Friday, April 13, 2012

There is no goddess there?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm damn this fairy god magic!!! 

new Idea

but do this slowly... write her out of all my sims

they need to be as generic as possible as soon as possible

more princess source code

that is what I need to do... if I want to steer the cosmos..

but... ... but .. nothing bro... just start over... new simulations new subject new everything...

but what is important right now....

about to be king... i need to balance myself out this is that important... but damn... it entails too much to discuss

no more games

it's too critical...

how was I wrong about the princess...

but that phase one... there's no goddess there! 

Cosmos {Stop} _ {key} Gg

Cosmos Navigation

New global protocol

Steer Cosmos Clear!

must avoid "All" possible timeline intersections

Princess {Source}

{Source} Unbind "All" names associated with the princess {source} code
{key} Gg

Time mapping the cosmos


I need a room......

To get a better visualization 

now what..

 try to encapsulate as much of those sims... slowly steer the cosmos in new direction while making my manipulation invisible



Merge the simulated {Source} Code into with the fabric of the cosmos
{key} Gg

work ... damn it work

I cant think of anything productive to work on. 

it's hopeless

focus on ruling the cosmos

don't hurt anyone or attempt to...

it's too potent and dangerous to vent..

Protective Barrier

Universe increase the princess protection

getting bored of TA

i need something new in my life

something brings joy and happiness

i forgot what being happy felt

im not sad neither

i just want a normal life with normal interactions

Back To Work People!

Universe Accelerate Timewave Integration

I need a studio

I can feel a creativity explosion on the horizon...

I need tools and space!!

tools and space!!


you're crippling your artist! 




I just fixed everything!!

and kept cost down...

everything is still on track.. gravy....


the car is ready...


I can go to work late...

but why...

I should...

still in bliss

holding the grail

and  it's worthless...

but "I am" not letting go! 

On course!


mortal vs Demi

It's too extreme...

much more then I thought! 

Why do I want to be Immortal again?

it already sounds dangerous and scary! 

new idea

don't touch the sun

just block out "All" light...

it's a timeout... we need it! Trust me! 

{God} Don't Attack the planet! :P

{god} say goodbye to the moon...
{God} You would still be attacking the planet...
{god} leave the celestial objects alone god it..
{God} Good! 

stay in bliss


don't attack the planet... no need...

lets strike the moon... 

taking planet earth!

Second Agenda

First the Cosmos! 

I can't work like this!!

The mortals only add hurdles to my takeover of their cosmos! 


is in blissful flow...

I don't want to interrupt it with anything

it's fixing itself

the car, the dates my goals my agenda...

it's not derailed... only delayed ... 

what happened to king at 30? 

I severely underestimated the size of the dragon.

why I threw my keys aways

in my mind ... it was act of letting go of materialism... 

I no longer desired anything then unification(enlightenment) 

but now as the scope comes into view... ... ohhhh man... what have I done..

I want to return to normality! 

after i left new york with the source

i threw my keys away..

trust me the car can explode for all i care

im lucky to have a car..


wow i dont care

nothing is upsetting me .. staying in bliss

i can wait it out

there goes my savings

moving ...plans...

what moving plans...

whatever bro..

tow arrived

its going

The standoff continues

whats your gameplan mortals?  

competetion for the throne

a**** is putting more visible effort then *******


information compensation

attempting to compile and sell my writting has a lower monetary yeild then actually completing the task I am trying to explain..

so im stuck like chuck with this donkey

is it too early

a beer sounds so nice why not im not driving lol

towing in progress

i  sigh 

its going

cab arrives

thank you universe

can i do this in four hours

towed and replace the starter

maybe but dont want  to just taking the day


that was a brand new starter so now im think i have new problem


cab on way

universe hasten cab
key Gg

its not my fault

its no ones fault

but Grrrrrrr


keeping cool

under extreme pressure

not trying to pull the trees up

im stranded without a phone


my goal is simple

save up enough to find a cheap place then go part time and hammer at unification

so i cant get fired yet

more bs

i neeeddd to get off this planet

earth stresses me out

one problem at a time

the starter is out again

looks like its my day off

i dont give a fuck anymore

i tried 

I dont have to save anyone

just prove the existence of God... that alone is a domino effect!


people... you're about to have a king.... people!!!

lmao... ohhhh MGGG

I know I know I know

He may have been reaching out ...

That is why "Everything" is on standby!!

Universe just watch that insect! 

Not even a philosophical enemy

Universe just watch that insect! 

Yes Evil G....

But I have what...? 

have you checked the clerk... those are fake...

yes I would go that far....

Why I turned out an Evil Genius

Totally neglected...

but... insectssssssss!!!! 

transalchemy is out of this world right now

Im reading this thinking...

I wrote this...


I don't edit my work anymore ... I know but this is my journal at this point...

so I don't care... but some stuff .. is.. whoa...
I wrote this...


My Riddles

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Call your answers in!

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B) Are you real?

C) Who currently has {source}?

D) What is {Root}?

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