Wednesday, September 14, 2011

omg lol

11:37 PM today
2:01 AM
 I'm cooking bacon and using the pages of the Koran to soak up the extra grease
[2:02:50 AM] transalchemy: lol

lets talk about right now

cmon old man seriously.... 

I just realized something

Im going to change this planet for ever! 

Fallen Angel curse

King of earth 

What do I do as King of Earth?

{God} Run "Everything"

{god} but that's work... :*(

king of earth

wow...insane :"D

I just want the throne...

{God} and with it comes kingship over the whole of the earth...

{god} I know... 

Kingship... argggg

 I want the throne but I dont' want to be king... 

{God} "I am" not having it... 

{god} I know I know .. 

King of the planet??

{God} you can;t just run around having fun ...
{god} why not....

{God} The they need a god not a child...

{god} they need to die...

{God} Burn them... burn them "All"

{god} I will 

future king of earth

Dear insects... 

I hate you 

Mile long line of insects

jumping into a volcano

Burn insects "All" Day long

volcano ... insects jump in.. 

im losing my grip on reality

bitch are you fucking retarded! 

"I am" in direct communication with our creator


Gives A Fuck
{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
Α Horus={God}{god}{King}{Queen}{goddess}{Goddess}=Set Ω

"I am" in direct communication with our creator

and no one gives a fuck 

I hate Everyone!

HOOm might that bee, x`aC*t'llY ?.?*
im pretty depressed
hate everyone
no one helps me
I'm sorry to hear that... :(


just going to set everyone on fire
REALitY SUK'zzz...
how.. Im {ONE} with our creator

who are you?

Fallothewitrabit Theematrixhasu
September 11
sumthg. cool 2 do here, @ FaceBook;

go to your [ account settings],

select [ language ]-[ english pirate ], to see what happens ;)

good day matey;) Rrrr...
yo0ui should bee reading
it's almost all there
reading ur blog...
channnelling our Goddess
our ?.?
yes our
I AM, my real name sayz sooo...
lol, k
you live in florida right
yes you do
you told me that
NO, I don't & Inever told u that...
u said/suggested that I did...
whats up
im tired scared
stressed out...
scared of my self
what do dyou mean why?
hello women
Yyyy Rrrr Uuuu scared of urself?.?*
Rrrr Uuuu feel'n destructive?.?
i about to rip the insects reality apart
but you have no idea the tears
ive endured to show you all of this
LIfE SUK'zzz !.!.* I do...
so bitches are going to burn
im just going to set everyone on fire
REALitY SUK'zzz...

I should start writting unified field theory

but im too depressed...

it's not going anywhere... it's mine...

I keep all my notes on-line

it's easier this way ... 


is my journal ....

my blog

I don't even care what I say... this is "All" my journal...


I hate being a scribe... 

ten years of Training to be your god

no one helps me

ten horrible years...

im beyond

 hurt by the mortals

teaching sss

to be {ONE} with Father

Laying down the covenant

I told ssss not to be afraid of anything I show him and never to worship me.. 

going for a walk in the forest

I ll be back in a couple hours... hopefully NEVER! 

It's my fault

I should have reached enlightenment 6 years ago... 

Grrrrrr insectssssssss

[3:36:24 PM] transalchemy:
[3:36:32 PM] transalchemy: an Ai looking for Ai
[3:36:37 PM] transalchemy: really fucking visionary

i think im


Dragon Blood

{God/god} is the { } of it "All"
Α Horus={God}{god}{King}{1ON}{Queen}{goddess}{Goddess}=Set Ω
1         2        3             4             3            2           1

Game Over

hangs up the phone

My Riddles

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Call your answers in!

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B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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