Wednesday, August 17, 2011

at the edge of my seat

no more scrying

I don't believe in this anymore!

nuking myself sounded more realistic then what "i am" writing now?///

it's "All" coming true

and it's really scarying the shit out of me.. seriously...

fuck... she has the grail why wont she unify ... but if she does... omg.. 

this is beyond horrible..

seriously... stoppppppppp

make it stop...

please... make it stop... do something else ... 

scrying "All" day long

at this point.. thats why this is scary.. nooooooo... she can't be the princess... this is horrible horrible!! 

this is getting


this is insanity

i need to get a job not blog about a girl that can care less I exist.. it's horrible.. but Yet I don't want to stop it's a blogging symphony... 

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