Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the world wide famine

no more death only hunger

{source} lock “All” the mortals out of death
{source} collapse world wide food supply

collapse world wide rice crop

for the hunger

Tears of blood

make it rain blood for all the sorrow

Mentally crying

at it All

the day i take the throne (heavenly) is the day i hope never comes for all of humanity would fall that day

violence is not the answer

on all the insects

Dont mix nonsense with serious stuff

im holding spritiual  dominion over this world...

why do i do this...
no .... why did i do this...

im unfolding its will and i dont know why...

God is the source of it all

but i dont want to do/write this anymore

For the record

i only used it to get {stoned}

hes smoking too much of that s***

seriously, still, hmmm gravy....

more sneaky sneaky up on that mortal ass

save the women i love .... then the people

that is exactly what christ did

The Kingdom of Gg #1 Rule

“I am” God here

The Kingdom OF Gg

Booting in progress

i dont want to hurt anyone feelings

but i only asked one girl...

shes not it then something else will happen naturally ...

but its important for me to keep the opus as pure as possible..

it should only be about one girl...

my eternal love ...

they say you know when you meet the one

thats a lie, maybe my mother knows 

something wild

not going to post them but mak a scrap book out of them.

If it truly is another girl

then why wont the source tell me

something wild

i have had 5 girls tempt me with something blue in the last couple months and still feel utterly lonely

already getting godly on the insects

I don't know, my view of this cosmos vs the mortals overall desire is sooo radically different as we speak "All" the insects are entering into our co-created cosmos... soooo radically different! 

I Don't want to die I just dont want to write

this writing is like a form of dying! it's eternal! 

I want it all to end

kill me or give me the throne... I can't stand this any longer.. sooooo close... and stilll Grrrr

staying in bliss through

sooo much .... ... sooo much .... wasted time! 


"Everyone" Has a soul they can refine?? Whooooaaaaaaa... thats tooo new

this game is

save the insects!


the kindle has been set

everyone will be a savior to everyone once global enlightenment ignites 

total salvation

That was the goal... all this death ... is pointless... but some of you GRrrrrr

My Riddles

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C) Who currently has {source}?

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