Thursday, March 8, 2012


I forced myself to buy a game today... just to hold back tears

how depressing

but it is what it is

why suzzanne is not my knight in shining armor

ive sat here starving proving to this girl she can become a goddess

i need resume dating

i have to
i just havent met anyone yet

its not going anywhere

just another of goodbye

i just want it to end i was happier before i met her

100 mile walk

its going to be atleast 100 miles

Dr whatever the fuck please lecture me on your logic against my theory while we walk

the chains

i need to pick a color

im thinking bright red to constantly remind the mortals the mess they are in

My princess is once again called

my princess

its getting wild

bitting my lip in anticipation

hmmmm just wait inscts

my knight in shining armor

my bride

thy kingdom will come

on your highnEss day

He is about to sin im trying to be polite

though shallnot covet another mans temporal wife

Going to sit a girl on the throne

that is for sure just when and who?

I have to ... I don't be a monster.
ying and yan

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