Saturday, March 3, 2012

its sunday

i cant get beer in south carolina on sunday

ok whoaaaaa

ok no more drinking

fuck bro

30 miles for beer

might as well

another fucking citation

and i dont get to buy more beer

bro its not my nights


its past 2 cant get beer brooo hmmm



source increase probality of passing breathalizer
key Gg

death policies

set resssurection dates based on sverity of crime

king stuff

i rode into town on a donkey

a donkey pile of shit

my andrea plan

shes knows how to become immortal like me or hate it was important get into brain

now its her choice

i rode into town on a donkey

a donkey pile of shit

what i cant wait to do

throw a car

the golden grail


just stated that

i have to stop my self

i  need to stop murdering people online

fimware upgrade

that is all it neds 


mugs are ice cold nice

took a picture will upload later damn it vita basic shit

the crowned cosmic child

damn it crowley i wish you were alive

sometime i feel like a little kid

from another dimension

my fear keeps growing

i keep being more and more scared of being right

its weird but the implications are astronomical 

just beer and wings

maybe hooters

meet a queen at hooters?

bro focus my mamasita just has to be a mamasita for me to rule this planet

probablity increase

source increase probability of meeting a hot mamasita
key GG

friend time

im going to leave that women alone

lets try to meet local girls

fuck break is over

im to ask to go home early i do feel like vomiting

she thinks her nerdom is sexy

but damn women youre dence

let me get back on my laptop hmmmmmm just wait

damn lol maybe i am a sociapath

the vita sux for blogging

no copy and paste

no blogging about girls while i drink

for realzzz

that women is no queen

she said on her twitter

there is no god

the source never points to her
and the mild sexual attraction is draft by my desire to slap the retardation out of her

so what am i doing

i was drinking last night heavily ;)

the good news is

no transgressessions

i feel so depressed

Im going to vomit

i want to ask to go home early

i should not be sitting andrea on the throne not while i Have desire to slap her.

ill fix this when i get home


Flipping over an entire parking lot full of cars

and that is not even extreme...

I grow till I become indistinguishable from God

think really really really Hard about what that means! 

The Extremes I don't talk about

there is still sooo much shit you insects wont understand ... 

Extreme life path

king of the planet...

doesn't not get any more extreme


Immortal king of the planet...

EXTREME Life path 


At this point

it will take an Act of God for me to return to this broad! 

The only girl that sent me a valentines

and I neglect her over Gdert.. "I am" an idiot

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