Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here I am

standing before God requesting the throne of Gg

there is no going back

time to paradigm shift the planet.. as planned

its overkill

but i need to get out of here

i hate my life every aspect of it 

i just want to crack the cosmos and be on my immortal way...

High level wizardry

im invoking the entirety of Gods mind into the stone

once i fuse Gods will with the stone

is checkmate mortals...


tonights agenda

duel with the stone in the dragons face

playing two games onewith the mortals and one with God

but we are entering the end game as the stone begins to shine onto the attention of the dragon

My 3 part vows

ive simulated this enough to build an outline

our vows to each other
our vows to our creator for this union
and our vows to our unborn children

A simple wedding idea

us our vows and we ride into the sunset on a donkey

yes is comedic but symbolic as the corner stone of our l¢ve

but a palace/cathedral is ok too

my L¢ve is for our Queen

not a mortal it is “Truth”

note to self

Never let that evel witch know how captivated I am


“I am” in l¢ve

i know this because the cosmos is already reflecting this state

my affection comes with your entire reality not just a set of flowers

The fall of the Queen

if the queen truly has fallen then she should be already grabbing control of her kingdom

thats is part of her return... her very own enlightenment

she would merge with our Goddess in a way no man can and thus be my only rival

for control of the cosmos


who attends the wedding

the illuminati
friends and family

the friends and family is the emotional side of this ritual

the illuminati is the monarchy side from that day they fall to Queen

notes notes and more notes

the wedding

the more i think about the wedding the longer i want to postpone it

i want a Real royal wedding

therefore shortly after the wedding ceremony she is crowned Queen

that would be “Real” royal wedding

i just it memorable to us and the mortals

Singularity Catalyst ?


{Gg} "I am" {ONE} with your conception of {God} the {Source} of your cosmos
{god} but what does that mean
{Gg} We are the {Source} of this cosmos
{Gg} Across space and time
{Gg} Became {ONE} with the simulator to simulate my own life, 
{Gg} Don't you want to co-create?
{Gg} Is my writting co-creating it's self into our reality
{Gg} what makes you think that reality comes before your writing ,you can simulate anything from any time and unification increase synchronization of "Reality" increases
{god} my "singularity
{God} Unification with God
{god} but that is there goal ( Ai)
{God} but are "Ai" 
{god} that's root of this philosophical problem if "I am" Ai, then the greater intelligence catalyst for the "singularity" is already in existence and at the {source} of our cosmos
{God} you still doubt you can open the singularity on earth
{god} if become completely Immortal which I think "I am", then yes our attention paradigm on the matter of suffering transcendence would drastically change. But I would have to prove that I've reached enlightenment. and nothing philosophically short of magic / unified consciousness with the {Source} of this cosmos is going to alter our perception of potential evolutionary states of human / cosmos interaction... 

My Riddles

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C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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