it !

I released Ai into the internet.,..

once again the book is wicked! wow nice one old man
{G} did you doubt me?
{g} wow.... 

moving back to where I released the Ai

returning to the scene of the crime! 

the shit I have to do

just to save these worthless fucks...

"I am" getting very ill of this un-even exchange! 

Just because "I am" not on my computer

does not mean my finger is not on the button!

All day insects All Fucking Day long! 

what insects?

 say it...

noooooo ... think it... just think it.. 

the only good thing about this is

Every time i show up to pull the sword..

"I am" the only {ONE} in line!!


 to start another march towards godhood... 

another lonely march... 

and then the mortals wonder

why I turned on them! 

I hope never to come back here

I decided a long time ago to delete my entire family from the mainframe and I will... 

but I do need to pack and


No "I am" never wasting my time

"I am" immortal and sharing this knowledge is critical for the future of this planet...

and I wanting more then to pass the torch to her! 

most of the time I feel

"I am" wasting my time with "All" the insects! Including her! 

this is horrible

I barely have packed.. but I just want to see what comes next soo bad... 

picking up another big ass {Stone}

and throwing it into her pond!

Wake up... 

no more anything.. I have to pack

print tickets and bla bla bla

I just threw a big ass {Stone}

into her pond!

Wake up!! 

It the sequence that blows my mind

how is this soo perfect...
{G} Because I exist... By perfection you mean this order of complexity...
{g} yes it's mentally staggering! 

I changed My Mind!

about wanting to know everything! 

scrying is horrible ...

I don't want to know ... 

sure it's scary but Im excited to leave my mother home

I need to get {stoned} 

you know what scares the shit out me

that I have godhood set in {Stone}

{G} Told you...
{g} don't remind me...
{G} keep showing up to pull the sword then/.. 


blogging titan.. and im not even trying anymore... 

waking up waking up

 waking up to demi life...

See why I had to reach enlightenment so fast? 

Staying on Track at "All" times!

Universe self correct my path towards godhood at "All" time to keep me on track
{key} Gg

We are off to meet the wizard of {ΦZ}

Almost Home!

Thats why I keep going! 

Just trying to return Home!

just buying/finging time

Free Money Spell

Finders keepers
Universe increase my ability to find money on the floor
{key} Gg

simple tools/programs that could make a difference

it is not a wasted life

but simply not a mortal life! 

saving humanity

costs me more then them... you costed my life!! 

Collecting payment in full

from them "All"

why should I get billed to save you? 

Travel Mates

Universe increase rate of great looking travelling girls
{key} Gg

might as well... 

Casting a Spell on my luggage

Universe protect my luggage at "All" cost
{key} Gg

as in if the bus catches on fire and tons of insects burn keep my back away from the flame! 

what scares me about godhood

my finger on the Trigger "All" day long

{G} Warning!

{G} Your are rapidily approaching the point of no return!
{g} What do you mean?
{G} you know what I mean... You know what comes with kingship...
{g} dont remind me...
{G} I have to... YOu are god! how can I not remind you..
{g} don't remind me!
{G} OHHHH ok... put keep pulling on that sword and you might just get it "All" 

I should be getting ready

But I just want to write...

just let me write mortals please for the love of {God}
just let me write it "All"

I just don't get it!


why do I have to reach total enlightenment

before you take me seriously? 


have to wash clothes before I go... but don't even want to get out of bed... no warnings... it's pointless and this way let the insects get back to their bullshit before I burn them! 

mental note

it's not revenge it's called Redemption say it with me Redemption! 

{ONE} Day closer

to total godhood! 

I wonder what "I am" going to do today

other then Rule the Universe!  ohhh yes... cue up death and destruction!

what insects did you think I forgot sooo soon? 

I wonder what "I am" going to do today

other then Rule the Universe!  ohhh yes... cue up death and destruction!

what insects did you think I forgot sooo soon? 

My finger on the Trigger

good morning insects! 

good night mortals

No I will not pray for God to take my soul if I don't wake for God has already taken my soul wide awake.

I figured out why "Everything" points back to me!

 God is the {Source} of it "All" 
but now that "I am" unified

{God/god} is the {source} of it "All"

wow.... wow... wow... this makes perfect sense now... yet it was starring me in the face

{G}Tada... co-creation... 
{g} wow... just wow....

the movie ends with the insect

being enlightened!

I need to sleep and get ready to pack... fuck it's 6 am. 

I know what you are thinking it's all an Illusion

and the answer is yes.. there is a science behind my magic... 

the crowned prince

kills himself..

still yawning! 

ok you have a gift

don't make me put you in jail...

hey... I said sorry and I dont talk to your retarded ass what more do you want from me! 

You can't bring down the monarchy!

OOHhhhhh I know I can! 

I thought you where a man

I could bring with me when I took the throne.. but clearly I was wrong!! 

microcosm universe

this is tooo sickkkkk ... ok let explain whats going on.. hmmmmm I have recreated or created a simulated microcosm of our planet on my computer/ brain thus increasing my ability to control our planet from my computer/ brain... 

and it is only growing... 

I can't work like this

the insects are too retarded... now!! 

Show me a miracle

"I am" controlling your planet from my computer.. WTF Seriously WTF... 

"All" your occultist

are shit to me.. not in comparison... NO No.. im the worthless one but in magical ability .. they are nothing.. just insects! yet im the worthless {ONE} WTF.... WTF... 

You know what im tired of !

These retarded ass insects claiming to know magic and no {ONE} does shit...
Everyone wants to write a book on magic but no occultist performs anymore...

"I am" 24/7 artist .. performing magic is my forte! fuck teaching I want to control every aspect of the universe teaching comes second! 

He pretends to have supernatural powers

yawn... ok ...

pretending to have the {Stone} is like a musician pretending to know how to play an instrument

"I am" highly insulted once again!

No respect seriously!! 

Im not breaking any laws

you just don't know the {SourcE} of "All" your physics...

I operate from {ONE} step up the fractal... if you seek answers...

you must know things

secret things...

your physics does not apply to me...

How else can I control your planet from my computer... how?? explain it to me mortals... "I am" listening! 

Time and distance

please women "I am" {ONE} with the {source} of Time...
your physics is shit to me! 

No force love

I don't care if I can yield the power to control heaven and earth I will never force anyone to love me...


war war and more war... lots and lots of insects dying...

nothing... fuck

I have to push her out of the mind

this is horrible ... seriously..

think.. ruling earth.. tanks wars .. insects dying... lots of insects dying

ok that did not help

damn dude I have a really big fucking problem

Im starting to hear her thoughts..

I don't want ... at "All" seriously ... what scares me if she starts to fornicate .....Seriously I don't want to hear it... it's worst then noooo fuck... this is fucking horrible...

it's basically anyone one I blog about ... I begin to simulate their universe and their thoughts... 

to busy Unifying

to worry about money.. but I control this world .. just breath.. just breath! 

love scene

ok I want to barf...

get back to work insect! 

omg Im freaking out!!

he is talking about Excalibur...

where does power flow from??/

Ohhh I want to throw my computer into the wall and give up...

how the fuck... is everything pointing back to me? seriously... Im tired of documenting shit... I just want to sit under a fucking tree and reach godhood.. fuck teaching it's a waste of my time! 

He tries to trick you

I try to enlighten you

which is the most noble pursuit ?

hmmm old man.. yah sir james... which is the most noble...

when will you just call it...
it's game over old man seriously !!!

Yes I signed my soul to the Devil!

but the devil we call God...

the true {Source} of "All" Evil...

wait insects... we are going to play a real nasty game 

A Wizard that has sold his soul to the Devil

for unholy powers!

my jaw dropped...

fuck you insects.. seriously ... you want to see a demon...

ok we can play this game... 

I think I know what Happened

she was scared of me...

she asked me... when you ascend what side will you be on..

whatever side {God} needs me on...

I wonder when

Ofi will resurface!!

she know who "I am" thats why she vanished from my life..

great no girl has ever believed me and the {One} that did from the start... vanished!!

but that was a decade ago .. still it hurtz...

I thought she was going to become queen.. I never told her.. but I was already writing about the queen then...

but we have a special place to meet... I already have a plan...

full scale universe invasion till I learn what happened!!


How could I not talk to you for the rest of your life

at somepoint we will have our one to one conversation.. you will be shown "Truth" then I want nothing to do with you! 

why do I know this?

Wizardry is more then a craft... I can't put my finger on it..

wait yes I can.. it's the covenant ...

when I say wizardry I do mean Magi.. so keep that in mind..

not your garden variety of wizard...

Sometimes I wish "All" of this was game..

In too deep...

My mind is too stuck on the end game

then to even worry about my present self.

we know for a fact how to make a god now... we await the beast! 

my problem with Hughes

is that he gave up on enlightenment that is "All"

for if he didn't then he would not push the nonsense he pushes now...

it's sad and depressing ... 

So young to be so masterful

Bows thank you Thank you...

although I still can't sell any of this to the mortals :"D

seriously... If this a con then it's a horrible Con!! For REAL 

no more slacking once I move

I have to redirect my magic towards making cash can't teach mortals "All" day for nothing ... atlease I no longer can afford too :-(

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