Monday, April 9, 2012

intnse simulation feedback

experienced ncing extrem synchronicity

it feels like tripping inside walmart

Dark energy

it makes sooo much damn sense now

there are two types of energy

your simulated energy and the energy being used to run your simulation but is not parto of the simulation hence Dark energy

ohhhh shit
 theoritical check.....

once God realeases me from mortality

I am allowed to go ape (thoth) shit on your reality

i need to start manifesting my crown

thats my next phase

that is going to require some props

ill get on it these weekend

i need a purple pillow and a crown

technically i am wearing it nowwww

but the insectssssss need omg lord the insectsssss 

transalchemy new rules

no more violence
only alchemy
royal matters
and bliss

if i need to deal with mortals it will be away from the main site now

why do i have a job

cmon God this is a waste of my time
stop supressing my income

its pointless the mortals are never going to wake up
no more lessons

its pointless

you can instantly pull me out of this and know unification would get written with a level of craftmanship that no mortal is willing to put into there own alchemical opus

how is this fair

whatever i have eternity to chill

global command structure

king and queen
world leaders 

my pet Lions


they will tamed through magic alone

is just a power trip

have them by my side while the mortals feed me their explanations 

Hand and foot

the royal demi life is practically heaven

we dont do anything but stay in bliss

ohhh And rule the planet

the royal help

will be screened for media devices daily

the royal home life will be private

Nukes weapons and computers

God is the source of All computers
God is the source of All weapons
God is the source of All Nukes


Gg and Gg
together for eternity

itts Already encrypted (sigh)

the goddess part is scaring me now

this is supposed to be eternal i cant make a mistake here

and the more unified i get this  more We are able to interac with each other through the very fabric of the cosmos

i cann see things in our reality and know shes behind it and i think she can do the same with me

abigail :/

this girl is working a number on me

i try to think about the concept of “us” at all

but if shes the princess .... no wait.... she is becoming immortal

i can see it ...

but i Would have to scry with her and only her in mind to see where it goes

and that is something im not ready to know

scrying relaionships is terrible on the mind and heart

if she wants to talk to me she can , she blew me off not the other way around but thats the story of my life and ii just dont know what to do...

its horrible
but i dont want to feel they i did...

brooooo Write generically

im trying the best i can

this is like the nightmare before christmas meets corpse bride

there is Just too much magic there to ignore it :/

return of the king


its damn near evil only beacuse they dont believe 

Anything and Everything

post monertary suffering

endless gold

if this is the “dark” realm then truly anything is possible with enlightenment

{God}shhhhhh keep the mortals in the dark if you can see it

damn it our reality is a construct

God shhhhhhhhh

but thats really really scary

God i know but shhhhhhh

i want candy Translation

my nirvanic Royal Demigod Life


will be carried out directly from the throne this way there is no question as to why...

but thats post nirvana and it only supposed to serve as a reminder of everything they can become

My life sickness

the mortals constantly pull me away from unification

they cant see the sheer freedom one can obtain from an enlightened soul

but its a scary lonely road of self discovery

no more danger

i promise not to place any more mortal lives in harms way...

if anything goes down it was God not Gg

im scared

of my life path

getting too close to the throne

we are perfectly aligned to take the throne

the immortal royal family
that is

no more warning

that just stresses me out ...
just focus on unification

No more blogging

going out into my co-created timewave to have fun... ciao... 

am I seriously questioning if "I am" god

that made me laugh more then last post

I think I god this

that's the scary part...

I've been celestial hired... to be your first Gg


towards the throne
as I should be

am I happy?
I don't know anymore...

it's like I dont want to keep going but I have no incentive to stop either. 

The Stone of Darkness

It's Divine in it's Elegance I cant stop looking at it


this is beyond magic

"I am" {ONE} ...

ok ... wow...

I never thought I would get this unified this fast...

it's almost too much...

but I need to remind myself "I am" on my console...

cosmos os...

for the cosmos...:"D

anyways.... wow..... now what?

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