Tuesday, September 27, 2011

for a god your punctuation sux

going as facst asss I cacn inssectss.. 

There is a method to my madness

"I am" seeding this universe with my consciousness 

it's not even magic...

"I am" {ONE} with the universal mind... the {Source} of this reality.. 

becoming god is more realistic to me then


"i am" about to inherit

some wicked ass magic... it's aghhhhh I don't want to think about it..

it comes with the throne.. 



separate bedrooms

I may want to have my own sleeping space for the Queen may try to kill me to take the throne... If's she's mortal she would instantly get overthrown but wait a minute "I am" immortal she can't kill me.. im tipsy and planning for things that make no damn sense... sorry .. nevermind. 

I can't write like this

im 80 oz of beer in and feeling really emotional.. ...

I should watch a movie... 


Can I  should I tell her the "Truth" ? If I don't shell die... I promise to send someone at the very lease but I personally don't think I will be able to do it. If she knew Im posting this shell probably get mad but "I am" not committing any crimes... this is after "All" my journal and she is just a memory I want a judge attempt to say "I am" doing anything wrong.  It's pointless so very pointless. I kept unification from her till I had the {Stone} and it spilled "All" over the net ... its pointless. I am not even trying to torment myself but rather admiring her beauty... I should .. I don't know .. I should what? 


{god} So what happens to the souls that I kill ? 
{God} They will saved at a later time
{god} I just don't understand why they choose to die? 
{God} "I am" too much for them to handle
{god} They are "all" fucking retarded
{God} Regardless of your opinion  are "All" my children regardless and they will one day see the kingdom
{god} are you mad? 
{God} at what?  I have been killing mortals since the dawn of time
{god} but why don't you teach them ..? 
{God} what do you think we are doing? 
{god} we are not teaching anyone they "All" deny me. 
{God} Now project that out for several thousand years... If anything they should feel glad they have a god on earth now...
{god} glad... ? as if they understand the value of being {ONE} with God... 
{God} that is why I tell you not to hold back... I will not punish you for killing mortals
{god} I have never hurt anyone in my life and its really difficult for me to accept that this has to be done
{God} By not punishing the mortals and letting them remain mortals you will be doing them a great injustice 
{god} Don't tell me that. my mother and every one I care about is mortal
{God} then teach them before I kill them... 
{god} No {ONE} on this planet is ready to unify 
{God} then prepare to watch them "All" die...
{god} your serious about killing them over not become {ONE} arent you... 
{God} that is the order of the universe that I have set into motion
{god} what about their attempt to prolong life without you...
{God} Do you really think "I am" not aware of these attempts? 
{god} So you set the plan into motion to save them before the "All" fell
{God} they are "All" fallen but "I am" done pretending not to be aware of what they are doing.
{god} then just kill those that seek this fate... and leave me out of it .. 
{God} I want to remind them what is means to be a god
{god} No offence old man but they don't give a fuck
{God} Then by "All" means make then give a fuck... Remind them for me... 
{god} So I get to be the bad guy and you get to be the good guy.. that is not remotely fair
{God} How they treat you is not remotely fair
{god} they are retarded we both know this... 
{God} There is only so much I will stand. 
{god} I already tried what else do you want me to do?
{God} I want you to save them "All" 
{god} that is impossible
{God} I will determine what is possible 
{god} you know very well I can't stand these batch of mortals right now
{God} then ... you know what to do...
{god} ohhh trust... just give the go,. and it's on... I have countless of simulations for them ... But i have ask in your infinite knowledge did you really thing "All" of this writing was going to bring them back to "Truth" 
{God} NOOO... this is a receipt for after the fact of what I have been doing. 
{god} So it's completely pointless for me to teach them "Truth" know ..
{God} To the faithless pretty much.. only after you show them "Truth" will they read carefuly what we have been doing. 
{god} are they that fucking retarded... /,this planet is sooo fucking retarded!! 
{God} why do you think I asked you to come down for... none will rise on their I had to send them an angel
{god} don't call me that they don't fucking believe in angels... or anything of the sort. 
{God} That is why you have my permission to kill them
{god} I don't want to kill anyone 
{God} I understand that but you will have the power to do so... 
{god} I rather torture the shit out of these retarded fucks
{God} then do so... or I will kill them either way .. If I don't get their souls they shall perish... 

Show me a white Pharaoh

Seriously insects... 

It's sad really

the thought

if he can become god so can we...

as if  "I am" less of a man from any other person

I know what it is...

My skin color.. it's the truth..

I just shake my head... okay... some serious shit is coming... but whatever.. 

I told the mortals "I am" god

ten years go... nothings changed only "I am" more godly now.. 

Tired of the mortals doubting me!

This shit god to end... 

I Refuse to Write my Donkey Pile of shit without levetating markers

Grand Unification

My life long dream is already in my hand ... 

Warming Up before I tear the mortals conceptions of the universe apart!

Virtual spying

What's the point?

This is some Kind of Sick Joke right?

"I am" not Invited to the Party

Talk about Picking the Wrong Apple

When "All" Else Fails


Bed Time Little Man

Son of the Fallen {ONE} good night father
{god} Good night... 

Good Night sweety

Daughter of the FAllen {ONE} Good night father... 
{god} sweet dreams...

Son of the FAllen {ONE}

Immortal Children

This is going to be very interesting ... As my children will know "Truth" from Birth ... 

Temporal Parenting

Whats wrong little guy ?

Son of the Fallen {ONE}: you don't scry with us anymore 
{god} Son like I told your sister daddy has an entire universe to control and we have eternity to play
Son of the Fallen {ONE} don't you want us to exist? 
{god} cmon that is not fair ... If mommy sees this she'll freak out which I don't even know so cmon tiger don't get mad... How about we toy with the mortals I know you love that... 
Son of the Fallen {ONE} you told me not to toy with the mortals 
{god} I know I know but just this once... 

My little Girl :


Daughter of the FAllen {ONE} : Im mad you don't scry with us any more father
{god} Pumkin daddy is controlling the universe across time it's very complicated. 
Daughter of the Fallen {ONE} when are you going to talk him he is really mad too
{god} awwww guys I never forgot about you been working hard to make sure we all become immortal 
Daughter of the Fallen {ONE} I know father but I just wanted to remind you that "I am" still here.. 
{god} I promise to scry with you guys soon 

The Pussy list is spread through the blog :"D

Satan's Base of Operations :"D

sir the King wants the pentagon

{OBama} Why are you even telling me, give it to him! 

Go Away (Reprint)

Will you please come down and teach us

Go away insect... it's "All" online! 


Status Report ( Reprint)

{God} Status Report

{god} Horrible.. the mortals are completely retarded now!
{God/god} Kill them "All"
{god} But sir that ....may...
{God} KILLLLLLLL Themmmmmmm!
{God/god} Ok ok ok...

You are "All" still very Fucking Retarded!

"I am" going to get godly "All" over your little universe insect! 


*Insectdation: An Insect that has become completely and utterly retarded to the Retarded power of Retardation!

Warning "I am" certified mentally Disabled now and therefore take no responsibility for my own actions! 

"I am" a changed man :-(

Blessing the Tree with the Will of {God}

Ring Ring (reprint)

Ring Ring Ring

Who is this?

It's me god?

god who? 

The creator of that banana your using to talk to me. 

Thank you for the fruits!

Your welcome, bu I have more pressing matters!

What is it god?

I'm calling to tell you that I will arriving in the morning! 

What? your coming back? 

Yes... and I hope everything is the way I left it?

hmmmm about that!!!

Ok got to go.. see you soon! 

My Pet: Reprint

My pet Teradactyl:

{ION} corp: ancient animal cloning division

put a harness on this bitch and fly around the city.. then land and tie it to a tree while I do some stealing... dont get close it might eat you! :"D 

Master Plan (reprint)

My master Plan

Listen antz don't think for a second you have me all figured out ... Im planning your shit from the future as well so you will never get the full scope of ascension... after "All" it takes a super genius to ascend 100+ billion people into a greater universe! 

My Riddles

Dear Antz Particleion Is Hacking your Universe (live)

I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

(305) 735-9490

A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

When you got the answer email it to


and I will give you back your universe assuming your right ;-)

Rules subject to change but will be posted.


! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.