Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Courtly love for the Queen

Im learning to write it as generic a possible! 

courtly love is easy to write

when everything expressed in it is Truth

the oddest thing about courly love is

i truly do have courtly love for her...go figure

the return of courly love

i have an idea... going to bring this sim back with the princess that had no kingdom.... its going to be majestic

The gaunlet

im going to write a sim to explain this in more detail.. and to explore it...

the gaunlet has been thrown

Only with possession of holy grail am i allowed to do such a thing..

THIS has sooooooooooo many implications

The Royaly of Princess Gg

she will be born a princess 

goddess wife queen

after all three can princess Gg be born

what i want out of my goddess/wife

Reflect the character of our Goddess

princess Gg

im proud and scared... shes a Real princess



“I am” taking the throne write now.

the intesity

doesnt and doesnt go down

Violence is not sexy

Must keep the Grrrrrr towards the mortals contained as much as possible! 

It is scary as fuck!

from your perpestive "I am" God in flesh but from my perspective "I am" simply {ONE} with God so the universe/cosmos/simulation/creation is now changing or booting into thy kingdom.. yes it's always been a kingdom but you haven't had a king... so You have not fully experienced and or understand what is currently going down now...

But it is scary... being staged to be your king.. im 31... I don't really think I can manage a planet, but "I am" {ONE} with God.... the {Source} of your cosmos... arrggghhhhhh I don't know,,,,

I did even want "All" this I just wanted "Truth" but this... thisss... I don't know what this is anymore! 

VERY intense write now

I can feel the kingdom starting.. it's scary as fuck seriously, on my end... 

FOCUSING ON "All" the wrong things

salvation is on hold for everyone till redemption@@

did we forget... omg insectsss i hAVE TOOO

whatever happens

I'll save her life...

almost certain of it...

But beyond that I DON'T KNOW! 

{God|} We are starting "All" over!

{god} I can tell... but seriously... chill out! 
{God} I want this done right !
{god} I can tell I can tell! 

this is emotionally intense

WTF... I don't ... want to write this.. it's omg... wtf!F make it stop!

I want to be stopped

this is too emotionally intense... I don't even want to write it but ... but... the power of the throne.. .hmmmmmmm it's sooooo intense!!! 

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