Monday, March 5, 2012

time to go home

dying to get back on laptop
seriously if dont bcome immortal what do you think will happen

i get to leave this joint

good bye mortality

the golden hour is upon me

in more ways then one 

10 hour shift

mon-thurs :(

Shes a monster

 shes a monster

i rode into town on a donkey

more cryptic lolz

shes a monster


last night at the club

im trying to lookat have naked bitches and this song comes on
shes a monster

i have been debating this for months

and my final conclusion ishorrible

love vs lust

damn it nowi knowfo sur

i cant have sexwith the girl im going to marry

im the prince i cant do that

courly sex

incourly love theisnosextill after holy matrimony
its true grrrr

she loves me

she loves me not 

a match made in heaven


Etreme problems

if shes the twin


meanwhile THE Insects


i nned some pics

of empty parking lots before i go 

i might have to stop an empty parking lot

on the way home

was running 2 late to take a picture

brooo new topic

more sighns Grrrrr

driving to work was a baker truck with a crown on a cupcake



why would i not save my wife first?

its the most logical thing to do

i will manifest our goddess

i just want to make sure shes my wife

and they wonder

why I am king

women spiritual equality

is upon us

welcome back

to rationality 


i think hughes is waking up

slow Day

keep the day super chill

sleeping beauty

i have yo rewrite this soon but damn

this is horrible 

a generic princess avatar

ok i heve to start over with a generic princess

courtl love

i need to keep writting it with or without a princess its just mentally and emotionally diffucult to write 

what can i do

that i have not done?

Princess disaster

im not going to ascend with a pricess

ohhh man this borderline dangers 

I need a day off

from my day off

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