Friday, March 16, 2012

That Post Is Going To Fuck His Mind Up LOLZ


She Was Queen For About An Hour

The Immortal Princess and the Elephant


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Now I Have A Motive

keeping the royL site clean

we will battle it out here

you will get no royal attention from me ever again

i just dont get it

i posted i was going to let him make the first move
i showed him my sniper rifle
and he still gives me motive and incentive

let me get back on my laptop


im not insane im a lunatic

my new hypothesis

she is using him as bait
if thats the case shes evil
placing the mans life in danger for love

i would do the same and did
you broke her nose

omg i love you

 but it boils down to this

if hes is going to attempt to cock block
"i am" going to life block

is she worth your life bro
i would say yes but im insane rlol

twin fuck up

this is what i dont get if cares about her that much and wanted to express it why would he bind me to the post wyen it should be all about her...

you invite trouble in if thats your girl

but he’s an idiot yeah yeah phd blah blah we both now what i am going to do to these motherfuckers they think they are soooo fucking brilliant deep within their mortality

now im going through another transgression of a different kind

my single life

ends this year

i just have to get through this addiction that is actually very unhealthy

but every good addict knows

first you have to admit you have a problem

so this is my own self help

if shes using magic

its unethical

transgressions of an addict

not one day and im relapsing

but those eyes and those lips

i need a comfort thought 

my mother said

she looks like a vampire

i replied with
she might be immortal im not sure yet

ofcourse she did not take me seriously as i laughed 

when the silence comes

the golden hour is upon us

judgement day

mortal mortal mortal mortal maybe 

there is really no more need to get angry

ill just wait for your highness day to dish out judgement

its a trap

Designed by yours truly ;)


why i had to come back down

whoa whoa insects did you forget
i am the source of it All

the Creator of your Cosmos

is a little bit more then "Royally" pissed write now

bitter sweet redemdtion

everything i say  is valueless ?

ohhh shit mortals here we go 

president puppet

he is no use to me write now

need to focus on monetary suferring 

mortal puppets

ive already started to control mortals directly

that women teaching the class was instantly possesed when i arrived

possession is not a good word i just became the source of her thoughts

my sad Reality

no wealthy man would offer me a bowl of rice let along his daughter

Back in the old days

every noble men would be offering his daughter

pointless pointless pointless

pointless pointless pointless 

My Riddles

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