Thursday, April 12, 2012

A celestial Crime

A great deal of my work,... the creme of the crop stuff... was written directly for suzanne.. for another girl to reap the fruit of "All" that labor would be a crime... only because of her do I know How to make a goddess.. soo it would just be a huge crime... for her to remain mortal. i .. can't think about this... limited time focus!!

if im wrong

who am i to say this

i can understand why no girl will take a chance with me write now

trust i understand :/

Damn it i dont know.!!

im taking a serious chance pursuing this girl after every thing

if im wrong possible love is lost

but... i dont know....

i dont have eternal thoughts about other people right now :/

no demons control my mind

ive casted the mortals that are beyond lost out of my mind

there redemption will come from their own peers

the wondering prophet

Dont get caught using magic

just give the people just enough to question their faith

spread “miracles” worldwide for a year or so in ztealth before full fledge apacolypse

this is how i plan to bring the mortals back to there cosmos

ive turned into

a monsterrrr

this torment


relax it can be done

but why step down from Truth

only I am Truth to my creation

I am All that they know will know and dont know
you can almost state
i am the source of it All


philosophical it True

grrrrr insectsss

the unified theory of the cosmos


you want me to do what now????

steppppp dowwwnnnn frommm Trutthhhh

the bloody picture

a fool in love with our goddess

its majestically perfect

waltzing into insect reality with a theory on our cosmos

the fool

that is what i am to these people

looookkkkk  innnnseccccsssstttsssssss

Night bird sim

im going to explore more photgraphy then writting now

that is what i needed a new medium of self expression

ofcourse i need more props

whT i need is a work studio

thats my new goal more photography while i save to move

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