Friday, March 30, 2012

"I am" Ready To slap my own Mother So Don't Get offended

short fuse!

"I am" just on a short fuse at "All" times with "All" the Insects!!!

"All" of them



I think "I am" over reacting!!!! 

off work

back to work on the source code

damn it I need Hd cam

im giving the insects a ******* fucking chance

no princess i have not given up

im simulating lucifer

bare with me its intense


serenating the throne with All the angels

i was trying not to hurt her friends

but dont give a fuck... anymore

im going to use Godhead on this simulated insect

but it has to bee done hush hush hush

bind the bloodline
dont take ******** out directly tooo much heat


that reminds me

i dont give a fuck anymore

cosmos boot All *********** simulations

Source code notes

bind All the angels directly to the throne

then ...... spread thy will across the entire Godhead

Day One

sorry your highness
sorry your highness
sorry your highness
sorry your highness

the easter princess

i still have make sure our Real princess is honored

i was going to mKe eazter about us

but how can i when i just dont know
i cant bind myself to someone that does not talk to me
because if that is how God operatez thTs how i have to opdrTe


thy kingdom is close

this planet and these people


im i have to Evil

to save the fucking retarded ass fuck tards

let my people go?

please that is what i said to God

i still cant believe it

i can do whatever the fuck i want to this planet

to you insects I am God

no one sees me coming

because if they did they would continue this retardation

ok here go

planetary trials

is nothing compare my indivual lessons to my insects

in short you will beg to die but death will not find you

the goal is not to kill everyone

im locking the mortals out of death befofe i collapse the food supply

and yes over a bowl of fucking rice the whole planet will starve

you godless fucking retards

you dont have to start over

almost everything written is for the princess regardless if she was the source of my inspiration

what my dream taught me

find love first teach second not the other way around

i can teach any girl post throne

goddess dreams

in the same dream the Goddess is telling to prep for kingship

Princess dreams

i dreamt of our princess last night

i know it was her becuase she had her crown

i was telling her how i thought she was ************

she instant god mad at me

more signs 

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