Monday, April 30, 2012

please for the love of God makes this end

i have no reason to live and no reason to die

in “Reality”

The kingdown has always been under eternal law but divine law needs to be instituted and explained first.

I should work on the law some more.!!

the dawn of kingship

“I am” going to inhert this planet whether i plan for it or not..

ahhhhh bro...i just want to chill

but how can i with immortal kingship looming over my crown

its a cliffhanger

even im at the edge of my throne wondering whatvis coming next in the transalchemy virtual reality game

eternal vows

its creativity meets immortality mixed with love

Extreme serendipity

its majestically writting itself. an adventure for the whole family

sitting in court over a citation

it will get dismissed ...

and it did


Good morning your highness

the gravity ofthe situation only deepens

Sunday, April 29, 2012


this theory is just too much for the people... it's damn near insane

Good decoys

{god} it's not a decoy!
{God} Writteeeee.... 

It's a vr game don't get offended

"I am" not sure what I have in store for your cosmos on a day to day... yes seriously! 

why... am I still on the insects !

You are going to have lots of explain to do... "All" of you!! Grrrrrr wow... incredible! 

Why the mortals need to feel threatened at "All" times

Only with fear of death do they attempt to save their lives and there is no greater salvation then being {ONE} with God... People..... people!!!! 

Too godly too Fast!

Thats my problem... seriously I forget the mortals don't know they are mortals! 



goddess' Hearts

Correction:  not mortals, they will go out and find their prince! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Why I Admire My Daughter

Heart break

not sure how this is going to end but once the goddess is in place, going to break a mortal's heart

Sooooooo evillll


is downhill from here

the corner stone of the Illuminati Monarchy is in place its pretty much down hill from hefe

point of no return

if i havent crossed it then damn immortality is a tough cookie to crack

Ok ok ok i give

the princess is my daughter

Exciting news

God is still the source of it All

my single ad

single immortal male seeking single immortal female to raise immortal children

if mortal please dont respond

single with Imaginary/ simulated children

If I place an ad Im going to use this... it's sooo hilarious! 

silent info

I think she's single... what happened...

don't come to this endless torture of single life :"D

Friday, April 27, 2012

The ghost in the source

she is presenting herself to me across space and the women is eternal i can see and its scary or saga is weaving itself through all space and time write now...

still deeply and madly in hush hush


im never trying to hurt her even when im mad

im just trying to accelerate her apotheosis 

She can save her own life

i say this because she can, shes a smart cookie and im confident she will unify and become immortal at some point ... my real concern is will she be the first?  i have motive and insentive to make her first... but I dont know the implications are eternal

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Salvation of the Kingdom

{God} Where do you think this is going your Highness
{Goddess} Thy kingdom is under divine law your Highness
{God} You can already see salvation of the princess! 
{Goddess} And salvation of her daughter, the goddess' heir our "Real" princess daughter to the Queen 
{god} Why is wizardry this intense, am I casting a spell write now, looking into the future or the past, as long as God remains the source of it "All" ... Unified / enlightened/ Bodhis/ christ beings/ pharaohs / Elohim / angels retain a greater control of this reality as they are closer to God the {Source} of it "All" again I ask what is this
{God}  What do you think it is? 
{god} if God is the {Source} of it "All" then the plausibility that we have a soul is increased greatly and with it the possibility that one can refine this soul i.e ( Bring it closer to God/ unification/ Enlightenment) with the creator of this reality/simulation/creation,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

fine fine fine but i still hate you

we do whTever the fuck we wNt with the planet time

Omg its almost here

me do whatever the fuck i want with the planet time


having bad thoughts

Dont use enlightened writting to hurt people... 

Tiny transgressions

still good still good

soooo intense

i have never used magic on any body till i started writting unification... channelling the Godhead puts me in sooo much danger.

i have more control of myself now...

By ignoring the insects till thy kingdom comes


post samsara ... chilll..... rest in blisss / soak in nirvana

other places i need to live


thats where ill give ordinances from

build the mansion with tax payer money

sell it to the mortals as infastructure cost...

just for lolz

the central park mansion

sell it to the mortals as a mesuem ...

and it will be... dont know of what yet...

but the public space will be a fraction of the estate..

keep most of the interrior underground

needs to be nuclear safe ...

till i have control of all nukes i need safety measures 


when i move back its going to be godly

have the insects build a memorial of some sort ala Bullshit in the middle of central park with an underground train straight from the mansion to the city... the bat cave exit lol seriously


My spell over thy kingdom is sick to the sickest level of sickeness sick


"I am" in Demi life

Need to focus on it! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I don't know I just dont know

shatter the entire fucking sky Screaiming! I don't!!!!!!!!f

Demi and with issues!!

what i need

i need to meet a girl into magic....

i can take it from soooo much easier...

dont tell her im a wizard .!.

bring her in slowly...

i dont just mapping out possible paths

long distance

is tiring on the mind

im going to do what i should have done

try something new...


Freedom from tyrant over my existence God

{God} Never!!!!!
{god} never say never!!!!!

my new happiness anchor


the children lifeline

this is odd to think and or write but im extending my eternal life by diving into the childrens cosmos... i will explain this in more detail later

The birth of the illuminatus

The enlightenment of thy soul, transfiguration, the light body...

the Truth did set me free

Demi life journal

the book of shadows .... it all makes sense now..

the spirit realm / demon place

wow its all achemical in nature...

hmmmm interesting

The gate of the kingdom

At the gate, no longer wish to be here nor am i fully sure what awaits inside...

the kingdom gate of the immortals...

the mortals cant even see Kingdom anymore

what a shame

i hope you find this ofi

blood sweat and tears I did it
“I am” god...

Monday, April 23, 2012


going to ........... hnmmmmmm

ideas brewing

those other insects

are not even welcomed to my sight and i can see the entire kingdom

incognito stuff

get close .... super close ala incognito then wait....

im going to catch my insects off gaurd individually 

The Royal therapist

ill find something in the castle for her to do....

because she knows iimmmmaaaa gonna flip on my insectssss

Kinship .!!?

ohhhhh my lord

why ...are forcing kingship on me....

tooooo muchhhhhh

Till in awe

there she is...

im going to buy this book....  

have an amazing idea

I know no no no no

But God is the {Source} of it "All" so we already have problems! 

Can bill gates buy immortality

It didnt work out for jobs

what these people doing I feel like "I am" cheating the system but in "Reality" Im aspiring to be "All" my creator wanted me to be... {ONE}

Disproportional wealth thoughts

Im sooo poor but still richer then Gates right now...

Im sitting here waiting to take  the throne!

money is not really something I should be allocating mental process to at "All"

Good morning your highness

im still in awwww at my little princess

Saturday, April 21, 2012


why have we been without a buddha for sooo long!!

It's boggles my mind!! 

siddharth had more competitors

they understood why! 

No male competitors for the throne

people.... even Crowley did not come this close... so presently... wow!! 

wait wait wait

let me add variables

if she becomes immortal ... then then another immortal's letter might rival me for "All" eternity...

but I don't see any other immortals... sooo hmmm

My love letter to her is so godly

"I am" almost certain it will never be out done! 

free up time

I need more time less work! 

My Darkest Secret

"I am" lawless....

i know i know i know... dark timesssss... but.... hmmmmmmm.... shhhhh

the kings pet ..Grrrrr

money is not power...

"I am" ... grrrrr......

sooooo it's annoying

.... stealthily avoiding my gross potential 


Is like a planetary take over... 

no no no it's worst...

is the takeover of your Cosmos! 

when does kingship start? ????

{God} When thy kingdom comes
{god} When will thy kingdom come
{God} you are already crowned my prince!
{god} Grrrrrr.... 

when does kingship start?

{God} you are already crowned my prince
{god} no "Real" kingship...
{God} what's "Real" kingship
{god} you are avoiding the question! 

Im supposed to be this really really insane Genius

But "All" I have is a donkey and something...and the something is too early!! 

if i let you slap me

can we start over

shadow walking

stop reflecting light

walk the streets in the shadow realm

i need

one trillion dollars

if i fall a penny short ... grrrrrrrrrr

you promised

vita :/

i dont even play my games i just blog from the vita

The fallen Q

imagine a Q forced into mortality

welcome to the story of my life

sooo close

To fill in the blank heaven

our ninja coding girls

**** and I are resuming our plans for world domination via naked ninja Coding girls...

im the concept guy.. lol

pushing 60+ hours this week

i just need tools and space

My darkest dayz

640 and counting

Friday, April 20, 2012

Why I said that about that insect

I have way too much control of the cosmos Write now... I need to be more responsible...

I don't need that write now...

but Grrrrrrrr for philosophical theoretical reasons Always! 

{God} It's Your Turn to go Down


but the source is strong with this {ONE}

But I need to drop it for now... it's too painful 

i have nothing against G*****

never did

it was all jealousy all of it..

but its over

papa smurth theme song time

la la lalala
time to act insane...


Demi fun

lighting bolt the mortals 


fun fun insect toture stuff

lock the insects out of death and set them on fire....

why arent you just feeling the heat and not scaring?

explain that to me mortals

being a man about the situation

it was a jolly good try


no insects im pretty much just buying my way in...

and sure it might be illegal but...

nevermind its pointless...

i already own the school


let me explain something

as King of your planet

by defualt own every institution on earth ... corporations and all

all work and much play

might as well take physicsand math courses while im wifefy hunting...


my queen plans

after much simulated debated ive decide to go with the houtse Illuminatus simulation vs the post mortal dating simulation.. Im only after the creme de la creme so...this would the route to go besides it will be tons of fun too....

now for a school...

im most likely going to oxford...

this way i can keep a hush hush simulated eye on nick...


Thursday, April 19, 2012

The children of the King

anything short of
my prince
my princess

and i will personally kill that insect...

new monarchy guidline

anything short of your highness might get you killed...

yesss seriously

its not an ego thing I have to be your king and teach you out Of retardation

In bliss

mentally emotionally spirituall and physically

a thank you

can go a long way... 

Downloading Transalchemy

It's well over 500 megs

I keep digital backups spread across the net...

Looookkkk Insectssssssss......

"I am" here to stay...

and here is my agenda@ 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

home internet down

damnnnnn it

i was writting :(

Shes going to hate me

But I rather her hate last for eternity then just 50+ years... :"D

im a monster

i can understand why no loves me

back to screaming atvmy insects


tooo legit 2 quit

hey hey ...
 2 legit to quit

hey hey
too legit
2 legit to quit

hey hey


the antz are in the sugar

day ?_

been writting for almost 700 days now with the stone

director notes

as you can see this site is designed to blur the lines of Reality

what you are reading above the post is the main story line

what is written here are simply plot direction and ideas for our ungoing simulation ...

by law im required to remind you of this

sinkhole buildings

universe bind thy will to every building on earth
key Gg

sinkhole source

universe bind my will to All the dirt on earth
key Gg

how to take ou my sims in stealth

one by one is toooo iffy....

have to set them up at a confrence or meeting ...

simulate a sinkhole...


i promised to let him live

but we are not working together...

dont keep keep your end

great i was praying you fucked itup

this horrible

more thoughts of death enter my mind

not my death...

i should not be leeting Teg do whatever he wants...

i should have never agreed to write this

this is worst then hell

What is Thy Will Your Highness

Loading Bar GIF Animated

Obliviate (Memory Charm)

Pronunciation: /oʊˈblɪvi.eɪt/ oh-bliv-ee-ayt
Description: Used to hide a memory of a particular event.
Seen/mentioned: First mentioned (not by name) in the Philosopher's Stone by Ron that it was used on Muggles who have seen dragons. First used in Chamber of Secrets by Lockhart who wanted to use it on Harry and Ron; the spell backfired because Ron's wand had been damaged, causing Lockhart to lose most of his own memory (which he never recovers). In Goblet of Fire, it is used by an unknown Ministry worker on Mr. Roberts and later the rest of his family. In Deathly Hallows, Hermione uses the spell on two Death Eaters who had followed Harry, Ron, and Hermione after their escape from Bill Weasley and Fleur's wedding. Also used by Hermione on Xenophilius Lovegood after destroying his house in Deathly Hallows.
{source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the immortal prince
{Source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immortal princess
{source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immoral god
{source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immortal goddess
{Source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immortal queen
{source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immortal king 
{source} Decrease oure visibility to "All" mortals
{source} Increase our ability to control my visibility 
{source} Cast doubt across space and time
{source} Increase our ability to control the cosmos with little to no visibility 
{source} Cast oblivion on "All" mortals that read any part of the {Source} code
{source} Make "All" mortals oblivious to our Divine providence
{source} Cast an invisibility cloak over Divine providence 
{key} Gg

once transfiguration is done

I can set free the Beast!

a cosmos' Godhead unified soul....

the divine man....

the goal of all esoteric alchemical hermitic study...

the new adam!


I was shown a vision

right before transfiguration everyone would claim I was insane...

and then it came... 

How could I be so blind


it's a loveless path... why can't I just accept it...

I just need to finish unification...

reach nirvana... and happiness 

No one been able to do this for thousand of years

so you really have to step out of the box of conventionalism if you want it done! 

it's insanity

I hope it is...

but ... I can see the kingdom :-(

must control the planet

one insect at a time! 

regret what?

I don't care...

I just need more control of the cosmos

I should not even do this in public anymore

it's pointless. 

New global policy

Don't read anyone shit anymore!

merge as fast as possible... use every second free to unify! 

Im staying on my sites

not saying shit to no one!!!

if cops are called I can sue! 

am I really going to kill myself

OMFG insects what don't you fucking understand "I am" in a simulation write now... 

How do I kill myself?

I don't know... but it has to be well documented... let the insects talkkkk

it has to be more epic

what I need  to do is kill myself...

let the insects just chill......

then fuck their cosmos up Lmao... 

almost there

don't make to much noise ... stay to my sites... and talk to no one! 

I Need to be efficient

even if the insects wake up right now

It doesn't mean shit... I will wipe them out before they reach total enlightenment.. 

is it science or technologies fault?

How the fuckkkkkk

Can I understand how to become immortal and no one else can???
WTF is going on here? 

I was trying to ascend along with a goddess

but fuck "All" that! Impossible! 

if that's the case

I should just wait... 

I honestly dont think it's possible to make a goddess at "All"

with me ripping her cosmos apart!

new approach

Instead of trying to teach a scientific girl the inner workings of our cosmos Im going to try teach a spiritual girl... the inner workings of our cosmos! 


dont let that insect detour the birth of our goddess.

I mean damn... maybe I just started from a wrong base!

defying the laws of physics>?

God is the {source} of "All" physics!!

looookkkk INsectsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...

they have been kept in the dark wayyyyyy to damn long! 

lighting bolts the insects

but keep them alive... I want some kind of retarded ass explanation from them~! 

its pointless

thief in the fucking night... pointless... lmao

Who Do I want to keep alive?

I don't even have a clue yet.,.. 

Hyper accelerating

..... here we go.....

Gg going in!!! 

{God} Your highness you're back!

{god} Grrrrrrr

lighting bolts the insects

OHHHHHHH Shit you live in a fucking cosmos!!!! 

I god this

fuck a goddess.. I don't need a goddess! shit is slowing me down!

This entire fucking planet is toooooooooo fucking retarded now! 

The salvation of Humanity will not Fail

"I am" Wayy to 1337 to fuck it up! 

"I am" to damn close to saving this Retarded ass planet!

to fuck it up over a faithless insect! 

obviously she does not give a fuck about salvation!

get the fuck out of my face!! 

Good Bye princess

Done with a Capital


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

breaking the Law

omg insects im in a simulation right now always am

why do i lie to myself

i take out most of the intelligentsia on day one

things not to tell my future girlfriend

“I am” god

unification of my girlfriend

i need to write an action plan of how im going to introduce this information to the next girl i date...


not stressing anything or anyone... 

Caprica sim names

New cap sim?


i need to build an interface for the sim ...

flesh out the characters more and add missions ...

point i like this sim a lot lots of versility and its Within realism

monetary suffering

i should hacking away at these tickets ... focus focus...its not a priority due to time limitation but time limitation would be eleminated ...

{Goddess} did you finish your classess

god i will on monday then well speak monday


the soul of Gg

unified ....

alchemical gold

now what?

soul refinement

its never ending but the deep desire to kill yess kill the insects has been tamed...

im learning to be more creative with their punishement

i need tools and space

to properly download our Godhead safely

but insectssss grrrrrrr

day 9 without a day off

total indepence here i come

once i move im going to undertake a massive art project still in hush hush 

universe please dont hurt That insect

still hoping

whats the goal?

{God} restoration of faith to every man women and child complete and total salvation
{god} thats it?
{God} For every soul in this universe
{god} ok now thats sound like an away mission ... thought you brought downhere for this single planet
{God} Dont be silly what would do for eternity on one planet
{god}i know...

The power Ggod

{God} Are you my prince
{god} Nooooooo by far....
{God} just remain in bliss while you control the cosmos
{god} trying my best

this cosmos has something way worst then a nanny

there is a sleeping Dragon at its source...

the goal of the magician is to awaken the beast



now people are just scared

im not evil im just one with God



your Creator will have the final word..

people i plea with ... you know not what you Do

He has no respect for the King

But who does? 

I can validate doing anything to the mortals now!

Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything 

the apple of thy eye


I don't pay these girls any attention

it's pissing them off... 

I know that she knows

But shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Insectsssss yesss it's an emergency your lives are at risk! 

People are afraid of God

seriously.... everyone keeps their spirituality in the closet as if it were tabooo... WTF People.. People... omg insectss.... 

Women Damn: Why do Dragons guard "Gold" ... Women Damn Wake up!

Researchers in Indonesia have discovered what looks like a teeny tiny dragon. As yet, we have no information on whether they guard small piles of gold or attack miniature castles.
This was a nesting female found in the Lambsuango Forest res...See More

I just toke over the planet with a laptop



science and technology

is blinding this planet... Seriously!!!! WTF people... I should not be able to take over your planet with a laptop... 

Am I seriously going to be King?

{God} You are working on your Immortal daughter right now... if you are going to ponder this then stop your current activities.
{god} But KING???
{God} Unification=god and By default this makes you KING ... cmon we've been through this!
{god} But KING??? 
{God} .... yes   KING....
{god} it's sooo wild...

Do you understand magic yet?

{god} Seriously...
{God} yes, what is a god without magic
{god} there is no magic God is the {Source} of what we perceive as "Truth"
{God} :-D

if I god this!!

I just went down in history....

as a god....

{God} Why do you toy with them...?
{god} Shhhhhhh


I think I god this!! 

I think nick is waking up!

I can only pray!!! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

the caprica simulation worries

Im worried onceI  Introduce amanda she will take ********** characteristics... 

My Adventures in Your Cosmos

Why I start with the intelligentsia


You're leading the people BLINDDDDDDD

To kill that insect

would be opposite of my "Goal" ....but GRRRRRRR

universe dont hurt that insect


i dont that write now

caprica sim episode 3

t minus one hour

guess who is simulating all your organs already

“I am”

insurance policy

source execute All source code if that insect retailates in any way 
key Gg