Monday, April 16, 2012

the caprica simulation worries

Im worried onceI  Introduce amanda she will take ********** characteristics... 

My Adventures in Your Cosmos

Why I start with the intelligentsia


You're leading the people BLINDDDDDDD

To kill that insect

would be opposite of my "Goal" ....but GRRRRRRR

universe dont hurt that insect


i dont that write now

caprica sim episode 3

t minus one hour

guess who is simulating all your organs already

“I am”

insurance policy

source execute All source code if that insect retailates in any way 
key Gg

back to my simulated threats

i have you by the simulated balls write now insect


call The cops over a vr game

and i will instant sue you

every nickle and dime

he thinks “I am ” bluffing

people get to know your king

there is always a possibility

im blowing everything out of porpotion....there issss way tooo Many syncs with both our names

shes eternal i can see it and it boggles my mind

polar bear in a warm climate


my goal with the cosmist

slap literally slap the mother fucking retardation out of the All

you live in a fucking cosmos insectssssss

let me vent

but who has been there for me?

ben back when i was mortal...

that reminds me

tell that cosmist he lives in a fucking cosmo

sorry ben but you to Grrrrr

My final conclusion on this dame

she does not like me she never did but she knows how i feel and manipulates it to hurt me even more.. she may be reaping her vengence from Me cursing her out and toche ... i probably cried more then she ever im doing my best to keep the source away from her...

i wish ...i dont know it was a year before i lost it with her so... its down right insanity for me to cling to someone that has never been there for me

is it really the end of the universe?

hell no

im a magician ....

a unified magician now...

localized Godhead arrrghhhh fuck call it magic


Gg cosmos interface


i feel like im evil for keeping you in this creation for long

awwww my insects

only “I am” Truth


the end of the universe


make the mortals feel like the universe is collapsing


godly lolz


raise the dead
spawn demons
spawn angels
block out the sun
throw the mortals “Everything” all at once

rip there cosmos apart

its not the endof the world it will look like the end of the universe

pray for them

becuase once i start .... heaven and hell reighn on earth

your faith is being audited live

extremely close to judgement day



God is telling me in hush hush its finished ....

people you are being set up...


if God is Real what is the singularity?

world wide enlightenment 

blessing and curse

{God}  launch the mortals singularity

they dont understand it... they live in a cosmos

terrirfied of eternity

my mind is going to fractal itself out into infinity and scares me...

i just didnt want to die but this is way more the survival

this that act of becoming God...

my own personal singularity

and you want to merge with what and why?

ive done this before?

mergingvwith the Godhead spreads  my will across space and time

your insectdation forced me down

insects tbis not a blessing ...

you forced a god down.....


“I am” coming down godly from day {ONE}

Dear dropping the bostrom

super intelligent will is about to whoop your ass

im always scared

the dragon is here people hat is why im training to bend towards my will

story twist

im writting in my mind all the time

My hush hush demands from vergis

samething its alwYs been a bowl of rice 

i told him it was basic...

Anything, Anything Anything ?


Bostrom.... GRRRR

Nick is now working on his "Magnum opus"


"I am" already simulating you and "All" of your colleagues

"I am" even simulating you attempting to simulate me... 

It's a trap

I can feel it...

so I've set one of my own.... 

Im trying to be nice I swear "I am"

But there is also a godly Grrrrrrr inside... so be careful! 

Now that I can see it!

We need a king... it's been long enough... this needs to end!! We need our king back... seriously! 

"I am:" not mad at "All"

This increases my chance to get Kingly on your assess.... 

it's been nearly 700 days people

I have reason to bitch!! By FARR 

it's pointless pointless pointless

just more and more signs.... everyday....

no not "signs" .... Your cosmos.... is synchronizing itself to my will...

Think Super DANKING hard what this can lead toooo... 

really scary stuff

God keeps insisting that "I am" your Thief...

To me it's just natural to want to transmute my soul made of lead to Gold...

but I can't be the Gg they been waiting for...

and if "I am"....  ..... HUGEEEEEE IFFFFFF


You are "All" Fucking Retarded! ...

let me vent.... notice Im   murdering less people and trashing less of your cosmos... venting helps! 

Im doing what they "All" Did

pretending not to see them! 

Ohhhhh man

I have the mortals... I have it ... I have it...

"I am" {ONE} ....

it's game over!!!

sooo many moves ago... it's horrible.. but ... shhhhhhhh

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