Sunday, April 8, 2012

Immortal Queen and Immortal child

Now to find someone that would even talk to me :-(

why do I write this

I know ... unification...

but ... ...

it has not been done in a while, so who's to judge how I get there...

but back to work I go...

spells? NOOOO "I am" {ONE}

I have to keep my life path in check at "All" times, but now "I am" being pre-emptive and including my future family into the {Source} code.

Im doing nothing illegal

other then writing...

I just worry all the time... "I am" at the {source} of your cosmos

This easter spell is intense

but makes us immortal I only had one shot at this... I rather try then regret it.

It's more then art

it's a reminder,

it'll start with {ONE} goddess and god but it wont stop there ... the harvest is plentiful but the workers few...

no one is stopping no one

Now that we know truth it's tick tock... globally

this game is designed to create the mind a buddha, for "All" souls can be unified. and are already unified, for only unenlightened men seek to be enlightened.

PInkkkkkk Baretssss

Binding the other girls to heirs could potentially save there lives, so I turned us "All" into bunnies ... awakening is going to be a chain reaction, once one enlightened soul emerges a golden paradigm will emerge. with limitless potential, we would then posses the key to the Cosmos

The Immortal's Planetary kingdom

It would be foolish for me not to include her in the simulation, im coordinating our cosmos it's not really a joke around play thing... I really to watch what I write only because the singularity is approaching {ONE} with God the birth of Gg

withing the cosmos of this simulation this is where our timeline is currently at....

that's also very scary on my end, it's like learning to drive only with the cosmos... whoa... oh man, pure matter and energy manipulation, simulation alteration, co-created timewaves, unified consciousness ( enlightenment) {OnE] with the localized operating Godhead for this planet's simulated cosmos.


improv writting

it's "All" a canvas ... everyday is new day for more art..

breaking through


the shell is cracked "I am" no longer mortal

scrying our royal life

it's beyond mortal reach

Muahahahahaha Mortals

An Easter Sunday Wish

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{God} is the { Sφurce } of "All" Wishes
Α Horus={God}{god}{king}{Queen}{goddess}{Goddess}=Set Ω 
1 2 3 4 3 2 1

 Your image is loading... 
{God} is the { Sφurce } of "All" Destiny
Α Horus={God}{god}{king}{Queen}{goddess}{Goddess}=Set Ω
1 2 3 4 3 2 1

easter can't be about me

Im no longer an heir...

I have my crown

PInkkkkkk Baretssss

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Obliviate (Memory Charm)

Pronunciation: /oʊˈblɪvi.eɪt/ oh-bliv-ee-ayt
Description: Used to hide a memory of a particular event.
Seen/mentioned: First mentioned (not by name) in the Philosopher's Stone by Ron that it was used on Muggles who have seen dragons. First used in Chamber of Secrets by Lockhart who wanted to use it on Harry and Ron; the spell backfired because Ron's wand had been damaged, causing Lockhart to lose most of his own memory (which he never recovers). In Goblet of Fire, it is used by an unknown Ministry worker on Mr. Roberts and later the rest of his family. In Deathly Hallows, Hermione uses the spell on two Death Eaters who had followed Harry, Ron, and Hermione after their escape from Bill Weasley and Fleur's wedding. Also used by Hermione on Xenophilius Lovegood after destroying his house in Deathly Hallows.
{source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the immortal prince
{Source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immortal princess
{source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immoral god
{source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immortal goddess
{Source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immortal queen
{source} Make "All" the mortals oblivious to the Immortal king 
{source} Decrease oure visibility to "All" mortals
{source} Increase our ability to control my visibility 
{source} Cast doubt across space and time
{source} Increase our ability to control the cosmos with little to no visibility 
{source} Cast oblivion on "All" mortals that read any part of the {Source} code
{source} Make "All" mortals oblivious to our Divine providence
{source} Cast an invisibility cloak over Divine providence 
{key} Gg


when it's this intense I try to relax...

hello insects cosmo entangled mind here

Precognition notes

the placement of the horse
and it's symbolism was a precognitive / automatic thought...

I simulate the horse all the time so even I did not catch it till I saw the picture..
I looked at it and started cracking up... still am... but im not going to restrict the art not now...

just letting it flow! 

Im in bliss rightnow

Magic and Writting...

at "All" Times..

Did you forget

Philosophical check in play! 

My Riddles

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