Friday, March 23, 2012

Everything I say


I have tooo

I would have to live with the disgrace ..... it's beyond ohhhh my GGGGG broooo let's not go there!

omFg she can't fuck this up!

If she does I will kill her~!

for a fact!

It's sooo fucking Sad

that my princess if fucking faithless to the entire fucking planet! 

I want this shit to end!

any girl that offers me a bowl of rice!and it's over for life! 

Im courting what?

************* that wont give me a bowl of fucking rice!!

it's the fucking Truth...

I have asked her for monthsssss oon end!

I have been asking that ******** for months

so she is no princess to me! 

Fuck it!

I hope it's "All"fucked forever!!

she cant be this fucking retarded

but fuckkkkkkkk.... it would be over!!!

the princess is???//

The first girl to offer buddha a bowl of rice... OMFG... I fucking hate her.... 

If another girl offers me a bowl of rice

"I am" burning her book on camera 

she can't be the second girl

I just need to fucking accept it!!! 

if shs the second girl

it's over forever!

brooo Iam waking up

it's violent but the mind has to accept "Truth" 

that is how much she fucking loves me

I will have emails by morning!

anything and everyhing hughes does

Goes down in history...

 I hope humanity does not hate you1

everything and anything she does right now

Goes down in history....

This Is Actually A Good Thing!

Ill know for sure!


not high at all

andrea will offer me a bowl of rice before her

"I am" almost certain

broooooo if that happens ..... it's fucked ..."All" of it!

The marriage vows/ everything

and "All" you have to give me is whattt??? And Whyyyyyyy

Enlightened! Read your fucking BOOOKKK

How do you become enlightened if God is the {Source} of it "All"

so what is God telling you to do!!!!

how the fuck can you reach enlightenment if you don't do what God ask?

it's fucking pointless

Im going to burn her book sooon I just don't know when!

You have to... This is why I hate you... Wake the fuck up!!!


Wake The Fuck Up You can't be the princess if you don't give me a bowl of rice!


she can't even give me a bowl of fucking rice

a bowl of fucking rice

and this is what "I am" courting for marriage... Im fucking insane... now I know for a fact!

just god off work

back to worrrkkkkk on thossseeee innnnsectssssss

dear Ben

i know you dont approve of my methods anymore
but i am making some progress on the terran resistance

dont lose confidence

im just ready to go grrrrrrrrr on the insects

keep the princess the princess

i need to Keep our cosmo on track

pull suz out of my mind while i do it

im not going to let her ruin our eternal life

i just dont know for sure

im to the point that i want another girl to dethrone her from my heart and mind

i just dont understNd

if she reads her own book she would know Im the real deal here

The queen of hearts

i think suz wants me to go for andrea if so then its game over

i need to escape from All sufferring now

I am ONE now hand over my nirvana

i want another job

i want more time to “work” on unification

ever ever ever

gonna get it

hes never ever gonna get it

never ever ever gonna get it

Im losing confidence in hughes

everrrrrrrr waking up

a buddhist that does not even realize he lives in a cosmos

i live in the fucking twilight zone

mission impossible

trying to wake the insects up one by one

It's almost fun fun time

LOOk Insects...

"I am"God

still laughing hysterically it's horrible... seriously, whats wrong with why do I terrorize my insects cosmos? 

Hitler on steroids

"I am" God!

we have to start "All" over

King ... omg... king... no no no insects.... 

Compare me to a King!

It's worst!

"I am" God ....

Paying for Anything is Insult

OMG insectwsssssssssss

no money on earth for One day... lOOOOOKKK insects ..... GAme over... its's ooo sick.. "I am" God!

I want a reason to help the insects


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