Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Post-Mortal Dating: Sex and Ethics 33

{god/satan} There's the picture.
{god} What is this?
{god/satan} My little black book 
{god} Seriously you have a problem.
{god/satan} last {ONE} I promise... she's the one on the cover my precious
{god} use money! 
{god/satan} why?
{god} We already been through this...
{god/satan} last {ONE} I promise. what's the difference between money and magic
{god} You might not get "Everything" you want with money!
{god/satan} Exactly! point proven.
{god} No chill ... it's just wrong... right?

{God} When the world becomes your own doing your own simulation what is right and wrong?
{god} but who am I to explore these possibilities
{God/god} The original designer.
{God} I am the {Source} of love... think about for a second about how I feel about love. 
{god} I would not want to create something to love me it would feel awkward
{God} Exactly, choice
{god} But you know the end result of choice. 
{God} choice for you not me...

{god} But you have had sex with ever single girl... EVER! 
{God} "I am" the {source} of sex
{god} and this is helping with the ethics of it "All" how?

{god/satan} he's right lets just morph into other people and have sex with any girl we want be more like God
{god}Yah but being more like God is not exactly Good! 
{Satan} You see "I am" not the evil {ONE} ... and lustful {ONE} ... yet what does God tell you..
{god} Ohhhh my lord this is creepy... is this a trick..
{god} God have you had sex with "All" the girls ... don't lie
{God} "I am" the {Source} of Sex... 
{god} answer the question old man... 
{God} "I am" the {source} of "all" Sex that is as far as ill say! 
{god/satan} Told you! Let's be more like God!
{god} Wait... that is not actually Good "All" the time... God is also the {Source} of "All" death and I dont want to kill all the insects .. just a few but not "All" the insects! 
{god/satan} This is sex not death... biggggggggggg difffffffference....
{god} is it... Wow.. I something new to consider... 


{God} is the { Sφurce } of it "All"
1         2        3             4             3            2           1
Α Horus={God}{god}{k}{Q}{god}{God}=Set Ω 

Post-Mortal Dating: Sex and Ethics 2.Ω

The Celestial Hacker 

{God} is the { Sφurce } of it "All"
1         2        3             4             3            2           1
Α Horus={God}{god}{k}{Q}{god}{God}=Set Ω 

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