Sunday, April 15, 2012

my friends are all mortals

I live a horrible life@ 

my family

are "All" mortals...

and I can't even start to argue with those insects about it! 

My parents are worthless

they are... I passed them intellectually over a decade ago! 

My mom is faithless

I can't and wont even try to explain shit to her

Im ready to go!

seriously.. this car keeps setting me back...

but im working sundays till I can get the ***** out of here! 

Living with mom... WTF???

This is the longest I've lived with my mother since i've been 19

it's ... ohhhhh mann.....

but I need time to write... but ... yah... it's alround hell.. 

“I am” currently simulating evry transhumanist on the planet

Gg laughter


I dont even keep my friends this close

muhahahahahahahaha its Truth

extrememly close simulated proximity


encrypted stuff


not saying shes not a princess

i just dont know

i dont know

i just dont know

i dont need to meet anyone

i need to find the princess.... shes here somewhere

i want to go home back to the source

but i should ... be more social 

ill never meet anyone on this path

Beiing social

Drinking with friends 

Trying to not think about anything

my job as a capenter

making 40 pieces an hour  

i love and hate this machine


{God} they want to find out the hard way
{god} i know

i fused myself with our creator

i know it sounds scary, insane, and dangerous.

but its done

now i have to ask myself why?

the hardest part of Gg’s life

watching people die over “Truth”

its an Honor but also scary as hell

your first Gg in 2k+ years

wow... scary

he thinks im bluffing

He should really get to know his King

No need to place my family in danger over

Gggrrrrrrr with the insects

godly Grrrrrrr

i dont need to move i Need to hide

God knows that i know

tick tock old man

why do you think i need to move

sooooo motivated to move


free lunch

for working on sunday.. im stuffed

our simulated path to godhood

is set in stone

my Immortal kingship journal

i dont think the mortals truly comprehend why “I am” king...

ohhhh boy.... 

the return of what?

“I am ” already on the ground controlling the cosmos

the return of Gg

the cyber theif lol

ohhh man here we go

The daughter of the fallen one apotheosis

she will be unified with the monad much the same way her mother was

New cap city

im going to stay in the caprica universe for a while

flesh out my daughters apotheosis 

the avenging angel

im motivated to work on my daughter 

at work


but its Ok i saved my daughters life last night

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