Monday, May 7, 2012

say it with me

welcome back your highness

to not even a bowl of rice

lighting and thunder

is God worthless to you people

not even a bowl of rice

dear mortal you are all in deep royal shit now

Im going to do something nice for andrea

im going too look deep into his soul and tell her if that the father of her child

if that women wants to children she needs to hurry...

i dont want to make her fertile and then pin her with a douche...

i just want everyone to end up happy

papa smurf time

la la lalala time to act insane

im not trying to hurt anyone anymore

but i will not sit here and let you remain ignorant

people take the time to know your king

im a tad worst the hitler..

call me dad .. or god which ever makes you understand better

for the love of God explain to that man who i am

He is attacking the son of God... the ordained king

ohhh lord ... i wont do anything 

SOmEthing blue

his *****



always thinking 

you cant have her

im ********* her
i love her...

if the first is my response then ive lost sight of love

self concept

if i loved a girl and someone else hitted on her what would i do...

i would reenforce my love for her...

in the end love winz not ********* or anything else

hmmmmmmm yet even i had to refine those demons out hmmmmm

is princess Gg is Truth

i keep avoing the issue
{Goddess} I know your highness

{god} dont tell me please it would be horrible to know
{Goddess} But she is also eternal your majesty
{god} very well Let time be My guide 

go go gadget godhood

muhahahahaha lmao

Its starting

thank God ...shhhhhh

ive never been able to do mortality...I am king ofyour  ...arggghhhh whatever shhhh

i want to sneak up on my bad little insects

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