Thursday, March 1, 2012

focus focus focus

I have to crack this universe... forget "All" this Queen shit.... 

Monsters vs aliens rethought

it makes more sense now im ginormic and she is the girl the dude that only cares about her job im supposed to dumb

thats why he says im casting a shadow but in reality im trying to make us equal


ok then after i do that the babes come.. becuase the fish dude gets reconition for his eeforts at saving the dame...

but my mind has only wanted to see her as a goddess and not think about my own happiness

it makes sense now wow
shell place her job before me always

its depressing but its truth

but im not being blind anymore so this is progress

i have a vita friend :)

i need to choose a game but back to work i go

i need a smooth transition

going to finish the monsters vs aliens when i get home

that is still my avater with or without her name

then im going to jump into an entirely new simulation

although im not sure what that will be just yet

i feel beeter already
no ill intentions just want to move on

dont write new source code

thats a trap dont write about her at all i should not be writting this either but i have to tell myself tthis


she did not give a fuck about me on valentines day dont fucking forget this

art site

stay away from that art trap

remove bookmarks no accidents


stay away from her simulations till i feel nothing just like her


im not in her facebook at all only her face

no problem there


dont read her twitter

stay away

from their site completly dont read shit she writes 

dont use the source} code

on her or for her for shit

Lunch time

abigail is right that is her twin


It took me meeting suzzanne to get over abigail, so I can only imagine what comes next!

I still love abigails Art.. but emotionally there is nothing there! Im happy that she met her twin

It's the Same Shit With Every Girl

I can see it now! 

Consider the facts

I was furthest from her mind on valentines day and on my birthday ....

consider this ... 

Avoiding Traps

Don't read Anything she writes ... Don't look at anything she does online avoid her at "All" cost!

this is it... I know it... 

It's My fault

for thinking it was going to be different this time.. it never is. it never is... why can't i fucking just remember this! 

Ill Feeling

"I am" Developing an Ill feeling towards this girl

this is good ....

win or lose this shit needs to end!! 


gods of Virtual Realms

Wow I just Met a Girl On My Vita

My Riddles

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