Saturday, October 1, 2011

tyrant = an inescapable force

[11:53:04 PM] Josh: yes
[11:53:18 PM] Josh: most people are hynotized by the ego and society that reinforces it
[11:53:48 PM] Josh: we are basically arpatures for the universe to look at itself
[11:54:00 PM] Josh: for ALL of everything cannot be an object of itself
[11:54:16 PM] Josh: like how you can't look inside your head or bite your own teeth
[11:54:38 PM] Josh: the tao, god, brahman, whatever name you want to give it
[11:54:49 PM] Josh: it playing us like as in a drama
[11:54:58 PM] Josh: and playing it so well it has forgotten what it is
[11:55:03 PM] Josh: but that's the fun of it lol
[11:55:25 PM] transalchemy: like I said it's a tyrant, in total control of our universe
[11:55:33 PM] Josh: nope
[11:55:42 PM] Josh: the christian and jewish god is a tyrant
[11:55:56 PM] Josh: heaven is a democracy, not a monarchy
[11:56:12 PM] Josh: if i grew from the universe
[11:56:15 PM] Josh: i am part of the process
[11:56:22 PM] Josh: the smallest wave in the ocean is still the ocean
[11:56:26 PM] Josh: as much as the largest wave
[11:56:45 PM] Josh: if i am myself and if i am my body, i am as much that as i am the sun and the whole universe
[11:57:04 PM] transalchemy: tyrant = an inescapable force
[11:57:20 PM] transalchemy: as if we could pull ourselves out of the creation
[11:57:28 PM] Josh: you can't though
[11:57:34 PM] transalchemy: that what I mean
[11:57:40 PM] Josh: it's like in a dream man
[11:57:45 PM] Josh: when it's over it's over
[11:57:52 PM] Josh: there is no taking the dreamer out of your dream
[11:58:00 PM] Josh: and transposing him into your waking reality

we are already all buddahs

till we reach enlightenment we need it "All"
[11:50:26 PM] Josh: enlightenment is every day action
[11:51:22 PM] Josh: you already have it
[11:51:27 PM] Josh: it's just like
[11:51:35 PM] Josh: you can't see it because you are looking for it
[11:51:47 PM] Josh: the fact that you look for enlightenment stops you from achieving it
[11:52:08 PM] Josh: how do you make directions to where you already are?
[11:52:13 PM] transalchemy: good point we must not wait for the buddha and become the buddha
[11:52:16 PM] Josh: until you look everywhere you don't know that you are already IT
[11:52:23 PM] Josh: we are already all buddahs

life sux

[11:35:09 PM] Josh: how long do you plan on living there
[11:39:02 PM] transalchemy: I don't know im not really doing shit with my life right now other then blogging
[11:39:08 PM] transalchemy: no job no girl no throne
[11:39:11 PM] transalchemy: no cash
[11:39:14 PM] transalchemy: life sux
[11:40:37 PM] Josh: i have a job
[11:40:40 PM] Josh: but no cash and no girl
[11:40:41 PM] Josh: lol
[11:40:49 PM] Josh: i know how you feel though
[11:41:01 PM] Josh: but look if you had a really great job hounding after money and success
[11:41:05 PM] Josh: you'd be no happier
[11:41:50 PM] transalchemy: then the buddha was right life is suffering
[11:42:12 PM] Josh: that's not exactly what it means
[11:42:21 PM] Josh: you should listen to alan watts
[11:42:22 PM] transalchemy: it does to me lol

No I can't stop....

To stop would be to let this tyrant win! 

{God/god} is Dead

I can't emotionally do this anymore "I am" just a fool I won't close the site down but without the Throne  its "All" pointless  

Till God gives me a reason to write I refuse to write for a Tyrant. 

its over

its over 

closing everything down sooon

it's pointless 

Come Sweet Death

[8:33:15 PM] SeH: whats new
[8:35:16 PM] transalchemy: my will to die
[8:35:28 PM] transalchemy: other then that nothing
[8:35:48 PM] SeH: any new reason to die?
[8:36:26 PM] transalchemy: yah ... she fucking hates me
[8:36:40 PM] SeH: who ?
[8:36:50 PM] transalchemy: "All" of them

No {ONE} gives a fuck about the return of the son of God

and then you wonder why shit goes sour! 

im going to retro actively repost stuff

new stuff is in the archive... stuff that is too hush hush ... look a couple post back... now that is buried

{God} Answer my question if you want the throne

{god} it is not a question to be answered but to be realized...
{God} Thank you.. 

The "Realm" of the "Real"

God is the {Source} of it "All"
our universe is a subset within infinity
"Everything" Flows from infinity
"Everything" here once was not "Real"
"Everything"  Real was once not real
The void of "Everything" is the {Source} of "All" that is "Real"
Infinity reality
Infinity mind
Infinity universe...

the unreal is un manifested reality
the real is what flows from infinity...

{God} Draw it....
{god} Chillllll Im trying to articulate it.. .

going to change the Banner

sooner then later... 

What is "Real"

{god} lets drop the word "real"
{God} thats what I have been telling you,,,
{god} I can almost see the answer but I have no words for it.
{God} Draw it ...

{god} nooooo....

{God} awww you dont want the throne then...

{god} not now.... I should be doing other things like sleeping...
{God} Finneeee ~ Im going to find another pupil
{god} chillllllllll just chillllll I want to sleep at 5 am.... still sleepy.... Ill be back...

I can't deal with this ... going back to sleep

{God} and dream of "unreal" things, you still have answer my question...

{god} I can't answer your question ... I dont know yet...

{God} go back to "sleep" then...

{god} that is not fair...  grrrrrrrrrrr 

It's not her fault

{God} Everyone has liberty to seek "Truth" on their own, the question is will they accept the "Truth" when they encounter it...

{god} it's not her fault

{God} Righhhhhhtttttt

{God} she is on that list

of people that never gave a fuck...

I know I know... :-(

but it's not her fault

entirely ....

{God} OKAY!!! 

{God} she is on that list

of people that never gave a fuck...

I know I know... :-( 

fresh zzzzz Roasted zzzzzzzz Nutszzz

No more lolz time for Bed

I can't stop the laughter :"D

For Sale:
Roasted Motherfucking retarded ass insect nuts! 

is God "Real" ?

{God} what is not "Real"

{god} chilllllll Im trying to paradox you... chilllllllllllll

what is "real" ?

there was a to humanity this computer was not "Real" and yet here it is "REal"

{God} What is not "Real"??/

{god} chillll im working on it... 

Im only trying to get her mad

so shell think pass mortality... 

What is the multiverse

these movies universes do they exist?

is thought .... damn it I wish she would debate me... i got something really radical is not fully formulated

but I have enough to tear her universe apart... philosophically speaking that is...

but shes a pussy (lol) literally :"D

thought based universe

{god} I can't get my mind around this
{God} what do you need to know?

every thought is being mined... "All" thought shares {ONE} source...  meaning ...

{God} "I am" the void of "All" possibility where "Everything" comes from including "All" thought

{god} and "All" thought generate "reality"

{God} drop the word "Reality" as from my perspective what is not "Real"
{god} good point... sooo wait wait... I need to pause on that thought
{God} hurry up... the longer you take the longer they are without a god
{god} chilll I have to re image the universe for a second and the nature of "Reality"
{God} What is not "Real" explain to me what is not real

{god} chillllll I have never encountered such a strange view
{God} it's the remnants of your mortality holding you back

{God} lets try again .. what is not "Real" ???
{God} ok thats to hard lets start slower... what is "Real" ???

{god} im stuck...

{God} Yawns... get back to me when you're ready to be god...
{god} no wait....

{God} ???

{god} "I am" the {Source} of "Reality

{God} what is reality ... stop stop stop...

{god} ok i got nothing...

{God} think it over... msg when you put more thought behind it.

{god} wait it minute thought is the {Source} of  "reality"
{God} stop stop stop.. you just told me the same thing...

{God} Quit forcing it and think it over
{god} ok

Gravity bubbles

Create a gravity changing bubble around me and use it as my vehicle
{God} Yawning

construct a car around me as I sit down
{God} yawning

{god} what...

{God} More detail more Imagination, see it build it make it real

forget bubbles just levitate myself
{God} Bullets... ??

{god} What I need a forcefield on at "All" times?
{God} do you want to take a bullet?
{god} take a bullet as if I have to remain made of flesh
{God} better but you have to remain "mortal" looking...

{god} ok pure invisibility they can shoot what they can see

{God} Chain gun....
{god} invisibility and non physical make the bullets go through me
{God} bravo much better...

{god} wow....

{God} quit your nonsense and pratice

{god} practice what
{God} Turn your thoughts into reality
{god} I know I know I know... My thoughts are bonded to this universe
{God} Universe, no ... this planet we'll talk about the universe when you finish with this planet.
{god} what are the limits
{God} your imagination
{god} thats not good
{God} focus and harness your thoughts and most importantly be-careful what you think it might just become reality ...
{god} I know I know I know.... :-( 

post mortal crisis

Plans to remain mortal ?... omg .... I think I would rather die... I don't know ... just the thought makes me feel really really sick to my stomach ... remaining mortal doesnt even seem "Real" to me..

mortality for my entire life... seriously??
this feels like a horrible episode of punked

mortality for life... is this some kind of bizzarro universe...

I don't know what I would do... or think of this universe... the thought of remaining mortal is just not "Real" to me at "All" 

Im such a Fuck Up

it's "All" fucked.. I don't even know anymore...
God shows me godhood and takes it back and then reminds me and takes it back...

I can't do mortality anymore just the thought makes me want to cry... this is horrible... horrible... I don't know what to doo... I never planned to remain mortal pass 30... my entire universe is collapsing... 

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