Thursday, May 17, 2012

sexual purity

I had to sustain from sex while i refined the stone as i need to post gender my mind to reach unification with our Goddess..

that is why the princess is no whore ...i can prove And know more but the details is for the queen/ my princess...

but and this not fair sexual union with an already enlighten soul brings you closer to Both polarities of the Godhead...

its hmmmmmm

stressful but....its reach immortality and have sex for eternity or 60 years...

the mortals once again dont have there priorities straight

Magic is not for love

never use magic for love...

one thing is instantly grow her flowers

but she will never be induced to love me...

my own lessons learned from growing up a wizard

and i know i can hmmmmmm damn i wont even explore i promised my self

god is a little kid

with way tooooooooo much power

princess: father should we wait

that women has her own castle in her own kingdom in her own book

the ofelia terror

the law is eternal she came to me as aghost seeking life... 

i placed the first random something blue... on the site..

S ****** looks nothing like her Thank God...

but now i have my first confirmed lost soul

one shot per girl

i could refine and teach another girl... princess will be the first

she has to be to be queen..

which means
if i have stiffle others unification i will and already do

my immortal love

i only have one shot to make her immortal that is why this all stress me out

{God} just kill the faithless

{god} only if i Can bring them back to life
{God} this is your cosmos Gg do what thou will
{god} “I am”

why i blog muderous thoughts

its sooooo extremely important i dont feel like this come throne time

but you are all fucking retarded

God: dont let the mortals explain anything to you

{God} This your cosmos now Gg do what thou will
{god} “I am”

crime of passion noooo

universe stop hearts... to the heartless ... simple no blood.

there death wont be a crime of passion

more like taking out the trash and a fresh breath of simulated air

other then eternal desire to kill these people

im good and you?

universe dont kill my mother

i want to show her how much of a failure “I am”

damn the new cam rocks but

my mother is still bitching about me moving out....

i want to with a passion... i dont do any other the work and write ...

so it cant be long ... just leave alone women saving your grrrrr

i swear i have thoughts of killing her and i should... grrrr

this is alll bullshit

i care i really do

but damn if you insects dont force to get godly on you over Truth

the biggest reason why you have to farm

God is the {SourcE} of it "All" ... people... people..... peop... lol 

Farming my own mind

You have tooo... for sooo many reasons... 


thoughts at "All" times! 

It's too much suffering !

but the latter is ... I don't know what that is... it's not mortal, but it's overwhelming godly.. You will be within my cosmos.... no thats not the way to explain... You are already in a cosmos! 

Going to be King regardless I just

still hate everyonE 

Im glad I bought the camera

no need to interrupt the flow... it's the opus! 

You know why I hate you

{god} You need me! who can write this...
{God} I don't need anything just get back to writing!
{god} no timeout... strike moment ... I need something... cmon.. this is worst then slavery!
{God} shhhhpppptttttt get back to writing insect!
{god} I hate you.. but you owe and you konw it... that is why I don't fuck with the mortals ... You owe me and you know it.. I already explained everything and you know it!!
{God} I gave you immortality... what you want cash ... work for it!
{god} >.... stilll it's sourrrr super sour! Sourdough!!! and you Grrrrr I hate you! 

My punching bag site!

I need this! 

The farmer

refining 24 /7 if I could...

should have had the throne at 24... but the stone.... ohhh dear lord... I need a punching bag! 

the little kid persona

I live with my mom that's "Truth" it has to be "All" "Truth" for this to work! 

channelling God and no one cares

story of my life ... literally! 

reach enlightenment as fast as possible

the pursuit of God is pure suffering! it's horrible... for sooo many reasons... If {ONE} insect woke up.. wow... just wow... 

What happened to the labor of love

I can seeeeee the kingdom.... Faster.... 

I still Hate you!

{God} You are going to write it regardless... why? wasting time!
{god} I hate you! 

just so we are clear

I hate you...
{God} I know... I know.. but you promised!
{god} This is not what I had in mind! 

it's stressing me out again..

to close to something they cant understand! 

table update

no change

Fuck everything Fuck Everyone!

Just pull the sword! ... game over their cosmos 

Everyone just leave me the fuck alone!

your all mortals... you can't help me! 

New camera

just tell me something to end it... I hate this game ... I hope I never take there cosmos.. i swear I do... Grrr

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