Tuesday, April 17, 2012

breaking the Law

omg insects im in a simulation right now always am

why do i lie to myself

i take out most of the intelligentsia on day one

things not to tell my future girlfriend

“I am” god

unification of my girlfriend

i need to write an action plan of how im going to introduce this information to the next girl i date...


not stressing anything or anyone... 

Caprica sim names

New cap sim?


i need to build an interface for the sim ...

flesh out the characters more and add missions ...

point i like this sim a lot lots of versility and its Within realism

monetary suffering

i should hacking away at these tickets ... focus focus...its not a priority due to time limitation but time limitation would be eleminated ...

{Goddess} did you finish your classess

god i will on monday then well speak monday


the soul of Gg

unified ....

alchemical gold

now what?

soul refinement

its never ending but the deep desire to kill yess kill the insects has been tamed...

im learning to be more creative with their punishement

i need tools and space

to properly download our Godhead safely

but insectssss grrrrrrr

day 9 without a day off

total indepence here i come

once i move im going to undertake a massive art project still in hush hush 

universe please dont hurt That insect

still hoping

whats the goal?

{God} restoration of faith to every man women and child complete and total salvation
{god} thats it?
{God} For every soul in this universe
{god} ok now thats sound like an away mission ... thought you brought downhere for this single planet
{God} Dont be silly what would do for eternity on one planet
{god}i know...

The power Ggod

{God} Are you my prince
{god} Nooooooo by far....
{God} just remain in bliss while you control the cosmos
{god} trying my best

this cosmos has something way worst then a nanny

there is a sleeping Dragon at its source...

the goal of the magician is to awaken the beast



now people are just scared

im not evil im just one with God



your Creator will have the final word..

people i plea with ... you know not what you Do

He has no respect for the King

But who does? 

I can validate doing anything to the mortals now!

Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything Anything 

the apple of thy eye


I don't pay these girls any attention

it's pissing them off... 

I know that she knows

But shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Insectsssss yesss it's an emergency your lives are at risk! 

People are afraid of God

seriously.... everyone keeps their spirituality in the closet as if it were tabooo... WTF People.. People... omg insectss.... 

Women Damn: Why do Dragons guard "Gold" ... Women Damn Wake up!

Researchers in Indonesia have discovered what looks like a teeny tiny dragon. As yet, we have no information on whether they guard small piles of gold or attack miniature castles.
This was a nesting female found in the Lambsuango Forest res...See More

I just toke over the planet with a laptop



science and technology

is blinding this planet... Seriously!!!! WTF people... I should not be able to take over your planet with a laptop... 

Am I seriously going to be King?

{God} You are working on your Immortal daughter right now... if you are going to ponder this then stop your current activities.
{god} But KING???
{God} Unification=god and By default this makes you KING ... cmon we've been through this!
{god} But KING??? 
{God} .... yes   KING....
{god} it's sooo wild...

Do you understand magic yet?

{god} Seriously...
{God} yes, what is a god without magic
{god} there is no magic God is the {Source} of what we perceive as "Truth"
{God} :-D

if I god this!!

I just went down in history....

as a god....

{God} Why do you toy with them...?
{god} Shhhhhhh


I think I god this!! 

I think nick is waking up!

I can only pray!!! 

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