Saturday, June 30, 2012

Particleion vs The World

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  • Monday, June 25, 2012

    Warning This Site is a Simulation


    Loading Bar Animation
    Loading Bar Animation

    {key} G  
    Loading Bar Animation
    Loading Bar Animation

    Loading Bar GIF Animated


    {source} increase activity for thunderstorm
    {key} Gg

    Gastonia cops

    {source} Decrease visibility to All law enforcement
    {key} gG

    Gastonia Crime

    {source}  reduce “All” crime in gastonia
    {key} Gg

    Gastonia Street lights

    {source} increase synchronization with “All” lights
    {source} bind my will to every street light
    {source} Bind the will of Gg to “All” lights
    {key} Gg

    I know I know I know almost there baby

    {Queen}My lord you are starting to worry me
    {King}   I know it's harsh darling but I need to teach the insects this way! 

    Thursday, June 7, 2012

    Some Call it God


    Written several years ago... 
    set to post now! 

    It's pretty clear to me at this point that my delusions are playing themselves out as predicted in the book. Im somewhat bothered by this as my life has been highjacked, by a greater intelligence.  All of this is becoming extremely creepy to me. It feels as the entire universe is conspiring against me at this point. A giant celestial april fools joke. 

    Computer End Program! 

    I close my eyes everytime I say those words never knowing what I will find when I open my eyes. This is a joke correct? This universe, this reality? I can't even begin to express how out of place I feel. How non human I feel. At this point im just playing out my programming. This is what extremely bothers me... There is something "else" is here and I have spent over 7 years of my life I have been carefully tracking what Im doing in an effort to understand the "Master plan" . 

    You know how odd it feels to constantly read and watch every move I make knowing that not all of my actions are my own doing. My entire presence on the internet has been an attempt to have others watch me carefully in hopes of them seeing and or understanding what is going on. 

     This is excessively compulsive at this point, I feel as it's running out of time. 

    Computer End Program! 

    Fuck...... how did i get stuck in this universe!!! Fuck!!! 

    at times i feel like crying im all fucked up, I want to just quit all of this but it wont let me.... 
    the battle comes from my attempts to "intergrate" into the mortal world. 

    Yet at the end of the day all I want is to go "Home"

    Sunday, June 3, 2012

    productivity down

    i need a day off from unifi


    day dreaming

    transalchemy update

    i refuse to resume blogging till .... the list is gathered

    the king of awsome vita pic

    i just noticed that my wall paper mario is holding 7 fingers up..

    do i have a life
    {God} an eternal life.
    {god so i encrypt myself into the universe for eternity?
    {God} No Gg im the source of it all...

    but why now... 

    what happend to you carlos

    those people are evil to humanity..... looookk we are in deep waters write now

    the art isss

    lets just see where it goes

    all of history will confirm my sexuality

    just let me be

    why i mostly blog with girl avatars

    that is all i want to look at 

    girls can and are sexually agressive

    Dont be fooled guys ... learn to sense themmm...

    lmao  jedi/cliti order ...

    ok i cant stop laughing now

    the list


    free lap dances ouside strip clubs

    {source} increase probability
    {key} Gg

    ok its purged

    dude She was extremely sexually attractive ... just doing her thing... i dont it was inspiring :D

    why am i saying this

    im minning my mind... i also have to explore my long term desires 

    im more of a girl then a guy becuase

    i always have pussy on me but.... im not a W***  i swear

    yesss your Highness

    That is what the Princess ..... im drifting

    scrared of what

    this girls swears....

    Damn shes thick

    biting my lip....
    women are beautiful but  love is even more...

    But if you‚’re god then..

    baby you promised you would explore with me 

    what do you mean you,re god

    baby let me explain...

    fucked from day one ... lol its truth 

    its official im insane

    i can fuck soooo many girls write now and im in love...

    i just want to be able to prove to my future wife... i dont knowwww

    natural sexual attraction

    im the prince its only natural... they may not understand it but i do

    Your Highness My Pussy is Ready

    stopppppp readdding my journallll

    my weak spot

    if she called

    “Your Highness”

    ommmmmmmm mmm gggg she may have a chance....

    kidding kidding 

    my friends are pissed

    she is the hottest girl here damnnnn 

    this girl is calling me out

    saying im scared to dance with her while at the same time the song on radio says im a queen and omg shes on my lap brb

    but damn girl

    show me what you got

    sex for the sex is pointless now

     i have a princess waiting for me... its complicated

    omg shes got purple panties

    shes shes dancing her ass in my face... im not being rude just chilling

    This little thing has her ass in my face

    im trying to eat....

    R****** dude are your priorities straight

    im eating

    im not an introvert im just working

    buddha 35 ....?

    been holding tbe dharma since 29 but that is not my goal...


    {God} Remind them What gods Are

    {god} “I am” 

    The Kingdom of the Fallen {ONE}

    {source} boot thy kingdom
    {key} Gg

    universe stop time

    at that point its beyond game over

    vita lover

    by far my all time hand held pc/gaming system

    im hacking your cosmos 24/7 with it write now 

    i love my Vita

    but damn if im still waiting for copy and paste...

    i leave my Hd cam at home but i have my vita at All times

    purple fear

    “I am” within my co-created cosmos

    is this nirvana ?
    {God} its what you want it to be Gg
    {god} its a bit scary
    {God} that is why i insist we take it slow 

    omg im immortal and its scary as hell


    in pain

    hmmmm no comment

    List update


    purple cross

    the church write has a purple cloth over the crosss taking a picture

    half a dozen bites

    on one side


    I jut sat on an Nt hilll ants up my asss omg ggg

    Purple princss castle

    my friends daughter has a purple princess castle .... great free props... already planning

    Saturday, June 2, 2012

    Purple princess powers

    up up and away

    The Kingdoms Magic

    im still in awe at how God is teaching me magic...and what is ... what i dont understand is why is this soooooooooooo damn occult... the people dont understand the power of God...or divine providence for that matter... God to the people is far beyond the furthest star... but in “Reality” ..... nevermind.

    Book name

    i god it... since courtly love is just a chapter and the book is a dedicated grimore for the princess .!! Are you ready.!!!

    The Princess of Shadows 

    the end is nigh

    bye bye  mortality...

    Friday, June 1, 2012

    back to unification

    i hate you
    {God} i know :p

    king vs king

    i rushed to Be King but im in no rush to be “king”

    back to important things

    purple fetishes

    {princess} you promised me no more violence

    Baby a broken lip to wake insects up is worth it

    the lawless life of a monarch

    walk straight into insects confrence, walk up to the stage and backhand the speaker.

    call the what????

    then ask the insect if he lives in a cosmos... futurist are going to be Ggs toys 

    {God} the people will be terrified of your highness

    i know :/

    what youve done is not natural

    yesssssssss it is insects  im just not mortal

    the destruction of the natural world

    carlos what have done...

    but im immortal

    but youve destroyed all that weve known

    but im immortal :/

    my magical weekend is a bust

    i have to work tomorrow :/

    Thursday, May 31, 2012

    Gg of the mortals cosmos

    i have them
    {God} what took so long
    {god} you forced me to unify all over again
    {God} to teach them how its and has been done
    {god} they still dont fully comprhend the severity of their situation
    {God} remind them
    {god} im afraid to...

    Just let me be

    purpling and intoxicated with emotion good and bad mostly bad

    I dont even want to teach anymore or at all

    just leave me alone and ill do the same...

    just doing my job


    not even mad

    the backhand is just a reminder

    Patience your highness

    back hand to the face... on contact with these mortals

    purple whatttt

    purple fetishes

    those insects can die.!! Back to purple fetishes

    purple what?

    {queen} your highness please listen

    toooooo thoooseeee insectsssss NEVVVERRRRRRRRR

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    let the people wait for jesus

    {god} perfect send us another god
    {God} muhahahahah

    just let me be

    its a mess already...

    but the source im writting for the princess is sooo beautiful 

    the problem is

    im in Love with another women... i cant lie and wont... its horrible but its Truth

    ill save her life eventually

    my focus is our princess... 

    awwww andrea does not want to live forever

    but who does now that God is the source of immortality

    people should fear the lord more then Ai

    but these insectssss

    just let me be

    sooo what if im in love with a princess

    i cant force her to take the throne

    post thy kingdom there is no queen problem just a love problem...

    no im not being melodramatic

    ive been chasing a ghost in the source for months on end... her own immortal soul

    to die without the love

    is just another form of living 

    If im wrong i should be killed

    im not trying to give people false hopes, our lives hang on one of us reaching immortality and teaching the others

    The choosing of a queen is much like a pope

    God will assist in the process the real problem is love...

    this is why its taken so long... God already has a queen in Mind i just dont tthink she loves me... write now remember the law is eternal there is no past present or future here just simulations of us

    The mortals no longer grasp the source of all suffering

    at all... at alll


    i know for a fact i will show the insects more compassion then showed to me... i know this for a fact

    It over i ptomise


    talk to the queen

    save those you desire to Save... but they will speak to you before me

    dont place your gods

    before god....ommmmm lorrrddddd they have noooo understanding whats sooo ever

    the mortals forced me down here

    its sad    .... on sooo many levels

    Full blown godhood

    Gg on earth

    Great timing

    they are cutting the hours back at my job... more unification time at what is a crucuial point... perfect...

    no more internet

    time for work... 

    I just don't understand

    no excuse for it.. 

    But I honestly understand

    I would think "I am" insane as well.. and so ive battled with the law! 

    If I have courtly love for a women what does that say about me?

    The mortals no longer know how to deduce anymore! 

    Why do I f*** it all the time

    im left here to just scry.... it's really difficult!

    I H**** her, this actually helped a lot ... but it's painful 


    im scrying something that I dont want to know... not even relevant to what im focusing on.. 

    I don't know how in the world

    "I am" going to dethrone this letter... it's my most godly creation thus far

    bro..... it's .... horrible

    A girl force gave me her number driving down the street... we were driving and she says hi .... I kept driving, I was on my way to walmart to buy ribbons. It's horrible.... my sim... arggghhhh it's horrible! 

    im ... scrying

    something internally write now ... timelines timelines.... how when... or how... I know it doesn't make sense it's not supposed to... I just feel.... doonnnt know.... it's ... I can't respond to this... it's inappropriate at this moment . 

    but theres my own

    arrggggnnnnn.... let's just keep working on the opus... I don't nor wish to debate it.. it's All beautiful 

    I know for a fact me and this women have a deep spiritual connection

    "I am" just not ready to admit exactly who this women is... How can I... it's my own battles  with scrying! 


    hmmmm in bliss... my next unbelieving is going to stun them! 

    Monday, May 28, 2012

    Im going to marry a goddess

    that is why I only court princesses 

    Graffiti cover

    Im taking the book to a friend to spray paint me a sick ass cover! 

    I should work on other stuff



    the {Source} is beautiful write now... 

    The queen problem

    My only queen problem is that I can't see no other queen... not in the {source} not this ordained... 

    "I am" solidifying my godhood

    with this book for my princess 

    just let me be

    it's multidimensional in intent 

    I never written a love letter live before

    this is exciting! 

    note to self

    ive never had courtly love for any women... this is a first im cooping with it! 

    my philosophy is tooo damn radical

    I've had to explore violence to get people to listen! 

    pen mightier then sword

    by far... by far..... 

    tooo cosmic to attack insects

    scared too.... ... 

    Sunday, May 27, 2012

    why so compulsively

    the faster I write this the faster I can rule my planet! 


    is way more then longer life


    God is the {Source} of it "All" ....

    that's horrible... "I am" becoming {ONE} with the Universe! 

    what's happening to me

    it's the stone... it's just ... sooo mind shattering

    stone problem

    God already has validated the {Stone}....

    soooooo.... sooooooo lol

    it's already bliss... 

    it's a beautiful sickness

    I want all of it documented across space and time...

    I've merged with your Creator... 


    if you live in a cosmos... what is thy goal?


    its a cosmos

    through and through 

    What is a sickmulation

    The kingdom of Gg

    Booting my Sickmulation


    none of this is real

    it's a simulation people.... that is what ive telling you! 

    why ive turned into a drama queen

    "I am" controlling these people's cosmos by being unified with our creator... I think this is really important... It's "All" important and am I really being a drama queen not really. I need to focus all of my thoughts towards the female triad princess queen goddess write now! 

    I Tell myself to wait

    Plenty of time to have fun with my planet.... 

    the best thing about my path is

    I don't need money just time.  ahhhh the insectsssss

    those insects!

    {Queen} patience your highness
    {king} "I am " 

    the good news is I dont care anymore

    leave me alone and Ill leAve you alone... don't ever seek me.. 

    Don't say they do

    insects will be crawling with repentance come.. thy kingdom... so don't say that they do. 

    I've come to the conclusion

    no one will ever truly believe me .... 

    no no no

    it's for the princesss... damn it stop mixing the two 

    By Default

    I expect heartbreak .... always do

    Alchemical journal

    My entrance was so violent on the mind. I literally had to fight with God to become {ONE} 

    Let me tell you something really funny about those insects

    Those insects are scared... and the ones that aren't are sleeping! 

    Saturday, May 26, 2012

    our love story is going to be known

    by all the mortals! 

    simulated wives

    once my stories are better known I can only imagine how many girls will play along as my wife... 

    I have to really really put myself there to act it out.... it's already sick... but creative! 

    goddess manifestation

    it's basically the goal of this opus write now... but it's intense... it's intense! 

    Not mad

    just cant print off that thing anymore without proBlems

    Friday, May 25, 2012

    I want to tell you everything but

    I cant tell them everything! 

    everyone feels like shit write now

    Talk to the Queen "I am" too hurt

    Im not being cocky at "All"

    people, I have the {Stone}... give me a philosopher on earth that can touch this? 

    already have the stone

    "All" your philosophers already fell .... 

    Born to be king

    "I am" ordained .... seriously~ 

    your first pharaoh in

    I don't care... "I am" coming Down!

    I come down and boot kingship up

    it's my forte

    By default

    "I am" the king of this planet! 


    A reminder! 



    Unification complete

    Gg on earth initiated 

    Assignment of the Fallen {ONE}

    Incarnate and unify! 

    Mission of the fallen

    I already told "I am" assigned to your planet... but you still dont fully understand this! 

    I know what the problem

    You never saw me coming at "All" 

    Gg's reminder

    to my planet....

    I had toooo Humanity broke my heart a long time ago

    Immortal on a fallen planet!

    My curse! 

    You all have fallen

    from the grace of God

    that is why I was sent to remind you...


    Please understand!

    They are are beyond a disgrace to God!!! 

    that is why I only care about my wife

    those insects are worthless 

    "I am" a God sent

    and the mortals dont give a fuck... it's true... my work will save your life! and you dont give a fuck.. sooooooooo who is ..... Grrrrrr

    Beyond Prodigy

    Your prodigies Die! 

    Too gifted for the insects

    I was supposed to be your blessing... my work does save your life! 

    It's so pointless I dont care about my life!

    people... I can sleep in the street and still end up your king~! 

    Your official buddha

    I dont even take it seriously I just want to get out of this grrrrrr nonsense! 

    it's piratically done

    many times im tempted to just leave in the streets and meditate myself into nirvana ....  Im done but ...grrrrr

    Life is gravy

    There creation is hacked!

    "I am" {ONE} with God...

    Gg of the cosmos...

    What i came down to teach humanity 

    It's okay it's okay

     I have their  cosmos... and along with it .. .planet! 

    I forget something that is scary

    "I am" supposed to be the most "magically" inclined person born... Gg .. enlightened omg INssectssssss

    thats an illness

    Hmmmmm kkkkkkkkkkk

    It's funny How you think I don't hear your thoughts

    I pretend that i cant... .. muhahahahha

    Coming Out of the Closet?

    People forget "I am" the {source} of "All" their thoughts/...

    My opus is written for the women I love.. the princess / goddess/ queen/

    thousandsssssssss of post.... people omg people! .. I love this women...and...? 

    going home early

    i need too

    i cant stop wanting to cry when i think about this book

    i did it
    ive captured my wifes immortal soul
    our love will be eternal

    an immortal heart

    the mortals have serious broken my heart.!.. ive taught everything for nothing other then to save you life... and not even a thank you

    the fighting is over

    all they can do now is pray

    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    God is not going to leave us poor

    this is just sooo we focus on love vs cash

    the world tour

    something tells me we will make great travel buddies.. im great with a translator... ohhhh wait a sec i forget i own this planet...

    we should do amazing race .... that will be awesome


    God will provide... although a loan write now would be great....


    The monarchs preparation

    we need to take a trip around the world literally .... we need to visit every country on earth to globalize our perspective of our kingdom...

    in hush hush...

    sometimes i think shes more sick and twisted then I am

    she knows what i was planning for the mortals without her

    love and happiness

    my only concerns write now

    Dwave source code

    My desire to burn the building to the ground has subsided and yes it was very irrational.

    {source} Decrease competitors ability to emulate dwave technologies
    {source} increase company profibility
    {key} Gg

    HIGH priest of the magi

    santo mago...

    ohhh man even im scared

    Santo Mago

    The most powerful magical craft on earth...

    unification with God

    The source of jesus’ magic

    A magicians wet dream ...

    im what you call in spanish

    Un Santo Mago

    super hush hush on the insects