Saturday, March 17, 2012

I know

"I am" just making a spectacle out of it!

 I have to...

"I am" Riding a Donkey .... "All" possible marketing tools must be employed for this donkey! 


"I am" Just trying to get my theory across but he may want to hit me at first contact

{Source} Reduce ****** Target soul to inflict me any pain
{key} GG 

she was queen for about an hour


ten years later

God gave me a donkey

easter 2001 part 2

carlos you are not god get some help

but ofi once i write unification i will be

easter 2001

last day i say ofi


i have an idea 


run mortals run 

wow im half demonic 
buts just lolz

im ready

to pull the buildings into the air and scream at my insects

i should focus on money

but her life is in danger

more research needed

that is why i bought the book

if she has eternal life

it can only mean one thing

i dont understand

i cant shake her from the source code no matter how Hard i try

i took those easter pictures with touching anything

and there she was it blew my mind

josephson Ai

Ai is coming between them

yes its silly but you dont understand magic like i do

how i plan to wake up my insects instantly

pull their souls out of their body

its not that i need to find a queen

its just safer for the mortals if i do

i have a goddess fetish

mortal girls just cant handle it all

they turned my princess into a whore

omg innnnseeeccttsss

but if that insect gets crazy

belay my orders

enemy pie

universe dont kill my wifesfriends no matter how mad i get

i rode into town

on a donkey

all our people have to learn

before we depart earth

im not going to stay on earth forever

so i cant save them all

this is depressing

the insects are all dying over retardation 

eternal marrigage

we  have been married before we where born

that explains the curse wow

shes evil

baby i did not know you yet

My cold feet

the one thing that scares me about this marriage is that its eternal

this is beyond leap of faith

God is the source of it all

and its scary

the wish to end All wishes

i wish to be one with God

immortal sainthood

here I am

I dont mind working

but every saturday

how is this fair at All

yess i get to rule the world but till then its All work and no play

My Riddles

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