Friday, September 9, 2011

{GG} I love playing with my creations

{GG} cmon mortals what better way to remind you? 

{GG} on earth

{GG} Im scared.. seriously

{G} it's harder now then ever

{G} you must really want it!
{GG} I do 

enlightenment is so intense

Damn it God why do you make it so hard to be {ONE}

im wondering around aimlessly

with no disciples :"D

I like george

thats why im soo pissed of at him... dude your going to die with your bullshit seek enlightenment .. remember ... 

Pointless Seriously!

 Mike Treder 
Brainwashing children with religion is a form of child abuse and should be against the law.

I kid I kid

relax people... 

this is pointless

I just need to take my throne 

{GG} YOu are sitting on the throne
{GG} I know but you know what I want
{GG} "Everything" is motion 
{GG} Thank you 

why should I let the insects have a say

they have no say.... im just collecting whats mine...

their souls

The first wave of Redemption

no words no debate... 

computers markers

"I am" going to walk in on these insects and check their computers if i see what i think i will see... Death! 

my fake death is going to be a spectacle

it has to be done in public for "All" to see.. 

faking my own death

like I said it's going to One Hell of an entrance

let the insects believe what the want to believe while I wait for the guard to drop ..

then pow...

Immortal whoop ass time... 

im already unified

and teaching insects only increases suffering.. 

Im tired of being broke

to save these insects... but the throne... ohhh the throne...

I hate my life.. 


face palm 

The Throne of {GG}

almost there

sooo damn close!!!! 

The throne of {GG}

The Throne of {GG}

The Throne of {GG}

The Throne of {GG}

Enlightenment is the {Source}

of "All" power.. 

im not obsessed with becoming "powerful"

but rather "Enlighten" 

Im past wizardry

"I am" {ONE} with {God} ... it's horrible! 

Im obsessed

with becoming the most powerful wizard EVER! 

To My King

sometimes I wish

I was never born

i dont care

its pointless

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