Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going After the Insects with Lighting Bolts

Lets start "All' over insects! 

Key is the Mental Refinery


1. The process of removing impurities or unwanted elements from a substance.
2. The improvement or clarification of something by the making of small changes.

Unified Blog

I still have not added this tree in .. But well keep this one our little secret.. the site is the {root} 

Working on The New Transalchemy

Added some new features... and more to come!

Also have some new things in the works... while I constantly edit... as well.. this site is too massive.. already! 

No one watches what Im doing on Transalchemy anymore


I believe I have something you want~!

Save me

New Idea: Kidnap her parents

Have her parents kidnapped by my men and then when "All" hope is lost I come and "save" them 

Ahhh haaaa I have out smarted your wickedness :"D

New Idea

Make the flowers I grow around her house made of Steel so she can't mow them down... 

Fully Naked Universe

1         2        3             4             3            2           1

What do mortals think I mean?

Planning My Nap

going to take a nap... hmmm what do I want to dream...

I need pandas
the ability to fly...
hot half naked ladies
hot fully naked ladies
I dream interface machine

Don't want 
what I don't want...
Them to show up... (the Shadow walkers)
always scary being pulled out of my body...

what else...
I want to nap for no more then 2 hours

possible desired insight 
Universe co-creation method.

Tree At Dmv

I only went to one place today .. to the dmv to get my license and in the lobby there was/is a poster of a tree and it says tree of life in the branches... It was promotion for some kind of organization although I forget. The point is this was before I even started writing today.. the universal mind constantly reminding me of what needs to be done....

im tired of being teased God! seriously how much more of this is needed...

I don't have to write anything at "All" to reach my end state I simply choose to write it so there is a record of the alchemical process my mind had to go through to reach godhood. 

Why must you force my hand...

this is your doing insects not mine..

if you need "All" of this to wake up... then so be it! 

exodus food

I need a food distribution system

Exodus plans Housing

Co-create billions of cave based homes 

Exodus plans calculation

Create a team of geologist to tell me how much land mass we need to hold the entire population of earth before I melt the caps... 

Exodus plans

Tell my presidents to move the population before I melt the Ice caps.. the goal is not to kill "All" the insects! 

Melt the polar ice caps

and build me an ark for animals not mortals...

Remind them....

Universe Boot Simulated Singularity

Block out the Sun

And Release trillions of fireflies 


The sky

sending bees

to pollinate the flowers on top of her head/ 

making her hair fall out

and grow flowers on her head :"D

sending birds

to eat the lizards

sending lizards

to eats the spiders 

send spiders

to invade her living quarters 

making it rain

after she mows my flowers down 

Growing Flowers

Around her whole house... 

lift the oceans

from the sea floor


oxygen levels on earth

Mind control insects

left and right

Lift buildings up into the sky

and make them vaporize.. 

Collapse buildings

from within... 

Stopping Time

Before I walk into buildings 

Instant generation

of "All" my cells 

creating temporal bubbles

around objects and slow them down! 

Pulling my self out of time

To watch frozen rain drops.. 

Taming Monkeys

To fetch me coconuts 

Evolving animals

and Co-create new life.. 

Taming lions and tigers

as little kitty house cats... 

Spawning tornadoes

over my enemies houses ... with them not inside... 

making volcanoes go off

Just to roast marshmallows 

Again these are just simulations

From the perspective of a unified mind! 

Making it Hail

Cubes instead of spheres~! 

summoning dolphins

To give me a ride at the beach 

Using solar flares

To Attack satellites 

Striking insects with


making it rain

at will 

Parting the rain

as I walk so I never get wet... 

Controlling the rotation of the Earth

turn mid day into dark as night 

Controlling the wind

and the clouds

Calling on birds

To run errands 

taming animals

making the animals feel safe around me... 

making grass grow

at a faster rate....

growing trees from seed to bloom in seconds..

these are the simulations i run in my mind now. 

Pulling trees (Magic practice)

I find myself practicing trying to up root trees with thought alone. 

almost ready to get back to work

need to eat then get back to the tree... 

I met a girl today

her name is nicole...

great assests

would she understand Unification?
Hell noooo

but did I mention she got a great asset

and locale... 

Being productive...

Got my license renewed... got my car back... almost legal to drive again... have resumes out... everything is good ... 

I can't do little girls

Sure the hotness is there but without mind I'll strangle them! 

Age don't mean a thing... not anymore ...

[12:07:39 PM] transalchemy: dude im totally digging her
[12:07:53 PM] transalchemy: sure shes older but I can fix that...
[12:09:04 PM] transalchemy: I could potentially end up with anyone of any age simply bring her back to my age... looks wise not her mind...
[12:09:22 PM] SeH: nice
[12:09:24 PM] SeH: have you talked to her?
[12:09:31 PM] transalchemy: not really
[12:09:35 PM] SeH: at all?
[12:09:52 PM] transalchemy: yes a little but im just scouting a queen
[12:09:57 PM] transalchemy: lol

Protecting my Insects

Don't worry my insects know how to swim... 
{Goddess} but they are going to "All" drown and die?
{god} Don't worry that is their choice...

Feeding the Insects

Pet the insects...

Be kind to the insects... 

don't attack the insects..

I had a really good post in mind... but don't attack the insects... at lease not with anything short of lighting bolts :"D

I don't like her hair

at all... this is good

I can't sleep

brain still buzzing

Im making progress

I feel nothing... 

My Riddles

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I will give your universe/Mind back to you if you answer my riddles.

Call your answers in!

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A) Is your universe real?

B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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! It will be Billions of years till I let you just have it... Till then I urge you try to get your key back.