Thursday, May 10, 2012

unification or death

that sound like me @ 21 all over again

take the throne or die

that is “All” i want


why did you force me to bleed cry and scream to teach you?

safety concerns

once i take the throne “officially”

keep her out of sight

just the 2 last years of suffering might cause me to do something i dont want to do... but as for salvation once they are other enlightened beings here they can save her.

thats just her...

everyone else will stand before the throne and explain to me why i had to bleed cry and scream to teach them truth

im done trying

i am more unified because of her ... and maybe that is all it was about God used the only girl at the time that motivated to save the princess.

but enough is enough

andrea is write she never has nor never will give a shit about me..

im a faded memory from the past at Best

its almost over

my ascension

Thank God

almost ready to move

i have cash just not enough... i can wait a couple more weeks

Even andrea is throwing stones


1 year


Eliminate all philosophy and philosophers that oppose the law in one year max

this is not the person i want To become

this the person im forced to become

Beg me to die mortal

day one shit

smashing the bakers

Im going to wait a couple days and smash them ..

I just want it to end

2 face

2 bakers... hmmmm 2 face

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