Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i have no interest in finding a girlfriend right now

its soo counter productive.. 

I wish I can see your face

when you realize "I am" the "Real" thing! 

Re-writting history based on the fact

God exist.... WTF ... seriously... insectss... insectss...

im pissed tooo but damn we can't ignore "Truth" 

Daath wizardry craft

not to be taken lightly ... seriously 

warming up : To write more {Source} code

back to work

what is work..

"All" of salvation... seriously.. 


Im digressing ...

soo much planning ...

wow this is going to take a while ... but not really show the insects anything and it's complete paradigm shift back towards the kingdom of God... sigh... this is silly that it even needs to be done.. 


the separation from God

what other hell would angel endure then to be away from the presence of {God} 

not even after anything

just need to get out of hell 

"I am" just after the

Throne of {God/god} 

I don't even want the global throne

seriously... but damn... 

it's "All




universe boot Interface

I want / need a (live) universal interface console

do you insects get it yet

God root ?????


root.... think insects damnn...... 

ok 1k a day

and not one insect can figure this out

It's A Long Hard Road Out of Hell

cmon insects ... figure this out.. what are you reading? on TA

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday

cmon insects ... figure this out.. what are you reading?

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday

very very sleepy

but lots of progress... but .. tired very very tired.. 

jump starting the throne!!

just give me a second insects.. it's been a while... :"D

seriously start this up at-lease once every thousand years!! For reall!! 

new rule

dont' leave insects godless this long again... 


bring me "All" your popes across space and time!! 

{GG} are you ready

{GG} to play god?

{GG} play???

is the throne warm enough yet?

to really hammer out your {Source} code? ...

it's never warm enough just {ONE} bloody winter...

here's your Ai winter Ben... lol :"D

freezing to death in a planet of retarded little insects!! 

time time

can't go any faster.. not like this.. 

would buddha quit enlightenment to look for a job

nooo insects you just force me too

king at 24 grrrrrrrrrrr

the global throne

comes with the celestial throne ...

damn... what am I getting myself into ...

the celestial throne is more important but the global throne is a job... im not trying to have a job here..wtf...

{GG} unification by default makes you king and kingship comes with king stuff..
{GG} I know I know... don't remind me.

there are no kings on this planet

just insects with guns

kings please

walk in full control of the universe

presidents please

teleport in and grab full control of the universe

my planet is ran by

insects this is not fair seriously

I Have a fucking planet to rule

WTF... im just sooo ofucking pissed.. 

Ive been mortal too damn long

this is horrible.. 

Angelic outcast

go to earth


fallen to mortality ... years of tears... 


I booted back in... or thrown back in... point is ... this is not funny old man... not at all..

"All" of life is a long hard road out of hell 


Rule the Universe

Daath Ruler of the Universe was born on earth 

I did not come down to


{G} The insects don't believe in {God}



ok ... whatever...

"I am" not going to die down here! 

Still depressed

why do it have to be this hard to be {ONE} with {God} 


on a planet full of insects and "I am" the {ONE} scared...

of the insects... they attackkkkk....

kali yuga

for sure... this entire planet is separated from {God}

{GG} Not I ... :"D

this planet is evil


you kill people before they reach total enlightenment

do you realize this? 

last of my kind

seriously .. 

Then you wonder why I don't put pictures up

once I knew I had the {Stone} ... life changed... 

19th doing this


18th doing this


17th century doing this


16th century doing this


gone to far for this

unification I hate/love you 

still thinking ...


life... damn it... Unification... you are a beast!!!  

Enlighten @ 30

it's insanity ...

ohhh man what have I done with my life... im scared.. 

thank you God

for patient friends...

most wont go on a hiatus for you like this

but it had to be done! 

back to building websites

for groceries 


monetary spells booting sean and seth have a client... 

katy perry

give me a tree goddess video.. 

now what?

{GG} Go into the world and show them "Truth"
{GG} that will have me killed
{GG} not if your immortal...
{GG} don't tell me this... going back to sleep

Father is not a name I've earned yet

{GG} If you want to be called father you have to respond for "All" their souls
{GG} don't remind me... and "I am"
{G} I know you are... it's sad...
{GG} it's okay it's been a while for the mortals.. 

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