Sunday, February 26, 2012

Damn Women Damn Stop Haunting me!


Wow! "I am" not Married! And or Dating ( Must Remember This at "All" Times)


Sasha <3 

so very true... :"D

[4:30:50 PM] Josh: i don't even bother lol
[4:30:57 PM] Josh: my life is easier without a woman
[4:31:24 PM] Josh: but not easy at the same time
[4:31:28 PM] Josh: can't win for losing lol
[4:31:46 PM] Josh: is that the physicist?
[9:10:35 PM] transalchemy: yah bro
[9:10:44 PM] transalchemy: still hung on the dame
[9:16:01 PM] Josh: yeah i know how that can be
[9:16:19 PM] Josh: but sometimes it's best to cut your emotional losses and move on
[9:16:38 PM] Josh: but i know you, obsession is your obsession :P
[9:16:52 PM] transalchemy: so very true

My Room is now Clean

I Need To Clean My Room Before My Mom Flips

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