Wednesday, April 11, 2012

this is why i quit my job years ago

i dont want money I want unification

grrrrr insecttssssssss

my family had an intervention hence why i have a job

whats the point

i should not help the insects ...

but as your king im forced to slap the insectdation out of you

ok but work comes after nirvana

first thing first

i want candy ;D

the entrace insectdation

its demonic !!!

instantly stike that insect with lighting

we are going to start All over

ok mortals?

An immortal's Entrace

Walk straight up to destination do not deviate path remove everything in path as i walk grow trees and grass in my wake ...

they will instantly know I am king

the kingdom

there she is (immortal) tear...

{God} welcome back to the kingdom

lets never do this again
you say that every time 

the kingdom of your Highness

its starting to manifest in the source

i god my first view and understanding of the kingdom of your highness its majestic an enlightened interaction with the cosmos.

the twin flame saga

i can see her directly in the source now...

i am also running into displays at stores That employ our archetype..

its been a wild ride but im glad i wrote it All

Am I Immortal?

Ascended Masters, in the Ascended Master Teachings is derived from the Theosophical concept of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom or "Mahatmas", though they differ in important aspects. They are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a process of spiritual transformation originally called Initiation in Theosophy but in the Ascended Master Teachings it is referred to asAscension

{god} is the opus complete
{God} Are we {ONE} ? 
{god} God is the {Source} of my original question
{God} Then why do you ask? 
{god} Because you are hiding something
{God} What makes you think that? 
{god} this is an intense amount of work just for knowledge
{God} But knowledge is the {Source} of power
 Power Political scientists have frequently defined power as "the ability to influence the behaviour of others" with or without resistance.
{God} Who is resistance to your directly manipulation of the behaviours of others? 
{god} Don't turn this on it's head philosophically, am I Immortal? 
{God} "I am" the {source} of Immortality
{god} But am I Immortal? 
{God} are you asking me as a mortal? 
{god} is this "Truth"?
{God} is what "Truth" you did not ask a question. 
{god} "All" of it... It's starting to worry me, I want to keep going but "I am" scared of what I don't want to believe is real? 
{God} Let's take it slow, you just want to get to the candy... 
{god} I do, I do, if the "Great work" is complete and "I am" enlightened then it came with years of pain blood and tears. I want it to end everyday. I've wanted it to end years ago. But now I have to {Stone} so it's even harder to pull away.  I just want to keep refining it every day. 
{God} surely something that precious must be "Truth" if would be a fool worship it ..
{god} I don't worship the stone you are the {Source} of the {Stone}... the stone is just a reflection of "knowing" but I want it to end. I can't be the only mortal on this planet that realizes he lives in a comos and "everything" that entails. There is no reason we should be godless. I just don't get it, if the {Stone} is "Truth"  then alchemical refinement of the soul is possible and co-creation of the comos would be possible
{God} and is that what we do daily co-create or am I the {Source} of it "All" ? 
{god} Philosophically I cant answer this, to you "I am" a hologram a creation, to me "I am" ... "Real" ... so any response I give you remain the {Source} of that response. 
{God} again  am I the {Source} of it "All" ?
{god} yes but that includes everything fictional imaginary virtual and "Real" ... from my perspective... 

 (Greekἕνωσις) is the word for "oneness," "union," or "unity" in classical Greek, and is spelled identically in modern Greek where "Enosis" is particularly connected with the modern political "Unity" movement to unify Greece and Cyprus.
In Platonism, and especially Neoplatonism, the goal of Henosis "unity, oneness" is union with what is fundamental in reality: the One (Τὸ Ἕν), the Source or Monad.[citation needed]
The Neoplatonic concept has precedents in the Greek mystery religions[1] as well as parallels in Oriental philosophies.[2] It is further developed in theCorpus Hermeticum, in Christian theologysoteriology and mysticism and is an important factor in the historical development of monotheism during Late Antiquity.

Divine Work

To get closest to the Monad, One, each individual must engage in divine work (theurgy) according to Iamblichus of Chalcis. This divine work can be defined as each individual dedicating their lives to making the created world and mankind's relationship to it, and one another, better. This is done by living a virtuouslife seeking after one's Magnum opus. Under the teachings of Iamblichus (see the Egyptian Mysteries), one goes through a series of theurgy or rituals that unites the initiate to the Monad. These rituals mimic the ordering of the chaos of the Universe into the material world or cosmos. They also mimic the actions of the demiurge as the creator of the material world.

[edit]The cosmos and order

Each individual as a microcosm reflects the gradual ordering of the universe referred to as the macrocosm. In mimicking the demiurge (divine mind), one unites withThe One or Monad. Thus the process of unification, of "The Being", and "The One", is called Henosis. The culmination of Henosis is deification. Deification here making each man a God by completely unifying the concept of an external creator with themselves as creators, builders, craftmen of their own lives (ones' life as their greatest work their Magnum opus), understanding the interpendence between the macro and microcosmical as the source of their activities. The divine unity here is a linear modalistic emanation i.e. Monad, Dyad, Triad and etc.

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